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Spoiler: show

Montague, Level 3 Male Kirlia
Hidden Power: Steel
Bio: Montague has always wanted to grow up and be a Gallade ever since I can remember. Though I’m not sure if I might have had a hand in that aspiration. Nonetheless, he’s looking forward to the day he can swing those arms of his around and slice his way past opponents. He is baffled though by the lack of slashing moves his species has access to. “Surely there should be more than those that exist now? What about energy attacks? Can’t I just charge them into my blades?”
Special Training: Elemental Cuts
(Comes in effect when a Gallade) Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Poison Jab and Drain Punch are now used in the form of Slashes (named Fire Cut, Ice Cut, Thunder Cut, Poison Cut and Drain Cut respectively) similar to Psycho Cut. They retain their original base power and status chance and, like Psycho Cut, can use slightly more energy to send it as a ranged attack with the energy having a near solid-like quality, though the ranged version lacks the chance of secondary effects occurring. He has enough type energy to perform 2 ranged versions of each attack (safe for Drain Cut since its Fighting-type) but he cannot use Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Poison Jab or Drain Punch normally. In addition, the moves Leaf Blade and Night Slash can also be used as a ranged attack similarly to Psycho Cut with Montague having enough type energy to use the ranged versions twice. (And if it has to be explained; Yes. Like Psycho Cut, these slashes gain Gallade’s SC boost but, like Psycho Cut, not when used as ranged attacks.)

Shade, Level 4 Male Haunter (uplevel)
Bio: With wide a wide open grin, Shade enjoys playing tricks and being unpredictable. He especially enjoys it when it frustrates his opponent. I think I may have been a bad influence on him but, meh, his sinister tricks work to my advantage in battle. Did you know he managed to create a new type of ghostly curse that works as an entry hazard of sorts?
Special Technique: HIDDEN Power (Ghost)
Upon being sent out, Shade uses good energy to immediately place a curse on the opponent’s side of the field. The curse seeps into the very spirit of the opposing Pokémon and alters its nature. The cursed victim’s Hidden Power will be randomised to a new type of any of the existing 18 types, including the original type. They will keep this new hidden power type for the remainder of the battle and neither Shade, his trainer or the opponent are made aware of what the new type is. Each time a new Pokémon is sent out on the opponent’s side of the field, the curse takes effect on that Pokémon and alters its Hidden Power type. Shade can’t use Hidden Power himself.

Aroma, Level 3 Female Roselia
Hidden Power: Rock
Bio: Every rose has a single unique smell and Roselias/Roserades have three. Aroma knows perfectly well how to abuse the differing smells and what they can do to a Pokémon. Releasing all of her fragrances at once appears to cause some sort of an imbalance in the opponent's hormone system and harm it. Glad she’s on my side.
Special Attack: Gaia Wind (Grass)
Using good energy, Aroma spins in place to release a wind laced with grass energy across the field to deal moderate damage. Any Pokémon who comes in contact with the wind and has a status effect (burn, confusion, infatuation, paralysis, poison or sleep) suffers significant damage instead as the spores react with the Pokémon’s current weakened physique. Energy usage for this move rises for each use while boosted, capping at Solid energy.

Chess, Level 3 Male Bisharp
Hidden Power: Flying
Bio: Poor little Pawniard never gets a hug. No one wants to for some reason. Even I don't and I'm his trainer. Chess has decided that if his blades are going to get in the way of hugs, they're going to have to make up for it some other way. If no one wants to hug him, he's going to make damn sure they'll ever regret laying a finger on him in the first place.
Special Training: Razor Blades
The blades on Chess' body have developed to be sharper and are covered in a metallic casing similar to Metal Claw. This causes energy-based attacks to have their power slightly reduced while physical hits will always deal decent recoil damage to the attacker with an added 10% chance of the contact area being cut and become slightly sensitive to touch. Chess is unable to gain any boosts to his stats as he’s afraid they may mess with his bodily structure and dull his blades. This means he loses access to the moves Iron Defence, Swords Dance, Hone Claws and Rock Polish as well as any effect that has a chance of giving him a boost (eg Power-Up Punch’s ability to raise attack). Opponent’s can still buff and debuff him accordingly (eg Swagger and Shadow Ball) as he has no control on what the opponent does.

