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Originally Posted by Cloneblazer12 View Post
So correct me if Im wrong, but the second one sounds like it makes it so that if you were t use two Shadow Balls as a Psychic type, later on in the mathc you can use a third Shadow Ball, even though it wouldnt be possible with the way it is now.

Correct, even so the chance of that would be highly unlikely.

Anyways, I've really loved Reed-style ever since I've heard of it, but I haven't used it yet due to it not being kosher. To be honest, with the higher health scales system 1 still feels a little too low for me (besides Familiarity because that's cracky), though it can work. I like Reed style better as it'll allow a lot more Pokemon to be able to be used, since once some Pokemon lose their off-type... They short of get shut down. Of course, I would like to see a normal-esque nerf on some Pokemon (with slower regain, but not the normal nerf would be), but overall Systerm 2 seems a lot better, and with guidelines it should easily help bring life to some mons and create some new tactics and strategies.

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