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Season 1, finis

Spoiler: show
Overall a fairly great season. I really like the pacing of it. The threat of the wall was brought to light (although dimly) at the beginning of Season 1 and it hasn't been advanced on much at the end of it. Speaking of the Wall and its characters, I think Jon Snow will prove an apt hero in dealing with the Necromancer (my theory) and White Walkers. Jon's wolf also interests me. Jon wears White fur on his cloak unlike the others training with him, who wear brown or black. The wolf on Jon's sword is white. And Jon's wolf is Albino.

I've found that the wolves are highly representative of their masters. Arya is fierce but must hide it (like Nymeria who ran away). Joffrey essentially killed Sansa (or her free will, at least. She was no longer truly a Stark or herself.) just like he killed Lady. Jon's wolf, Ghost, is albino, and the runt of the litter, and Jon is the bastard son, the outcast, different from any other man.

I'm excited to see how Arya's travels to the Wall with the true heir to the throne go, as well as the conflict between the Wolf and the Lion.

I wish that Sansa had thrown Joffrey from the bridge. Would've solved a lot of problems. Though I'm guessing that the Hound will become loyal to her and end up killed at some point.

The end to the finale was an amazing one. Danaerys stepping into the flames, to emerge with three dragons, albeit small. I can only hope that a) they will get bigger, far bigger, and b) there will be more.

Here's to hoping that Rob, Jon, Arya, Dany, and Tyrian continue to survive through Season 2. Especially Arya and Dany.
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