Amoeboid, Level 3 Male Grimer
Hidden Power: Grass
Bio: Grimer are the result of toxic waste coming alive. I found Amoeboid by a lake that was being used as a dumping ground for a steel mill. It survived by living and digesting on all the heavy metals that came into the water as well as the occasional steel pipe left lying around by the workers of the steel mill. Well what did you think Grimer survived on? Poffins?
Special Attack: Corrosive Sludge (Poison)
Amoeboid forms an orb of acidic sludge that it hurls towards the opponent. The acid within the attack corrodes inorganic substances, causing super effective damage on Rock and Steel types as well as a 30% chance of creating an open, corroding wound that acts like a poison status for hard-bodied Pokémon. Fairy and Grass type Pokémon or those who have a layer of slime (such as Quagsire and Reuniclus) have a natural resistance to this move. This attack uses considerable energy for considerable damage and can only be used twice per opponent.

Dragul, Level 3 Male Golbat
Hidden Power: Fighting
Held Item: Birdkeeper Token
Bio: Living in caves with low lighting, Dragul hasn’t exactly needed the use of sight so much. He, along with many of his kin, know how to freak out weary travellers and hikers who enter their tunnels, being capable of silently flying past to unnerve them. As if that wasn’t bad enough, his species can get quite aggressive, striking continuous blows into the traveller if he attempts to harm one of them. The poor hiker can only do so much as fling his torch around, hitting nothing but air until it goes out.
Special Attack: Silent Strikes (Dark)
A multi-hit Dark-type move that deals light damage for light energy with each hit. Dragul covers himself in a small veil of dark energy and flies past the enemy multiple times at a high, evasive speed while striking it. The first hit always lands with each consecutive hit being easier to interrupt than the last. The chance of interruption is dependent on the Pokémon’s speed relative to Dragul and its ability to sense where Dragul is. (e.g. If it’s dark and the Pokémon can’t see in the dark it won’t be able to spot Dragul to interrupt it.) Standard is good damage but it can easily stack up to deal a heavy amount of damage. This attack can only be done twice per battle but never twice on the same Pokémon (as the opponent can much easier break the chain of hits the second time).

Polara, Level 3 Female Cubchoo
Hidden Power: Ground
Bio: Polara doesn't like the cold, it gives her the sniffles. But she knows other prefer it even less so that can come in handy in battle.
Special Attack: Chilblains (Ice)
Using good energy, Polara sends out a cold, humid wind that may crack the opponent's skin and flesh and possibly causing it to bleed a little while dealing decent damage. This attack has a 60% chance of inducing a sore or split skin that carries the same effect as a burn. Any attack done to this area deals more damage (ref’s discretion) and any attack requiring use of this part of the skin causes light recoil damage (ref’s discretion). Chance of status effect may vary dependent on certain aspects such as distance (again ref’s discretion).

Eufora, Level 3 Female Vulpix
Hidden Power: Water
Bio: What do you do when you receive a former Contest entrant who dazzles her audience with a masterful display of ghastly Fire moves performing a circus of their own? Well you try to find a way to use that for battling of course.
Special Technique: Freezefire (Ice) and Boltfire (Electric)
Eufora’s connection with the mystique have granted her the ability to summon fire from the netherworld. By charging either considerable Ice energy or considerable Electric energy, Eufora can blow a hellish blue fire at the opponent akin to Flamethrower but with a slightly larger range, dealing considerable Ice (Freezefire) or Electric (Boltfire) damage. Both moves have a chance of either confusing (20%) or burning (20%) the opponent. Upon contact with the opponent, the fire appears to explode and cascade into small wisps that burn the ground around the opponent (similar to a Ponyta’s flaming trail) and have a chance of dealing a bit of extra damage when crossed. Eufora has enough Ice and Electric energy to use both moves twice.

