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Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
The doors to the Cable Club swung open, and Keith walked in. Although he had only recently celebrated the evolution of his Bulbasaur, Dennis, already he was looking rather glum, and not without good reason- beside him, a Drowzee was walking, one whom Keith had owned for several months now. Unfortunately, circumstances outside of his control arose, forcing him to part with several of his Pokémon. At the very least, it could be said that he did not have to resort to dropping any of them off at the Adoption Center. Yet, anyway... No, they had all gone to respectable Trainers thus far; Kevin, the Paras, had gone off to Blaze, one of Keith's friends; Nitro, the Voltorb, was now under Rayzen's ownership; Blackbeard, the Chatot, was now owned by a Trainer named Lucas- Keith had never actually met Lucas, but had heard about him through Helena, who had met his Ralts in the Bar; and Pepperspray, the Koffing, was currently with Bill, who was, for the past four years, the Trainer responsible for raising Gold (Keith's Feraligatr). All of these trades were difficult for Keith to make, and he only managed to get through them by reminding himself how much harder it would be if he had to trade away any of his other Pokémon instead- He wasn't about to trade away Dennis, after all, or Scorpius, or Hannah or Chance or Helga, none of them.

The Meowth on Keith's shoulder was also looking a bit down. He generally rolled his eyes whenever Keith intended to add something new to the team, but he and Somnus had actually gotten along quite well, due to their shared taste in dreams.

Keith sighed as they reached the trade machine. "Well, this is it, Somnus," he said to the Drowzee. "I'm gonna miss you, buddy. But don't you worry- Jake's a good friend of mine, and a good Trainer. I'm sure you'll do just fine with him. Just be careful around that Shuppet of his, though- not exactly the nicest Pokémon you'll encounter. Though I guess he's not as bad as Stewie," he admitted. "Or Myrtle, when she's in one of her moods. Or Molly, whenever someone pisses her off..."

"Man, does yer team have issues or wat?" remarked Meowth.

"Anyway, take care, alright?" Keith said to Somnus, giving a brave smile in spite of his displeasure at the situation. He had to keep reminding himself that he needed to do this, but it wasn't easy.

Somnus nodded. "Drowzee, drow," he replied in that eerily echoing voice of his.

"Yeah, youse take care o' yerself, alright?" added Meowth. "And anytime youse wants ta come by and visit, ya know where we live."

"Zee," nodded Somnus. With that, Keith returned the Drowzee to his Poké Ball, placed it on the trade machine, and pulled the switch. In a flash of light, the ball was replaced with a single Rare Candy. Pocketing the confectionary currency, Keith exited the Cable Club in silence.

OOC: Trading my level 1 male Drowzee w/Flash to EpicSquirtle for 1 Rare Candy. I really appreciate this, thanks. Take good care of him.

*Trade Commenced*
Trading 1 rare candy to Missingno. Master in return for his level 1 male Drowzee with Flash. Thank you!

*Trade closed*
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