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Silverton Ranges - Please reply in lightsteelblue

atlantis_kid99 & Hayward: This battle is taking its toll on trainers and Pokmon alike, and with your partners tiring rapidly you're both looking for any sign of weakness that you may be able to exploit against these two bloodthirsty beasts. When Sandslash comes crawling out of the icy water, totally bedraggled, both your thoughts turn to the same plan in an instant, neither of you wasting a precious moment putting it into action. Nikki, feeling that Mystic is in no condition to continue battling, holds him securely in her arms whilst releasing Ember, the young Ponyta initially quite distressed upon witnessing the mayhem surrounding her. Nikki quickly calms the young equine though, while Ben listens carefully before addressing Medeo who begins mentally preparing himself for what he's hoping is his final onslaught.

Though quite nervous at the prospect of attacking a Pokmon much more powerful than her, Ember makes an impressive start, galloping straight toward Sandslash at full speed with her horn spinning rapidly. The panting ground type is too busy trying to catch its breath to even notice until its too late, and even though it reaches out, ready to Crush Ember with its lethal Claws, Medeo beats it to the punch. He attacks from behind, leaping up and lashing out, his Psycho Cut striking Sandslash in the back of the neck. The sand mouse's eyes widen in surprise an instant before Ember's Horn Drills into its gut, and while the little Ponyta struggles forward with all of her strength, Sandslash is finding itself being pushed right back into the water. It Slashes Ember across the cheek, attempting to force the fire horse backward, but Ember doesn't give in, working through the stinging pain. Smoochum, seeing that her ally is in need of a little help, Pounds Sandslash's knee. Its leg buckles allowing Ember to give one final, powerful shove that sends Sandslash splashing into the water where it's now at the mercy of Spheal and Seel. It tries to struggle back to land, but Ember puts a stop to that with a Swift energy based attack that leaves the sand mouse floundering in the icy lake. Seel and Spheal pounce on it immediately, Seel freezing it solid and subsequently KOing it with an Ice Beam, while Spheal bounces on top of it, clapping victoriously. Level up for Ember, Smoochum, and Seel.

One of your enemies may have been defeated, but you still have Golem left and he may not be so easy. Silently thankful that the rocky beast is currently confused, you watch with baited breath while Ember turns around and begins to assault it with a barrage of Double Kicks. Each kick pushes it further backward, but is also helping it to regain its senses, and before long it shakes its head, furious with the fiery equine for having the audacity to attack it. It rolls into a Defense Curl, but just as it lunges forward to Tackle Ember, Machop appears out of nowhere with Revenge in its eyes. This little fighter has been subjected to hell during the past few days, beaten to within an inch of his life by the psychotic trainer and his Pokmon, and very nearly crushed to death by Golem just a minute ago. He's not about to watch another innocent Pokmon come to harm when all anyone here has been trying to do is help him, and with a miraculous burst of energy dives for the ground, Rolling over to intercept Golem before springing up onto its hands to deliver a powerful Kick to the massive boulder. Golem stops dead, springing out of its defensive position while Medeo moves in to help Machop, delivering a Psycho Cut to the rock type's face. Golem stumbles back, Roaring angrily, while Snorunt waddles up and pelts it with an Icy Wind. Chilled, Golem knows its in trouble and begins a frenzied Rock Blast attack causing everyone to scramble and duck for cover. The moment is stops, Snorunt, Machop, and Medeo are on the go, Snorunt spearing it between the eyes with an Ice Shard, Machop delivering a Low Kick to Golem's legs, and Medeo putting all of his remaining strength into a Dynamicpunch that sends Golem hurtling into the water. Once again Seel and Spheal are on the scene, Seel slapping Golem's head with its tail which forces it to swallow the icy water while Spheal freezes it over with Aurora Beam, and finally KOing the rampaging beast. Spheal and Seel leap around in the water victoriously, applauding each other as well as those on land, thrilled to have been able to take part in a battle that has helped save their new friends from certain death. Level up for Medeo, Machop, Snorunt, and Spheal.

With the battle over, it's time to see to the wounded, and Smoochum immediately begins checking up on everyone like a little mother hen, making her rounds and ensuring she brings water to those who need it. Machop sits beside Ben and Medeo, too exhausted and in far too much pain to shoo Smoochum away. He knows she's only trying to look out for him and allows her to do what she feels she must, while Snorunt waddles over to Nikki and beams up at her, happy to have helped its new friend during her time of need. It smiles up at Mystic with a wistful look, almost as though wishing it were the one snuggled safely in her arms. It knows it can't finish the battle they had started, not now that they were all so sore and tired from the aftermath of the fight they'd just fought against Sandslash and Golem, but that doesn't stop it from feeling a little sad about the fact its new friend will soon be leaving. Seel, Spheal, and Smoochum gather together by the water, talking animatedly to one other and looking worriedly toward the fainted Pokmon and their trainer who looks to be stirring a little. All three seem to come to the swift agreement that it's time to leave this cavern before the dangerous trio awaken, and exit the water to make their way to the exit. They stop briefly to say their goodbyes before rushing into the tunnel, no doubt headed for another secluded area of the mine where they can play undisturbed, urging you to also take your leave before they disappear from sight. With them gone and the psychotic trainer beginning to stir, this leaves you, your Pokmon, Snorunt, and Machop to make a hasty decision regarding what to do next, as it doesn't appear you have a great deal of time at your disposal in which to depart...
In an old abandoned mine deep beneath the surface of the Silverton Mountain Range, the trainer Ben Hale eased himself into a sitting position beside his Meditite partner, Medeo. The battle finally over, the Meditite sat on the icy ground hugging his tiny knees to his chest. Ben stretched his legs out in front of himself and joined Medeo in staring pensively at the subterranean lake a few metres away. Now that their enemies had been dealt with, the roaring and hollering had subsided. Thankfully, so had the ringing in Ben’s ears. The cavern had grown much quieter, and the soothing sound of waves drifted to them from the lake. As the two friends watched the cool blue water serenely lapping against the knocked-out bodies of the fully-evolved Pokemon, they felt sincerely grateful they had survived the whole ordeal.

