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I’m personally in favour of the second option because it makes more sense Animé-wise. ”Nope, you used two Discharge at the beginning of the battle, you can’t do a Thunderwave. No it doesn’t matter that the match drags out even for a further 10 rounds of one-movers, you’re not getting your energy back. But don’t worry, it’ll magically replenish the moment you face a new trainer.” - doesn't exactly make sense. It also avoids the whole idea of the Math-SB no one likes as battles should be more fluid rather than simply turreting the highest damaging attacks you have. Adding on to it that off-type energy tires the user more and you’d already be somewhat restraining mon with huge movepools from dancing from one super-effective off-type to the next.

The only problem with two has already been mentioned a few times; you’d have to trust your ref to keep track of it accurately and I can agree with Sneezey and Kairne that a lot of the newer refs (myself included) are going to have more trouble with it than we’d anticipate. Ref’s discretion, though fun, can really screw one over as Kairne said; one might allow a Gyarados to pull off a Flamethrower and Fire Blast but the next ref stops you after a Flamethrower thereby potentially throwing your strategy down the drain. Add to this that the ref might not even tell you how you are on energy and you’d just be playing a guessing game of what can and can’t work each time. Are we really going to ask of them to properly tell us when we can use a certain type again? So as much as I hate it, option 1 feels almost necessary.

If option 2 is chosen, we’re definitely going to need some sort of exhibition match or example match to give everyone a rough understanding on how it works. (Add to that, you may have to give refs from the past 1-2 years a small scenario test to see if we understand it properly.)

>Normal types and Nerfing Certain Pokémon
I didn’t quite fully understand at first why they needed the restriction in the first place but then I get to hear it was because of excessive move-pools. But you might nearly as well make a Gen1 nerf while you’re at it as they’re getting more and more moves with each generation while the latest additions have significantly fewer options. The normal-cap may have worked in the past but it doesn’t seem to be having nearly as great an effect now. I’m also not entirely in favour of doing case by case restrictions as there’s always going to be a select group of mon that stand on the top because of X reason. We’d just be changing who becomes the king of the hill and, as Dave said, open the can of worms that ’this should be nerfed because this mon is as well’.

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