Hero, Level 3 Male Combusken
Hidden Power: Electric
Bio: My first fire type, and a Starter Pokémon at that. The Torchic line are known for their abilities to jump around the battlefield erratically before getting up close for the attack. Of course, learning how to create an opening from time to time can come in handy to.
Special Attack: Rapid Fire Kick (Fire)
Using moderate energy, Hero kicks the air at high speed, folding a pocket of compressed fire energy that shoots forward very quickly to hit the opponent. It creates a weak but volatile explosion on contact. It doesn't necessarily do much damage, rather just disrupting the target, and on smaller ones, possibly knocking them over. If the opponent is too close, the loud noise could hurt their ears. This move deals mild damage.

Croczilla, Level 3 Male Croconaw
Hidden Power: Bug
Bio: Croczilla comes from a Feraligatr line that have lived in the marshes of Pastoria for as long as they can remember. The amount of Big Jawed Pokémon there aren’t much and they’re pretty much a rare sight, preferring to stay submerged beneath the murky waters when tourists pass by. Generations of adaptation have caused the line to be somewhat different to their more traditional heritage, preferring thick muddied bogs as to the usual salt water lakes and seas.
Special Training: Swampgator (Water/Ground)
Croczilla has gained the Ground typing as a result from having grown up in muddied swamp waters. He has all the weaknesses (Double Grass) and resistances (Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel) associated with it. The only exception is Electric to which he is not immune but receives neutral damage from instead. His affinity with the ground type has taught him the attacks Sand Tomb, Mud Shot, Mud Bomb and Muddy Water. In exchange he loses his natural familiarity with the Ice-type and the moves Icy Wind, Blizzard and Ice Punch, having enough Ice energy for only two Ice Beams. He also lost the moves Shadow Claw, Metal Claw, Iron Tail and Brine because these attacks are unnatural and have thus never been learnt by Croczilla while he grew up in his natural boggy habitat.

Anubite, Level 3 Male Riolu
Hidden Power: Ice
Attached Item: Lucarionite
Bio: Son of Anubis, the old Lucario of Kairne, the former Starter Gym Leader. Anubis was a proud warrior, capable of decimating even ghosts. Alas, his heart lay with the future prospects of children and family and it was with a heavy heart that his trainer let him go. Once Anubite came off age, he was trained by his father in the arts of dealing blows to the spirits that do not belong in this world. His father was a stern teacher to him and his siblings but it was because he cared and he was more than fair. Anubite is the first in line to carry the legacy of Anubis’ power and it is only by chance and a meeting with the former gym leader that I came in contact with him. Now Anubite fights together with me while we make sure to send the spirits back to the afterlife as was his father’s previous task before him.
Special Training: Haki Aura
Anubite is permanently enshrouded in a spectral aura. This aura allows his Fighting-type attacks to strike ghosts for super effective damage. In exchange, his aura prevents his fighting-type attacks from dealing super effective blows to normal types, dealing neutral damage instead.

