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Originally Posted by Arnold View Post
Lucky Draw Results

Ticket #32 fishyfool – A Qualot Berry

Starter Slots
Fishy (2,000 coins each)
Spin #01: Cyndaquil – Chikoirta – Treecko (0 coins)
Spin #02: Charmander – Squirtle – Torchic (0 coins)
Spin #03: Treecko – Squirtle – Torchic (0 coins)
Spin #04: Totodile – bulbasaur – Charamnder (0 coins)
Spin #05: Cyndaquil – Mudkip – Bulbasaur (0 coins)
Total Win: 0 coins

fishy (1,000 each)
Spin #01: Orange Togepi (0 coins)
Spin #02: Red Pichu (3,000 coins)
Spin #03: Orange Wynaut (0 coins)
Spin #04: Green Wynaut (5,000 coins)
Spin #05: Orange Togepi (0 coins)
Total Win: 8,000 coins
God, nothing says 'Confidence Disintegration' much like seeing that heap of coins go to waste on the Roulette, but meh, one won't question the gods of luck.

Needless to say, picking up 8000 coins and a Qualot Berry, and now for the more interesting stuff...

Spending 25000 coins on 5 spins of Cupid's Starter Slots at 5000 coins a spin.

Spending 10000 coins on 5 spins of the Roulette at 2000 coins a spin, all on Violet Pichu.

Spending 100 coins on Lovers' Lottery number 48.

Spending 100 coins on a Trainers' Scratchcard, sratching numbers 2, 3, 5, 6, 8 and 9.

Finally, spending 8 candies on 5 spins of the Super Sweet Candy Wheel, at 2 candies for the first three spins and 1 candy for the last 2, all on Orange Happiny.

Massive bag o' cash.

Wee bag of pogeyman sweeties.

Leaving with a Qualot Berry, thanks, and before I forget like with the Xmas fiasco...

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