The brown-haired trainer recalled how the Pokemon, both trained and wild, had teamed up to bring down Sandslash and Golem. Making full use of their surroundings, the group had alternated attacks in order to drive the two bloodthirsty creatures into the shallows of the icy lake. There they had continued the assualt, knocking out the tan desert mouse almost instantly, and the massive rock titan not long after. When Ben considered how Nikki’s Ralts, Mystic, had evolved into a Kirlia only moments ago, he realized that the victory had made them all stronger, although it hadn’t come without cost. Trained and wild Pokemon alike now sat tenderly nursing their various cuts, scrapes, and bruises. He raised a hand to his own temple and felt a gash. The scar would be a reminder of a battle he would never forget.

To Medeo’s left, Machop lay sprawled out on the rocky cavern floor. The events of the last few days had clearly taken their toll on the muscular little fighter. It took deep panting breaths, groaning painfully. With a look full of concern, Ben glanced at Machop lying on its back in obvious discomfort, and wondered just how many of its bones had been broken. He marveled at its resiliency when he thought of how it had battled. Despite its poor physical condition, it had clearly been reluctant to sit by while everyone else fought for it. Stubbornly, the superpower Pokemon had refused to flee or give up, displaying a fierce loyalty and a reckless disregard for its own safety. Ben grinned slightly as he realized that Machop apparently shared the same perilous spirit as his own Meditite companion, Medeo.

Thinking hard, Ben withdrew a POKEBALL from his bag. He leaned forward, attempting to get a better look at the reclining Machop. “That was a brilliant bit of fighting earlier, mate. Thanks for saving us.” He stopped, unsure of what to say next, and absentmindedly rolled the miniature capture capsule around in his fingertips. “Medeo and I…, well, we… we’ve done some things…” His voice trailed off, but he quickly continued, “We’re trying to make our past right. That’s why we’ve traveled here.” Ben rubbed his forehead with his right hand. Openly sharing feelings had never come easy to the teenage trainer. “Look, I’m practically out of money and I can’t promise you’ll have an easy life, but...” He tossed the red and white sphere to the superpower Pokemon. “You’re going to need this, if you're planning on coming with us.”

* * *

Sitting side-by-side, Ben and Medeo spied Smoochum busily scuttling around the battlefield, tending to the needs of the wounded. Bearing fresh water, she eventually waddled over to the wounded Machop and checked on its status. The superpower Pokemon was so sore and tired that it gratefully submitted to her doting and offered not the least resistance. Satisfied that all of her patients would survive, Smoochum quickly convened with Spheal and Seel near the water’s edge. The ice-type trio huddled together and conversed excitedly, periodically casting anxious glances in the direction of the stirring lunatic trainer. After a brief deliberation they reached a consensus, and bid farewell to the two teenage trainers and the remaining Pokemon. Ben and Medeo nodded appreciatively, and the threesome scampered off in search of a safer playground.

Seeing the big man beginning to come around had filled Ben with concern, too. While he had entirely expected the lunatic trainer to revive at some point, he had hoped it would be later rather than sooner. Nikki had also seen him stirring, Ben noticed, and by the look on her face, she clearly felt the same way. "I think we should go now," she said to Ben. "Let's run for it.” Ben whole-heartedly agreed, but as the blonde-haired girl ordered a Confusion from Mystic to cover their retreat, suddenly a thought came to him. “Let‘s go,” she said again, nudging him. “We’ll be right behind you,” Ben assured her as he and Medeo stood. Together they helped Machop to its feet.

Medeo turned to Ben, a questioning look on his tiny face, clearly wondering what the teenage trainer was up to. Ben reached inside the brown messenger-bag slung over his shoulder, and quickly pulled out some ROPE. “Here, mate,” he said, giving one knotted end to the diminutive Meditite. “Help me tie him up.” Ben motioned to the lunatic trainer. He wanted to leave, but also realized that if he and Medeo didn’t do something to stop the big man, more Pokemon would probably just be made to suffer. Ben had not been strong enough to stop him on his own, but he was determined to do his part to make sure it didn't happen again. Ben hoped that once he and Medeo were out of the mine, they would be able to find some help, preferably Rangers or other experienced trainers. He planned on explaining what happened and where to find the tied-up lunatic trainer. Hopefully, he would be able to convince them to come back and deal with the cruel big man more effectively. Excitement and relief swirled inside of Ben as he thought about how nice it would be to finally leave the mine and see daylight once again. He winked at Medeo. “Let’s hurry, we need to catch up to Nikki.”

Holding the rope between them, the black-clad trainer and the small Meditite cautiously approached their stirring adversary…


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