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Originally Posted by Stealthy View Post
Also, gonna take the opposite stance of EG here on normal nerf and say (tentatively, not gonna pretend that I've gone through them all), that rather than only making some normals nerfed, to make nerf the default for them (and certainly a few others) and then find normals who really don't need the nerf (NOT Delcatty) and lift it from them specifically. 'cause here's the thing. Granbull? Mediocre when he was pure normal, but still viable, similar to Delcatty. Normal nerf lifted, Granbull viability skyrockets. Yes, Fairy typing helps that as well, but regardless, that nerf lifting on mediocre pokemon will help them... but it's better if we lift it for the unusables, not those who are merely outclassed.
this is the same thing... but in reverse XD

it would be easier to do the other way though... including the nerf on the specific pokemon rather than a default nerf so when refs/trainers reference the pokemon they know they have the nerf explicitly stated.
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