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To give my newby-ungraded ref point of view.

I for one would LOVE the second system, both as battler and as ref. It's awesome and imho more in line with the anime too. It's not like Pikachu ever ran out of Iron Tails for as far as I can remember.

But being realistic, I think it will lead to more problems than it solves. A few I can think of are regeneration rate, the information you have to give the battlers as ref, and you would still have to define how much offtype energy a Pokémon gets in some shape or form as things like this: "but if you were to order two Blizzards from a Water type, they might need a few round before they can use another Icy Wind." implies there still is a limit to how much they can use within a certain time frame. And the amount of differences that are possible between refs with a system like this is insane, so to regulate a system like this, how awesome it would be, you're almost forcing yourself to work with the dreaded Minors (e.g. Pokémon X regens 2 Minors of offtype energy cause Y). And there is the amount of work that goes with it for refs if you want to keep track of what you're doing.

So the first system is objectively better as it standardizes energy-pools in a much easier way that requires quite a bit less work than system two. And Kush, given you said you wrote the numbers, I think you're pretty much spot on with what I would do.

And talking about nerfs, I think 1) not all Normals need to be nerfed (or denerfed) and 2) there are non-Normals that could use a nerf unless there are some circumstances such a lot of weaknesses or x4 weaknesses that balance it out. Most Normals are nerfed enough by their typing already anyways.
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