Ariachne, Level 3 Female Ariados
Hidden Power: Ground
Bio: Though most Spinaraks live in dense forests where they are capable of scuttling from tree to tree, Ariachne grew up in large, dark caves. Creating webs to trap her prey in seemed unusable and she required a different strategy to keep up with the faster flying Pokémon on which she preyed. This continuous practice and survival of the fittest has taught her to use her webs as a form of movement to quickly gain on her prey for the strike before they get away.
Special Attack: Grappling String
Ariachne charges a light amount of steel energy in either orifice before shooting a single strand of web at high velocity towards the opponent. The loaded steel energy tip of the strand guides it swiftly, and unaffected by wind or otherwise, to the intended target where it punctures the opponent’s hide. The barb-like quality of the steel energy allows the string to puncture most skins and armours (even rocky skin) allowing only the densest of hides to resist being punctured. After invading the skin, the energy explodes into tiny hair-like hooks that grapple inside the opponent whereupon Ariachne pulls herself towards the opponent, grapples onto it with her limbs and bites into the newly created wound, causing considerable damage that is unaffected by typing. (Lighter Pokémon may be pulled towards Ariachne instead.) Ariachne remains attached to the Pokémon until either knocked off or ordered otherwise. The new wound won’t cause lasting damage or irritation but may disrupt usage of the affected limb in the same way a Smack Down attack would affect a wing. This move costs light steel energy and considerable typeless energy and may be used only twice.

Lux, Level 3 Male Eelektrik
Hidden Power: Dark
Bio: How does one, as an electric type, survive in a cave filled with rock and ground types? Well by tapping into one’s fishy ancestry of course.
Special Training: Water Pulse (Water)
Lux now gains access to Water Pulse with enough water energy to use it thrice.

Psych, Level 3 Male Kadabra
Hidden Power: Fairy
Bio: I... honestly don’t know what’s wrong with Psych. He was odd as an Abra, sure. But have you seen his eyes as a Kadabra? They’re out of focus, always appearing to be inspecting you for some malicious intent.
*looks at Psych*
Stop grinning dammit! It’s unnerving!
I don’t know, perhaps it had to do with that strange abandoned nuclear facility in his birth place. I think they messed with his mind or something. Pokédex can’t even seem to pick up his signature alpha waves, though it’s picking up some other strange unknown waves. I’m not sure what they are but I sure as hell know what they do to those around him.
*Psych gives a creepy smile*
Special Training: Insanity Promoter
Any damaging attack that Psych uses loses its secondary effect. This extends to things like Thunderbolt losing its chance of paralysis and Shadow Ball the chance of lowering the opponents defence but not to effects that come with an attack due to flavour (eg Dynamicpunch will still give an explosion, it will just not have a chance for confusion). In exchange, all damaging attacks that have lost their secondary effect this way now have a 20% chance of inducing the status Insanity (explained below). Psych also loses access to the moves Toxic and Thunderwave, making Insanity the only status effect it can give to the opponent.
Insanity: Insanity is a mental effect that gives the opponent hallucinations, believing there to be two other Psychs on the battlefield. Scared and slightly insane, the affected Pokémon will lash out and want to get rid of the illusions. The affected Pokémon will be considered as being under a pseudo Taunt and pseudo-Intimidation, wanting to attack any of the three Psychs it sees and having a chance of attacking the wrong one as well (unless attacks are widespread or otherwise - ref's discretion). The effects of Insanity last only for one round but can last longer or shorter depending on the opponent’s state of mind (ref’s discretion).

Sicarion, Level 3 Female Gligar
Hidden Power: Electric
Bio:This poor Gligar happened to stumble upon the Ground Zero Gym. It got knocked out of the sky quickly and landed in a barrel containing toxic goo on the outskirts. The thick syrupy structure gave it trouble in escaping and it took hours before it freed itself. Unfortunately some effects lingered on this poor Gligar and he has gained a minor ability in causing status attacks. Though evenshe herself is unsure of the effects it causes. It’s never direct.
Special Technique: Status Spray (XX)
Using considerable energy, Sicarion charges a small orb of energy before releasing it forward. Instead of targeting the opponent, the energy homes in on the Pokéballs of the trainer where it bursts to give a random status to one of the Pokémon. The opponent gets to chose which Pokémon gains the status and has to announce it in their next post but it has to be a Pokémon that is still able to battle and the target Pokémon will count as one of the battlers for the match. If the opponent is on his/her last Pokémon already, this move will have no effect. Next time the targeted Pokémon is released into battle, it’ll have a status with an equal chance of it being either asleep, confused, paralysed or poisoned. The Pokémon has to be able to gain such a status in the first place for it to have an effect (e.g. inorganics cannot be poisoned). This move can only be ordered once regardless of whether the move succeeded or not.

