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Right. So my school has a summer reading thing and you're allowed to choose the books as long as they're within reason. I chose the first Game of Thrones book, as the series has always interested me but my parents insist that the show is beyond my maturity level.

Dave and Stealthy suggested that I simply watch the first season, as it's relatively similar to the books, and then go back and read the book if I need to. Well, here are some preliminary thoughts:

No spoilers really, though it covers the first episode and some of the second.
Spoiler: show
Going into this, I was a bit confused by the beginning (walkers or something? blue eyes) but I assume that there is a necromancer beyond the wall. I don't want this to be confirmed or denied, simply my own theory.

Arya Stark is my favorite character so far, along with Danaerys. Both are currently young girls but I expect that they'll become much stronger in the future, provided they live that long. Arya can shoot a bow excellently and shares the same curiosity and rambunctiousness as her brothers, while Danaerys is bold enough to state that she has no desire to marry the brute. I can't wait to see Arya with the fully grown Dire Wolf, and Danaerys with the dragons, since from what I saw those are the respective creatures to each of them.

Joffrey is a bitch and I hope he dies but from what I've seen on Tumblr I'm guessing that will take a while.

The Lannisters creep me out. They're definitely plotting to overthrow the king. No doubt about it.


Thoughts after Episode 2:
Spoiler: show
Arya is officially my favorite character, then Danaerys. Her and Bran seem quite connection with the wolves, with her and Nymeria and then Bran waking up as Lady was killed. I'm interested to see how this storyline plays out. Arya is also very wild and powerful, with her swordfighting and bravery to put that little bitch Joffrey in his rightful place.

All of the Lannisters except for the Imp should be killed immediately for the crime of being a great big back of dicks. Joffrey especially.

I suspect that the Dragon eggs will hatch soon, and Danaerys will no longer be a simple wife. At least that is what I am hoping.

I neglected to mention John Snow in my previous thought bubble, but I really should. He's half Stark, half peasant, making for an interesting story for him to follow. He will undoubtedly have something to do with the Necromancer, and rise to become a hero of some sort. Though I'd really like to see more of his Albino Dire Wolf.

I'm watching the Episodes through On Demand (w00t) so luckily for me they have up through Season 4, which I believe is the latest. I suspect that I'll be devoting plenty of my time towards watching this. In secret of course, as it'd be a real pain to have my parents cut me off halfway through.

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