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Although I like the former, how we determine which Normals are nerfed and which are not? What is the criterion? Pure Normals (i.e. Lickilicky, Snorlax, Kecleon) are nerfed but dual-typed are not? Because I don't see why Helioptile or Pyroar should even have this Normal nerf when all their Normal-typing actually gives them is an additional Fighting weakness. A burden more than any sort of boon. I don't know; I personally found the concept of Normal-nerf as an arbitrary way of balancing the meta and have discovered it to be inconsistently reffed. For example, should a Chatot suffer from the same nerf as a Girafarig? What about a Chansey?

And not all pure Normals are the same. For example, Meowth does not have the same move ocean as Snorlax, and Furret is no Lickilicky. Yet a Watchog in capable hands can be more deadly than a Wigglytuff. Can we arbitrarily determine which Normals should be nerfed and which should be not? After all, we have our our personal preferences and opinions. I'm of the opinion that we remove the Normal nerf, but since I'm probably in the minority, could we at least devise some more methodical methods of ascertaining "OP" Normals from things like Chatot?

Apropros the second system, one possible problem is that junior refs will find it difficult to ref. A lot of refs struggle with idle dodge and with handling normal energy exhaustion. I'm not sure, thus, that this second system would be implemented deftly. Perhaps it can be an opt-in system, perhaps for battlers who would like it and/or a facet only seen in Gym Matches and such. When experienced refs are comfortable with reffing this paradigm.
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