Valentino, Level 4 Male Honchkrow (uplevel)
Hidden Power: Fighting
Bio: Valentino was born on the anniversary of a dreadful occurrence which cost the lives of many thugs, bandits and other such terrible outlaws. Such a shame, right? Anywho, the weirdest part is that Valentino appears to have no parents, siblings or otherwise. I’ve heard of this before; Pokémon that were born from some cursed presence that still lingers after a dreadful happening. They're born out of nothing, having no traceable roots to any lineage or clan. Worst yet is that these Pokémon come to represent that very terrible event from which they were born. It is not strange to think Valentino may have a connection to that dreadful occurrence years ago. His very manner of battling carries traits that closely resemble that incident.
Special Attack: Massacre of Crows (Steel/Dark)
Valentino swings his wing, sending forth a cone of sharp, metal feathers imbued with dark energy that strike for solid Steel damage. The Dark energy that is laced within puts a drain on the opponent, slightly lowering its Defence and Special Defence for the next 3 rounds. The attack can be focussed or spread for reduced damage. This attack requires solid steel energy and light dark energy and can be used only twice.

Athlete, Level 3 Male Vigoroth
Hidden Power: Psychic
Bio: I just don’t get this species. You sure they’re related to each other? I can almost swear that Vigoroth was just adopted into the family. Though I guess you can’t get around the fact that they do have very similar traits, even if it is because of very different reasons.
Special Training: Hyper Lethargic/Hyper Energetic
(As a Slakoth/Slaking) Because of his energy-conserving nature, Athlete does not suffer from the normal-type’s diminished off-type energy pool and has the standard amount of off-type energy.
(As a Vigoroth) Because of his hyper-active nature, Athlete does not suffer from the normal-type’s diminished off-type energy pool and has the standard amount of off-type energy.
(The two effects are the same but for different reasons because, well, you know)

Boulder, Level 3 Male Rhyhorn
Hidden Power: Fire
Bio: Boulder was never quite as good as charging as his brethren were. His trampling and rushing abilities were sadly subpar compared to his fellow Rhyhorns, and he suffered for it. Refusing to fall behind, he dedicated himself to studying the techniques they employed, and worked on them himself in his spare time. Little by little, his abilities grew in strength, and he started to catch up to them in power and force while rushing. Then, from all his training and hard work, he started to surpass them, becoming the best in his pack at charging and using his inertia.
Special Technique: Last Reserves
When ordered to perform a charging/running move (eg Take Down) or a move that requires charging/running towards the enemy (eg Horn Attack), Boulder may be ordered to coat his horn in type energy that must be specified upon use. Ordered as “[insert Charging Attack] with [insert Type] Reserves”. (eg Drill Run with Water Reserves) This technique uses up whatever little residual energy Boulder has of the off-type energy up to a maximum of decent energy. Only off-type energy which has already been tapped into in the current match may be used and only once per type. The extra off-type energy does not deal extra damage but rather replaces an equal amount of energy in the charge attack (so in the previous example, Drill Run would deal decent water damage and mild ground damage, assuming Boulder has at least a decent amount of water energy remaining). This technique may never be used more than once per round.

