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Not to generalise too much but I think the vast majority of ASB refs don't really know what they're doing. And even the ones who have been around for ages frequently end up doing things which they shouldn't be or at least doing things wildly differently. Any time Dave refs for me I find out that he's reffing something in what you might call a questionable fashion and he's been doing this for years. Every other ref who has 15 matches on the go makes mistakes all the time. And if we're being truly honest about ourselves, some of the more prominent members of the league are absolutely awful to refs, and that includes LOs and GLs at times.

Now this is partially because of the way in which we actually do reffing and ref training and partially because we haven't made the effort to codify everything that we said we would a year ago. I really don't think it's an exaggeration to say that most people simply wouldn't be able to ref that second option properly and that, even if they could, battlers would still whine about discrepancies that they may have perceived or imagined. We really shouldn't be adding extra complication.

And perhaps. But think about it. If we assume it takes X rounds to recover a Flamethrower's worth of Fire energy and that X rounds is aboutthe amount of time you expect your pokémon to be alive for. There is no incentive to pace yourself in that scenario at all, you'd be stupid not to fire instantly. And so would your foe. Now, say that it takes X rounds to recover that energy but 2X rounds for the average pokémon to die, well ok, maybe it's less pressing a need but it's still in your interests to use your off type energy early.
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