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Another seemingly ordinary day was unfolding at Keith Masters's Secret Base- namely, there was training going on. A Nidoking and a Wartortle were both using Confusion to levitate a bunch of white plates with red Tauroseyes painted on them in the air, forcing them to move around erratically, as though to make them hard to hit. Some distance away, Keith himself stood, nodding approvingly, as an assortment of Poison-types lined up before him, all facing the plates- a Weezing, a Muk, an Ivysaur, a Gulpin, and a Bulbasaur. Meowth was, as usual, sitting on Keith's shoulder, and hugging one of his legs, shyly watching the proceedings, was a Trubbish.

"OK! Everyone ready?" Keith called out. The gathered Pokémon nodded and replied in unison;

"Weezing weez!"



"Gul pin!"


"Trubbish trub?" said Ariana quietly as she looked up at Keith. In response, Keith crouched down and gave the Trubbish a gentle hug.

"Just watch them for now, Ariana, OK?" he said gently. "You'll learn the move someday yourself, but until then, I want you to see how it's used."

"Trub bish," nodded Ariana, as she turned to face her teammates, yet still clinging to Keith's leg. At the same time, Keith rose back up.

"Alright, then!" he exclaimed. "Everyone, use Sludge!"

All five Pokémon opened their mouths, and at the same time, six streams of sludge were fired from their mouths (Gemini, the Weezing, was attacking with both heads), aiming at the levitating targets. For the most part, the attacks were dead-on, striking their targets with great precision, to Keith's satisfaction. Even Dennis, the Bulbasaur, the youngest of that group of five, was doing well, hitting every single target he was shooting at. Once all the targets were knocked out of the air, the attacks stopped.

"All right, that's what I like to see!" Keith grinned. "Great work, all of you. Dennis, especially you- this is your first practice session for Sludge and your accuracy is as good as your teammates'," he added, addressing the Bulbasaur specifically.

"Saur! Bulbasaur!" Dennis smiled happily. Pomona, the Ivysaur, watched this and smiled- she knew of Dennis's concerns that he wasn't going to meet Keith's standards (she also knew that he somehow thought that to be a much harder feat than it was), and so was glad to see that his hard work was clearly paying off.

"Alright, next I think we'll have a practice battle... Hmm... Dennis, how about you against.. um..."

"Hey, how 'bout me?" came a tough-sounding voice from behind Keith. He turned around to face a Numel wearing a black fedora. "I ain't got no Fire moves yet, so it ain't like Dennis'll be at a huge disadvantage or nuttin', ya know?"

"Actually, that's not a bad idea, Vinny," nodded Keith. "Alright, you good with Meowth commanding you?"

"As long as he don't screw up," replied Vinny, at which Meowth scowled. However, he chose to not pursue the argument, and instead hopped wordlessly off of Keith's shoulder.

Soon enough, the targets were cleared out, and enough space was cleared for a battle to take place. On one end stood Meowth, with Vinny the Numel standing in front of him. On the other end stood Keith and Ariana (he wanted to return her to her Premier Ball, but the Trubbish showed a certain reluctance to relinquish her grip on Keith's leg), with Dennis the Bulbasaur standing before them. Off to the side, Helena the Shuppet floated in place, intending to act as referee.

"OK, ready... and begin!" exclaimed Helena.

"Go, Dennis!" Keith exclaimed.

"Saaaur!" replied Dennis as he dashed forward onto the battlefield.

"Let's do it, Vinny!" exclaimed Meowth.

"It's on!" responded the talking Numel. He stepped forward onto the battlefield, still sporting his black fedora.

Keith made the first move. "Dennis! Leech Seed!" he commanded.

"Bulba!" exclaimed Dennis as he shot a single brown seed out of the center of his bulb. The seed made an arc in midair and embedded itself in the Numel's hump. Almost immediately, thin tendrils snaked out of the vine and wrapped around Vinny.

"Gah!" Vinny exclaimed. "Get these things offa me!"

"Vinny, use yer Strength attack!" Meowth ordered.

"Dennis! Take Down now!" grinned Keith.

The Bulbasaur and talking Numel charged towards each other simultaneously, and as they collided in the center of the makeshift battlefield, it was fairly obvious that they were about evenly matched in strength. At first, anyway- within a minute, the Bulbasaur managed to knock Vinny back, to the latter's great surprise.

"Nice going, Dennis!" Keith grinned. "Now let's use Vine Whip!"

