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The books have certain benefits over the TV series, but the TV series is definitely a good replacement if you don't have a lot of time to read a book. The book has a lot more wit and a few more important things happening but don't appear on the series for whatever reason. Also, the ages of most characters are like +3 years roughly compared to the books.

Just as a guide:
Season 1 = Game of Thrones
Season 2 = A Clash of Kings
Season 3 = A Storm of Swords Part 1/2
Season 4 = A Storm of Swords Part 2/2

While Season 1 is fairly accurate, as the seasons progress, there are more and more changes which are fairly important. While I understand some changes are budgetary or just impossible to do with either actors or whatnot, some are big changes which can potentially affect the future of characters compared to their novel versions. But enjoy it however you like.
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