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Originally Posted by Stark View Post
Bonjour! I am Angelique and I am so happy to have you choose me to be your friend. Maybe when you are done we can go shopping together! That would be magnifique! We have some of the best shopping in the world in Kalos, but I bet you have some wonderful stores here as well! Here is your Safari Ball. I hope you find that special pokemon you are searching for within my garden. Please respond in Pink from this point on because that is my favorite color! Tee hee!
(It’s been a while since I’ve properly written anything so please bear with me.)


Amongst the masses of trainers collected in front of the stand stood a trainer who didn’t stand out particularly much at all. Like the others around him, he had a small collection of Pokémon surrounding him and, like the others, he was excited for the new foreign Pokémon that were going to be introduced into the Fizzy Bubbles region. So much so that he completely forgot to pay most of his attention to the explanation of the Friend Safari. Instead, he was envisioning the various new forms and shapes these Pokémon might take on. I remember hearing there was a Pokémon you could eat in the Kalos region, he thought to himself. Not surprising, coming from the region that brings you buttered lobster with a side of salted kelp.

Four Pokémon in total surrounded the young man; a Gallade that stood tall and proud next to him, who was focussed more on the other three than on the presentation itself, a Chatot perched on the trainer’s right shoulder who remained surprisingly quiet throughout the celebration, (though that was expected to change,) and a small Absol who kept sniffing the ground around the trainer’s feet. The Absol, named Doom, was about to wander off while scurrying the ground a little further up, only to be picked up by the Gallade known as Rags for the umpteenth time. The bladed Pokémon let out a disgruntled sigh in as much a manner as a Gallade was able to. He locked his displeased eyes with those of his trainer while holding up baby Doom in an effort to communicate.

“Oh thanks Rags,” Lucas said before placing the Absol back on the ground.

The only reason Rags came with his trainer on EVERY occasion was because of the simple fact that Rags kept a better watch on his fellow allies than his own trainer. In fact, Rags was the only one who was openly worried about leaving the other four Pokémon alone with each other. No shelter, no guidance, no protection. He gave another puzzling look to Lucas as if trying to message him through stares alone.

“What?” Lucas replied. “Oh don’t worry. Faust has been doing a great job at looking after the others.”

Rags shivered at the thought of that Duskull’s icy stare. He didn’t share his trainer’s opinion on Faust. Mainly because Faust’s method of control was freezing them in place with an ice-type attack.

“Besides,” Lucas continued. “It’s been a while since we’ve gone out for an adventure and I hear they’re about to release a bunch of rare new species for us to catch. And you know I’m out to catch the rarest and most powerful Pokémon that are out there. I take no less.”

With those words, Rags, Doom and Black all looked towards their fourth party member who had so far been quietly standing behind them. The Bellsprout named Hood stood silently like a statue, not budging or flinching upon receiving his fellow allies’ stares.

"Awwk! You're an idiot!" the Chatot cawed. Though it was directed towards his trainer rather than towards the Bellsprout’s hollow stare.

Lucas ignored him. A small, gentle breeze sailed past. The Bellsprout’s massive sized head had trouble balancing itself on the thin root that held it up and the gentle breeze forced Hood’s head to sway to the left.

“Bell,” the Bellsprout said before his head bounced back to his right side. “Sprout,” he continued. His head flipped to the left again. “Bell.” And then back to the right. “Sprout.” This continued for a few seconds as the Bellsprout’s head motioned like a metronome, showing no signs of slowing down. The rest of the party merely followed his movements, their eyes moving left to right in unison with the hypnotic movements of the ’Bell’ and the ’Sprout’.

Rags shook his head as if shaking of his trance before walking up to weed Pokémon.

“Bell. Sprout. Bell. Sprout. Be-“ Hood’s movement stopped as the Gallade held his head in the centre, allowing the Bellsprout to regain his balance. Rags slowly let go of Hood’s head so the party could continue.

Hood leaned slightly to the left. “...ell.” He swayed back to the right. “Sprout.” And back to the left. “Bell.” Seemingly continuing his nonsensical swaying.

Lucas and Rags had to hang their head low in disappointment but Black managed to give a few stocky ’Caws’ from laughter. “Aaarg, you’re an idiot,” he directed towards his trainer.

“Oh, shut up you,” he said as he held the Chatot’s beak shut. “The only reason I brought you along was because I expected your old trainer to be here.”

The Chatot shook off the hand and bit it out of retaliation.


“Caw, you’re an idiot. Aaarg! Furball is an idiot.” With those words, Black flew off his shoulder and disappeared into the crowd. Rags was about to give chase but Lucas stopped him.

“Let him go.” He held his bitten hand as if trying to sooth the pain away. “He’s just going to say hello. He’ll be back.”

Rags shook his head at his trainer’s words and pointed towards his feet, trying to convey what he was really going to do.

“Hmm?” Lucas looked down but noticed nothing. “I don’t get, what are w-“ He stopped midsentence as if finally understanding. “Where... Where is Doom?” Looking left and right, there appeared to be no sign of the young, curious Absol. It appeared that amidst the chaos of the Bell, the Sprout and the insults, he had managed to sneak off to go explore. “Did you see where he went?” he directed towards his Gallade. Rags merely shook his head in dismay. Lucas turned his attention to Hood, hoping to get something useful, but the Bellsprout merely continued swaying left and right in the wind.

Picking up the Bellsprout, Lucas and Rags ran through the crowds, hoping to find Doom before he got himself into too much trouble. It didn’t take long before they could hear a small yelp from the other side of the field/room(?). Hurrying towards the noise, Doom could be found sniffing the feet and tugging at the trousers of one of the female trainers from the Kalos region.

The two made their way up close, Lucas holding the Bellsprout by the stem with his head still nodding. “Doom, no! Bad Absol!” Rags loosened the Absol’s grip and picked up to keep it out of reach of the girl. “Sorry about that,” Lucas said almost apologetically. He could smell a small waft of perfume emanating from the Kalos trainer and suddenly Doom’s actions made some sense. “He must have smelled your perfume and thought you were an Aroma Lady or so.”

The girl merely picked her trousers to straighten them before reassuring Lucas that it wasn’t much of a problem and commented positively on Doom’s playful nature despite his name. The conversation quickly skipped towards shopping, of which Lucas had little to no understanding, and eventually the Safari that lay behind them. It became clear which trainer’s garden Lucas was going to explore and shortly after he received his safari ball, instructions and best wishes.

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