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Snorlax Type Energy - Consultation

For a number of years now, our policy on type energy has been rather lax. While we've generally advertized basic standards, we have never formalized the standards. With the changes in health and energy and the shifting of the meta, we've decided it's time to lay down standard guidelines in order to give battlers a better idea of what their type energy tanks are like and to (possibly) make ref's lives easier.

At the moment, there are two main proposals that have been brought up by LOs, though we may consider others.

The first is as follows:

Normal type pokémon (nerfed): 1 HB of off type energy

Normal type pokémon (not nerfed): 2 Ice Beams of off type energy

Fauxmiliar (i.e. gained familiarity) pokémon: 2 Blizzards of off type energy

Familiar pokémon: 2 HB of off type energy

Generic pokémon: 2 Ice Beams of off type energy
The second is a little more complicated:

Reed-Style unlimited pools overall that work like normal energy in that you can't strain them without running out for a handful of rounds. Type energy eventually will restore and you can get off another move. Pokémon can freely use low-power attacks of off-type moves, but if you were to order two Blizzards from a Water type, they might need a few round before they can use another Icy Wind.
In addition, there will likely be another rule added to further define familiarity, and though largely an accessory to this discussion, it is good to keep in mind for balance purposes.

We define familiarity as both more type energy and better ability to use a type, and therefore less tiring (not more energy use though). STAB attacks are the least tiring, familiar attacks are slightly less so, and off-type, non-familiar are the most. It'd balance off-type-typespam a bit and make familiarity more meaningful.
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