Locke, Level 3 Male Cubone
Hidden Power: Fire
Bio: Have you heard of the elephant graveyard? No? How about the entry hazard graveyard? It’s all part of the circle of life. Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust and all that fuss. Similarly, entry hazards can be returned to where they came from; nothingness.
Special Technique: Rebearth (Ground)
Locke throws his bone charged with ground energy into the air like a boomerang. High up in the centre of the field the bone hovers and spins mid-air, releasing the ground energy in a gigantic shower across the entire arena. The ground energy that’s scattered essentially resets the field back to standard conditions, clearing the arena of all field effects and entry hazards set up by either side as well as healing the land of any damage done to it by moves such as bulldoze or earth power. The bone then magically returns to Locke’s hand. This move costs decent energy for the restoration with an added light energy for each entry hazard or field effect that has to be cleared, though energy usage may rise if damage done to the field is substantial (such as a gigantic clove from Fissure). This move may be done twice

Naia, Level 3 Female Dratini
Hidden Power: Steel
Bio: As an orphan Dratini, it became hard to find food for yourself when you have no parents to help you hunt. Naia small size made it hard for her to chase her prey as they always swam away quicker than she good. It took her a long time and a lot of starvation before she managed to prevent prey from escaping.
Special Technique: Dragon Lock (Dragon)
By using significant dragon energy, Naia can channel her presence into a mystical energy that surrounds the opponent’s side of the field (essentially, this is a lasting field effect/entry hazard). The draconic energy blocks the retreat of any conscious Pokémon from the opponent, thus stopping the opponent from recalling a Pokémon by either conventional switching or by use of switching moves. Note: Switching moves may still be used for damage, they just don’t allow the Pokémon to retreat.

Banshee, Level 3 Female Misdreavus
Hidden Power: Bug
Bio: Said to originally be fey friends of noble houses, the banshee's cry has since gained repute for being a foreteller of death. They where said to be prophets of a sort, predicting death but never engaging in combat themselves.
Of course, some fortune-tellers prefer a little more hands-on approach.
A famed warrior in her own right, Banshee's forest was regarded as a hazard by travellers and natives alike. No one entered without her knowing, and no one left without confronting her. Despite his better judgement, Admiral found himself in the forest, and it wasn't long before he was hunted down by the lady of the woods. A fleeting cry. The feeling of being trapped in an endless circle, eternally finding himself in the same clearing. Soon, he found himself face to face with the spirit, her meaningful grin locking him in place as the darkness bordering the clearing seemed to solidify and reach out, as though to seal his doom. With no choice, the boy quickly called upon his Pokémon. A truly fearful battle followed- It wasn't long before the boy understood the ghost's namesake. She was fond of a truly ghastly wail- And each time she cried out, it wasn't long until her quarry found themselves unconscious. But there's only so much a single Pokémon can do against a team. At long last, the tides turned, and the ghost found herself defeated at long last. Swearing loyalty to her defeater, she joined the boy's team, as the Fey of old did to their nobles.
...Although, one hopes Admiral won't have need of her lamenting duties any time soon.
Special Attack: Wail (Ghost)
Using considerable energy, Banshee releases a high-pitched burst of ghostly sound that fills the arena. Any other Pokémon that hears this suffers solid ghost damage as the sounds seep into their being and cause a shiver through their body. Depending on a Pokémon’s proximity to Banshee, this attack may frighten or interrupt the Pokémon as they move to cover their ears as well as possibly causing a shiver down their spine (or body) that may make reacting to future threats more difficult. (To clarify: 'Damage' is done by the energy travelling through the sound waves, 'frightening and interrupting' is done by the sound waves and 'reacting to future threats' is dependent on both.)

