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"Thanks Ponoma," Leviathan replies to his friend while he happily takes a bite from the berries she gave him, "I do lack battling experience though. You're good at this, way better than me." The Gyarados genuinely is impressed at the technique and skill the Ivysaur showed in battle and realizes he still has a lot to learn himself. If the battle with Ponoma showed him one thing it's that a battle is more than just blasting aways with the most powerful attacks you have in your arsenal. But now, now Leviathan is tired, and he is looking for a rest.

"Think it's time to go back to base Ponoma, I need a rest."

Elsewhere though, a Beautifly and a Dustox were flying their way.

"I think the lake will be a nice and beautiful place with lots of flowers," Fae giggles, "a beautiful background with mountains and maybe a waterfall too and lily pads in the clear and calm water, maybe a Surskit skating over the water like a beautiful dancer." Fae's mind is full of wonder as she herself has never been to the lake before either. And her being quite a girly girl makes her mind wander off to a fantasy land fit for a fairy tale, "Maybe there are other butterflies too, of maybe even Fairies! What do you think it will look like Severus? Do you think there can be Fairies? I heard there is evidence of Fairies existing now. I'm so excited about that. I want to meet the little Fairies. I think they will look really cute and beautiful, like tiny little angles with tender and sparkling wings."

Fae just keeps on talking as she and Severus continue their way towards the lake. But as the approach it, it isn't flowers and fairies they see first. It's a giant water snake. Fae can hear the snakes voice too, along with another voice she has heard before.

"Leviathan!" she yells happily as she hears the former Magikarp's name and she flies off towards him, "What happened with you, you look so different now."

Leviathan however looks behind him and sees two for him unfamiliar Pokémon approaching and instinctively ups his guard.

Meanwhile in the Spirit World, Rose and Chuck are still fighting the Dusclops Gluttony. Rose still lays on the ground, tired, cold and hurt from the onslaught of attacks and especially the Blizzard. Chuck however is still floating in the air and positions himself between Gluttony and his girlfriend, preparing himself to take any hits his adversary may want to direct at the one he loves. Chuck however, isn't only planning on taking hits, he concentrates and stares at the Dusclops, he mumbles something that Rose cannot really hear nor understand Spiting Gluttony. And just as he has done so Gluttony steps out of his Rock Tomb. He looks angered and for the first time in this battle Gluttony looks like he really wants to do something. And doing something he does. He raises his hands and his eye glows bright red. Blue lines swiftly appear from below him and outline the entire field as well as shooting up to the ceiling of the arena before creating blue, transparent walls of energy.

Rose meanwhile got up in the time that Gluttony took to build this Room, however, she can immediately feel they are being Tricked. While she still isn't fully fit, something makes her feel slow and sluggish way more than she should. Her feelings say it has to be this room Gluttony created, and that is quickly confirmed. The previously slow Dusclops now rushes towards the two of them with tremendous speed, a speed he should not normally have, ready to deliver a painful Shadow Punch. Chuck sees the move coming but he too in under the influence of the Trick Room and cannot avoid the hit in time and ends up being struck by the super effective blow, knocking him to the ground. Gluttony now circles the two, looking on at what they do, giving Rose a window to be the cleric she wants to be. She charges a pink ball of energy between her hands and as gets close to Chuck, she then opens her hands causing the orb of energy to break into dozens of tiny pink sparkles that give of relaxing Pulses of energy which Heal the Haunter.

But Rose and Chuck still have a problem to face, Gluttony isn't done just yet and is now repeatedly firing off dark thunderbolts of energy towards the two lovers while he continous the circle them at high speeds. While these Night Shades don't deal too much damage to Rose, they do hurt Chuck a lot more and Rose quickly sets up another Safeguard, protecting herself and Chuck from all outside influences. But Rose knows she cannot keep this up forever, they must find a way to take out Gluttony fast before they loose their lives.
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