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Right, so while I think that option one is a bit archaic and is simply a bump up in response to the higher health/energy system, which honestly everyone should have just bumped up energy pools anyway, I'm not sure whether or not I find the idea poor. The main reasoning being that I do like the idea for option two, especially if pools start off a little lower and just replenish themselves because frankly that makes sense, but I fear for how well refs would handle it. We've all seen first hand just how poorly a lot of the refs in the League deal with change to any part of the system, and I'm not a huge fan of having yet more complexities thrown into the system of reffing energy and exhaustion which most refs don't seem to firmly grasp in the first place.

So that said, I'd really like to say both plans are equally poor and we should try to find a nice mix of the two, or even a third option altogether.
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