Chillynx, Level 3 Male Luxray
Hidden Power: Water
Bio: In the great ancient cataclysm caused by the old battle between the deities Dialga, Palkia and Giratina in the land Sinnoh, the land was ravaged by their terrible war and battles that went on for days. The chamber of Mt. Coronet were abandoned by its inhabitants, the Pokémon looking for refuge elsewhere. The battle and distortions of time and space soon seeped further through the land of Sinnoh and it didn’t take long before the bird Pokémon fled to foreign countries and the shores were devoid of marine life. Only the Pokémon that were stuck on land had no place to retreat to. Many of the Luxray packs fled to the far corners of the region, taking shelter in abandoned caves on Iron Island or by the shores of what is now known as Sunnyshore Bay. A few though, managed to scale their way past the dangerous ravines and cloves that separated them from the north, eventually reaching the snow-laden paths that lead up to Lake Acuity. They made a perilous journey up north as the effects of time and space expanded even further and started gaining on them. Past the icy floors and thick blankets of snow, a bare few managed to find shelter up north where they were forced to adapt to their new homes. Though the battle between the Creation Trio has long since passed, the descendants of these packs of Luxray have opted to remain in their snowy environment and live of the white barren lands that encompass it. Their near-limitless eyesight providing excellent means of seeing through blizzards and hunting on prey. Their slow adaptation has provided them with a set of tools gained only by the ice-type and those closely related to it.
Special Training: Frostmane (Electric/Ice)
As a descendent of the original pack of Luxray, Chillynx grew up to be an Electric/Ice type and has all the weaknesses (Fighting, Fire, Ground and Rock) and resistances (Electric, Flying and Ice) associated with it. Because of his affinity to the Ice type, he gains the moves Ice Beam, Aurora Beam, Haze, Frost Breath and Icy Wind. His unconventional upbringing has made him lose all off-type energy, safe for the use of Hidden Power and Natural Gift, being capable of only performing those two moves and any move that is either Typeless or of the Electric, Ice or Normal type. In addition, his Ice-typing allows him to be more sure-footed on certain terrains, much like other Ice-types, and his coat has been recoloured to match with this new environment; his black portions have become a grey-snowy white while his blue portions have softened to look more icy allowing him to blend into frosty environments slightly easier.

Maan, Level 3 Genderless Lunatone
Hidden Power: Fire
Bio: Maan is the Dutch word for moon. (Yes I'm that clever.) Because English isn't its first language, and because its mouth is just a stiff rock, it tends to have trouble articulating words properly.
Special Attack: MEATOR! (Fighting)
Lunatone yells out ‘Meteor!’ to summon a shower of small celestial meteors. Unfortunately, it has a slight speech impediment and accidentally proclaims ‘Meator!’ instead. The result of this is that, instead of meteors, pieces of meat such as T-Bone Steak rain down from the sky. A ‘magical’ version of this move may be performed as well where the pieces of meat are generated, allowing the move to be used inside as well. The small pieces of bone inside these meat may strike opposing Pokémon for solid Fighting damage (because meat builds muscle). Pieces of bone inside the meat may pierce the skin of Pokémon with soft or slimy skin, particularly Grass and Water types, reducing their defences by one stage (10%), or two stages (20%) for Grass and Water types, for the next three rounds like a standard stat drop. This attack costs considerable fighting energy and can be used twice.

Zon, Level 3 Genderless Solrock
Hidden Power: Ice
Bio: Zon is the Dutch word for sun. (Yes I'm that clever.) Because English isn't its first language, and because its mouth is just a stiff rock, it tends to have trouble articulating words properly.
Special Attack: MASHTEROID! (Steel)
Solrock yells out ‘Asteroid!’ to summon a shower of small celestial asteroids. Unfortunately, it has a slight speech impediment and accidentally proclaims ‘Mashteroid!’ instead. The result of this is that, instead of asteroids, hardened clumps of mashed potato rain down from the sky. A ‘magical’ version of this move may be performed as well where the clumps of mashed potato are generated, allowing the move to be used inside as well. These clumps may stick to opposing Pokémon and deal solid Steel damage as if they were indeed metallic asteroids. The mushiness of the mashed potato may gross out some Pokémon and make them less willing to attack, especially Ghost and Dark types, reducing their offences by one stage (10%), or two stages (20%) for Ghost and Dark types, for the next three rounds like a standard stat drop. This attack costs considerable steel energy and can be used twice.

