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Leviathan started on the berries Pomona had gotten him, and thanked her for them, remarking that he still lacked battle experience while complimenting Pomona on how good she was at battling. "Heh, thanks," Pomona smiled modestly. "Well, you're doing pretty good so far yourself," she added. "I agree more practice is a good idea, but you're off to a decent start."

Meanwhile, as the Beautifly and Dustox were flying towards the lake, Fae was fantasizing about what the lake might be like, even wondering if there would be fairies to be seen. The idea got Severus thinking, and he recalled something Chuck had mentioned to him- a newly-discovered type of Pokémon. Thus far, word of this discovery had yet to leave the far-off Kalos region, but the general consensus was that there was a type of Pokémon known as Fairy. She asked Severus if he thought it was possible that there would be fairies at the lake, but kept on talking, engrossed in her fantasies. Severus said nothing at the moment, he found that he kinda liked how enthusiastic Fae was, and that he didn't want to interrupt her.

As they approached the lake, however, the first sight that greeted their eyes was a large sea serpent- a Gyarados! This Gyarados was talking with an Ivysaur, and the Ivysaur was familiar to Severus. "Hey, there's Pomona," he said. "The Ivysaur, she's one of my teammates." However, to Severus's mild surprise, the Gyarados turned out to be one of Fae's teammates, though from the sound of things, the last she saw him, he was still a Magikarp.

As the pair of flying insects flew down towards the Gyarados, however, the Water/Flying-type upped his guard, apparently unfamiliar with either of them. Severus wasn't that surprised- this was, for sure, the first time Leviathan would have seen Fae since she evolved.

"Hiiii!" Pomona called up. "Hi, Severus! Leviathan, it's OK, that Dustox is one of my friends, his name's Severus. Severus, who's your friend?" she asked.

"Hi, Pomona," the Dustox replied. "This is Fae, she's one of Rowan's Pokémon, she just recently evolved from Silcoon."

"Ohh, wow, congratulations!" smiled Pomona as she faced the Beautifly. "And Severus, this is Leviathan, one of my friends, and he just evolved recently, too!"

"Good to meet you," Severus said to the Gyarados.

Meanwhile, in the Spirit World, the battle was taking a decidedly horrible turn. As Chuck used Spite, he seemed to be angering Gluttony. The Dusclops looked ready for real action for the first time, and to Chuck's horror, a room made of translucent blue walls materialized all around them.

"Oh, no..." Chuck murmured in horror. "It's Trick Room! Gluttony's much faster than us now!"

Before Chuck could even begin to try to evade it, Gluttony delivered a swift and powerful Shadow Punch, which caused some major damage to the Haunter. However, he was quickly healed up by Rose's Heal Pulse. Chuck gave Rose a grateful smile, but had no time to say anything- the Dusclops was now rapid-firing his Night Shade attack, Chuck taking more damage from it than Rose was. Hastily, the Ralts put up a Safeguard. Both she and Chuck were thinking the same thing- the Safeguard wouldn't hold forever. They needed to act, and act fast, or they'd lose on the very first battle! And with the stakes being what they were, they couldn't exactly afford to lose here!

But what could they do? Trick Room turned the tables on them- now Gluttony was the one able to attack hard and fast, and Chuck and Rose were the ones who couldn't move fast enough to evade attack... But then, Chuck suddenly realized, surely they could use that to their advantage in the same way Gluttony was looking to do initially? He knew that Rose had the Trace Ability, so since their adversary had Pressure, surely Rose had that Ability now, too? Chuck was ready to give Gluttony a taste of his own medicine. He prepared to use all the Spite he could use, prepared to drain Gluttony of his energy as fast as possible, and between that and the Pressure Rose would surely have copied from him at the start of the battle, not to mention all the attacks Gluttony was firing off now, it shouldn't take very long at all, the Haunter reasoned.

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