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So the current verdict right now is that option 2 is probably going to need to be tested and outlined, and if it's used, it won't be the standard that we teach new refs. It is enough of a deviation from the norm that I think it definitely needs to be looked at before it's approved for wider use, and it probably needs a much more formal construction as well.

I honestly think that it's not much different than reffing tiredness, since it works somewhat similarly, and that the only addition that it would really bring is the regen element to track. I really don't know how much more that is to keep up with, but I think that it's worth at least trying out, because it could potentially give us a healthier and more balanced meta.

>It's more sophisticated and allows for a lot more long term play but it also allows for type spam right off the bat and will probably lead to a more boring ASB.

I really don't see how it allow for more type spam right off the bat when we'd be lowering (or just not raising) the maximums for the pools in order to encourage taking advantage of it.
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