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Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
Trading 10 Pink Gummis [3] [3] [4] to Treep for 1 Rare Candy, 1 Sweet +15 Pokéblock, and 1 Sweet +30 Pokéblock.

*Trade Commenced*
Trading 1 rare candy, a Sweet Pink (+15 Cute) Pokeblock and a Sweet Brown (+30 Cute) Pokeblock to Missingno. Master for his 10 Pink Gummis. A pleasure.

*trade closed*

~ Tess Edit: Missingno. Master
+15 Pink Pokéblock used on 24th May 2015.
+30 Brown Pokéblock used on 6th July 2014.

Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
Trading my Level 1 male Bidoof to Treepandaone in exchange for one Rare Candy:
Species: Bidoof (M) Level 1
Name: (none yet given)
Met: Egg House, hatched on May 28, 2014
Type: Normal
Ability: (undeclared)
Attacks: Tackle
Nature: (undeclared)
Held Item: none
Contest Stats: Smart: -- Cool: -- Beauty: -- Tough: -- Cute: --
Beauty Points: --
IQ: --
Bio: none currently
Trophies: none currently
*Trade Begun*

Completing his transaction with Keith, Matthew was surprised to spot Cyrus already waiting for him across the trade floor; the always punctual trainer a regular in the discussions forum. Though Matthew had never personally met Cyrus, his reputation and comments throughout Fizzy Bubbles were known to the Pokémon trainer. Waving, Matthew began to wander to a near-by trade station before depositing his rare candy, in exchange for Cyrus' recently hatched Pokémon. Within a few seconds, both items had been sucked into the machine before it spat them out in the opposite directions; Matthew having become one candy down from his stash and in return, had gained a small red and white Pokéball. Brining it up to his eyes for a quick peek at the newest member of his team, he smiled as the small brown gopher tilted its head in his directions.

Giving a nod before heading out the door, Matthew soon found himself outside in the bustling city centre. Trainers rushed from shop to shop, the Monday chaos bringing a weekly allowance of 1 rare candy as a government scheme to incite people to the region; one of many ever present reasons why the spot was a fan-favourite for adventuring. Spying a secluded area protected from the bearing sun thanks to a tall oak tree, Matthew sat down on the dry grass and released his new companion into the world.

“Hey there Bidoof. I'm your new trainer, Matthew.”

The small plump-mouse Pokémon tilted its head once more at his words, Bidoof having a reputation for being a slow Pokémon. Matthew found the beaver Pokémon to be cute, fully aware and saddened by the Pokémon's new-found role as a running gag with Pokémon fans, the ease of capture in some areas and unusually dunce-like design had made it become a joke. And yet, Matthew thought, there was something profound about its ability to not care. Sure, to some Pokémon reputation of looks mattered, but seemingly not to Bidoof. He didn't know if that was because of its inherently slow senses, or because it actually didn't care, but Matthew drew comparisons between it and the human race.

Millennia of years had evolved humans from simple primates, caring naught bout the world but their hunter-gatherer instincts into the forms we knew today; the induction of a cerebral cortex allowing thoughts far greater than the monkeys they once were. In the midst of this wonderful change, however, Matthew saw the negatives; the becoming self-aware had created an army of people who cared about their looks. No other animal on the planet seemed to care about clothes, money, electrical goods, consumerism or the style of their hair. It was this that formed the greed and destructions that only humans could inflict on mother nature, and for a trainer like Matthew it was nice to find a Pokémon who's simplicity evolved around happiness.

He looked back at the stout brown Pokémon before him with a big smile, scratching the Bidoof's fur. It responded well, taking its time before settling in the veteran trainer's lap as the two enjoyed the time goofing around. Taking a break and looking at the troves of trainer in a tizzy over little tasks on a Monday made Matthew re-evaluate, sitting back against the tree-stump with eyes closed, forever looking forward to what the future may hold...

OoC: Trading 1 rare candy to Talon for his level 1 male Bidoof

*trade closed*

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