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1) Provide links to a screen cap showing animé evidence and/or provide links to a video showing animé evidence (please provide us with a time stamp)
Starts at ~1:00 (anything after 2:17 doesnt really matter.

2) Provide links to the Bulbapedia article for the move, pokémon etc. in question Says hes proficient in using his pillars in battle.

3) Explain the in game effect of the move in question
Theres not a move perse (though there should be one)

4) Briefly note the differences between what we do and what the animé does
You have Conkeldurr have a significant drop in speed when using his pillars for attacks
Conkledurr (Fighting): Conkledurr carry around two concrete blocks which can be used in Physical attacks involving smashing the foe. Using it this way grants them a fair boost in power (~25%) for an equivalent increase in energy use and a significant drop in speed. The blocks can be dropped by Timburr to execute an attack under normal conditions and can be stolen from it, though they are very, very heavy, and the Theif must be extremely strong to steal them.
As seen in basically the only anime battle featuring Conkeldurr, that isnt the case (1:43-1:50). Im asking for the speed drop to be removed, and also a mention for Conk to be able to block physical blows with his pillars by using a move, or even just use the pillars however he wants (counting as a move). Example: "Conkeldurr, smash your foe with your pillars and pin him to the ground!"
Id like to be able to do that without using a sig.

Right now hes basically a sitting duck when he wants to abuse his SC if theres any sort of range involved (not counting Fling), or he cant really abuse it all that much to begin with.

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