Scout, Level 3 Male Frogadier
Hidden Power: Poison
Bio: -
no sig

Hobgoblin, Level 1 Female Clefairy
Hidden Power: -
Bio: -
no sig

Trixie, Level 1 Female Zorua
Hidden Power: -
Bio: -
no sig

Kali-Ma Ri, Level 1 Male Inkay
Hidden Power: -
Bio: -
no sig

Spoiler: show
Nightstalker's Token

Birdkeeper Token
- Attached to Dragul the Zubat
The Birdkeeper's Token signifies freedom of thought and movement that transcends the art of the possible. It can be attached to Flying type pokémon and greatly enhances their natural abilities. They will be significantly faster and more agile than their peers in whatever their usual mode of transportation is, able to travel further and with more precision and dexterity than others without expending much more energy. At ref's discretion, they will be more able to dodge attacks and harder to evade when using their own. This token may be purchased during the week long Easter event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.

Lucarionite - Attached to Anubite the Riolu
This item allows Lucario to Mega Evolve into Mega Lucario when held during battle.

Current Matches:

Match History:
Spoiler: show
Ex-Admiral Insane VS BearTown 4v4 Singles (Won by DQ)
Ex-Admiral Insane VS Mercutio 4v4 Doubles (Lost by KO)
Ex-Admiral Insane VS Lost 1v1 Singles (Won by KO)
Ex-Admiral Insane VS Big55555 3v3 Singles (Won by KO)
Ex-Admiral Insane VS Apollo77 2v2 Doubles (Lost by KO)
Ex-Admiral Insane VS Sparkbeat 2v2 Singles (Lost by KO)
Ex-Admiral Insane VS Fallen Icarus 3v3 Singles (Lost by KO)
Ex-Admiral Insane VS Kusari 3v3 Singles (Lost by KO)
Ex-Admiral Insane VS EmeraldGoblin 2v2 Singles (Lost by KO)
Ex-Admiral Insane VS Milotic111 3v3 Singles (Won by DQ)
Ex-Admiral Insane VS Escalion 3v3 Singles (Lost by KO)
Ex-Admiral Insane VS CloneBlazer12 4v4 Singles (Won by KO)
Ex-Admiral Insane VS Mercutio 6v6 Singles REALISTIC! (Lost by KO)
Ex-Admiral Insane VS Dream Breaker 5v5 Singles Gym Leader Match (Lost by Forfeit)
Ex-Admiral Insane VS EmeraldGoblin 4v4 Doubles (Lost by KO)
Ex-Admiral Insane VS Minedreigon 3v3 Singles (Won by KO)
Ex-Admiral Insane VS ChrisClark13 4v4 Singles (Won by DQ)
Ex-Admiral Insane VS Copygoo 3v3 Singles (Won by DQ)
Ex-Admiral Insane VS ole_schooler 3v3 Singles (Won by DQ)
Ex-Admiral Insane VS ROFLMAO 2v2 Singles (Won by KO)
Ex-Admiral Insane VS Darth Takuya 4v4 Singles (Lost by DQ)
Ex-Admiral Insane VS Lucario188 2v2 Singles (Cancelled)
Ex-Admiral Insane VS DaveTheFishGuy 2v2 Singles (Lost by KO)
Ex-Admiral Insane VS Lost 2v2 Singles (Lost by KO)
Ex-Admiral Insane VS peptodismal 2v2 Singles (Won by KO)
Ex-Admiral Insane VS Eliteknight 3v3 Doubles (Won by KO)
Ex-Admiral Insane VS Schadenfreude 4v4 Singles (Lost by Forfeit)
Ex-Admiral Insane VS HeroicRein 3v3 Singles (Won by DQ)
Ex-Admiral Insane VS Trot Away 3v3 Singles (Cancelled)
Ex-Admiral Insane VS Mr. Mach 3v3 Singles (Lost by KO)
Ex-Admiral Insane VS RealMrGamer10 6v6 Singles (Won by DQ)

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