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Originally Posted by Stark View Post
My name is Jean and it looks like you picked the right guy to become friends with. I know you won't regret it. In fact, I'm sure you'll find the exact pokemon that suits you in my zone because that is just how awesome our friendship is going to be. Here's your Safari Ball. Now go get 'em! Oh and you should respond in Silver from this point forward since it's shiny. Just like us!
"The 'Friend Zone,' huh?" Cyrus mumbled to himself. The eight young men and women before him had just completed their enthusiastic presentation. Behind them lay eight zones, each a miniature biosphere which contained Pokémon native to the Kalos region. Cyrus had heard of Kalos before but had never been. He had little idea what the people and Pokémon of Kalos were like compared with those he had grown up with and encountered on his travels. But there was at least one thing he knew about Kalos: its reputation for amity. And now the eight young trainers before him were offering to share a taste of that friendship with him and his Pokémon.

Cyrus didn't look down with his eyes, but mentally his gaze drifted down to his belt. There, on the left, he could sense the PokéBall. He gently clenched the inside of his lower lip between two teeth. Should I bring him? Cyrus wondered. Should I risk it? As though reading her trainer's mind, Celes looked up at Cyrus's face, then the PokéBall on his belt. A kind aroma began to waft from her leaf; Cyrus was so used to the scent that he didn't even consciously notice it, but his subconscious must have registered the Chikorita's fragrance because Cyrus glanced down at her to meet Celes's gaze. Her red eyes looked back at his, reflecting concern, worry. "It's okay," Cyrus cooed to her, more to reassure himself than to reassure his Chikorita. "It'll be okay. I ..." Cyrus paused, "... I have confidence in Mankey." "Chika ..." Celes quietly cried back, the sad worry in her voice plain to hear.

Cyrus knew why she was worried. Mankey had proven a difficult case. Difficult and dangerous. The Pokémon possessed immense physical strength and power. And coupled with this power were an intense ferocity and a defiant spirit. While most Pokémon opened their hearts to Cyrus fairly quickly -- most before he even came to be their trainer -- Mankey hadn't been so easy to connect with. When the other Pokémon all got to come out of their PokéBalls and play, Cyrus would have to leave Mankey inside of his, releasing him later -- all on his own -- for brief periods of time. Cyrus felt it was cruel on some level, but at the same time he could not allow sentiment to cloud his judgment. He could not negligently jeopardize the well-being of his other Pokémon. But still ...

Without even thinking, Cyrus instinctively began to walk forwards, approaching the eight Kalosians hosting the day's event. "If this 'Friend Safari' really is what its name makes it sound like, then this is an invaluable opportunity for Mankey and I. The most important question now is ..." His eyes scanned the hosts. "... Which one of these trainers is going to best be able to handle Mankey?" Cyrus knew better than to judge a book by its cover, but unfortunately book covers were all he had to work with right now. The girl named Angelique ... she seemed nice, yes, but Cyrus worried that she might not be tough enough to handle Mankey if things got out of hand. He had similar worries about some of the others.

Then his eyes fell on Jean, chatting with some of the others in the crowd. Cyrus remembered what he had said during the presentation. "Like my friends here, we hope that each and everyone of you becomes one of our friends." Cyrus wasn't exactly looking to make friends himself right now, but--

He stopped dead in his tracks. That thought just now ... it suddenly hit Cyrus. "Maybe Mankey and I ... maybe we're not so different after all." Cyrus didn't know quite how to feel about that and chuckled in embarrassment. But then a firm smirk came upon him. His eyes twinkled. And he resumed his march forward, more energetic and determined than before. "Maybe this event is as much for me as it is for Mankey," Cyrus considered. "Maybe we can both grow from this experience, as individuals as well as as friends."

Jean turned to look at the young man who had just approached him and greeted him in casual Kalosian. Cyrus returned the greeting. "Hi, my name is Cyrus and ..." Cyrus looked for the words ... "And I hope we can become friends."

Jean smiled back. "You picked the right guy to become friends with! I know you won't regret it." His confidence was reassuring to Cyrus. I've made the right choice, he decided. If anyone of them can handle Mankey, it's this guy. "... how awesome our friendship is going to be," Cyrus heard Jean finish as he tuned back in from his inner thoughts. Jean really did seem to place a lot of value on friendship. Good, Cyrus thought to himself, smiling. He took the Safari Ball that Jean offered him and placed it in his pocket.

Even Celes was smiling now, although a darted look at the ball on her trainer's belt brought a slightly serious look back to her face. Don't worry, Cyrus, she thought to herself. Even if Jean can't help you, I will. I'll make sure to protect you, and all the Pokémon. So resolving to herself, Celes looked up at Jean and smiled, her leaf gently flicking 'round occasionally like a Skitty's tail.

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