"Hit it with a Rock Smash!" commanded Meowth.

A pair of green vines shot out from under Dennis's bulb, but Vinny charged right through them. Then, he reared up, front right leg glowing, and stomped on Dennis's head. "Saaaaur!" Dennis cried out.

"Dennis, you OK?" asked Keith. Already, a bump was starting to form where Vinny's Rock Smash made contact, but the Bulbasaur nodded determinedly all the same.

"Now Tackle it!" grinned Meowth.

"Can do," Vinny smirked as he charged forward.

"Sludge attack!" shouted Keith.

"Saaaaaaur!" bellowed Dennis as he spewed a stream of dark, smelly gunk from his mouth. The oncoming Numel was stopped by the Poison move- in spite of the Fire/Ground-type's natural resistance to Poison moves, that didn't make him any less disgusted by the stream of sludge. He slowed down, and finally stopped altogether. Then Dennis, not waiting for orders, charged forward in a Tackle attack of his own, which knocked the Numel to the ground. His fedora fell off his head (and was remarkably unscathed, considering the tough battle it had just been through) as the Numel feebly stirred.

"Vinny is unable to battle!" declared Helena. "Keith and Dennis are the winners!"

"Nice going, Dennis!" Keith grinned as his Bulbasaur ran up to him. Happily, Keith hugged the Grass/Poison-type, before examining the bump on his head. "That bump might get kinda bad, though," he added. "Why don't we take a break for now, huh? Maybe ask Rubeus to fix you up with Soft-Boiled. Vinny, you too, actually," he called over to the Numel. "Rubeus is always looking for an excuse to use that move on something anyway."

"Will do, hat man," nodded Vinny as he expertly flipped his fedora off the ground and back onto his head. "Hey, you know Stewie got the same nickname for you as I do? Only he don't mean it as nice."

"Somehow, that doesn't surprise me," sighed Keith. "That Shadow Ledian's a real handful. Still, I know he and I are gonna end up getting along someday."

Vinny stared. "I dunno whether to admire yer rampant optimism or pity you for it," he said.

"Pity him for it," sighed Meowth. "Trust me."

"Whoa, what the?" Keith said suddenly. Vinny and Meowth turned to look- Dennis's bulb was starting to emit a softly pulsing blue light! "Dennis, is something the matter?" asked Keith.

"Bulba?" Dennis remarked questioningly as he looked back at his bulb. "Saur Bulbasaur," he said, sounding just as confused as Keith was.

"Ooh, so it's that time already," came a voice from behind Keith. He was about to turn to look, when the voice's source saved him the trouble by floating around him to examine the Bulbasaur- it was Chuck, Keith's Haunter.

"Chuck, what do you mean, 'that time already'?" asked Keith. "What's this about?"

"I'll tell you- Dennis is going to evolve soon!" replied the Haunter.

Keith blinked. "What?" he said. "You're sure, Chuck? I mean, nothing like this happened with Pomona before she evolved."

"Let me ask you something," stated Chuck. "You hatched Pomona in January of 2011, and she evolved into Ivysaur in November of that same year, correct?" Keith nodded. "Yes, that would explain it," murmured the Haunter. "The festival took place in December that year, as I recall."

"You're making less and less sense by the minute, Chuck," said Keith. "What festival? What are you talking about?"

"Every year," said the Haunter, "Bulbasaur from all over the world gather in a special place, where they all simultaneously evolve into Ivysaur. The timing of this evolution festival is different every year, but here's the secret that's been the most closely guarded by Bulbasaurkind- the festival's location also changes each year. It's a place known as the mysterious garden, and it's always in a different location every year. It's usually in Kanto, but has been known to pop up in other regions. Sometimes it's in Johto, sometimes in Unova, I think it was even in Orre once. Anyway, my point is, this year, the Bulbasaur evolution festival takes place tonight, and this year, the mysterious garden is going to show up right here in Fizzytopia."

"Whoa, that's awesome!" breathed Keith.

"Saaaur!" added Dennis, sounding just as awed as his Trainer.

"Well, looks like you're both thrilled for this," grinned the Haunter. "Pretty exciting, isn't it, knowing that Dennis will be an Ivysaur by the time you wake up tomorrow?"

"Wait, when I wake up tomorrow?" asked Keith.

"Well, yes," said Chuck. "The festival happens at night, and they only allow members of the Bulbasaur evolution line in."

"Well, screw that," said Keith. "I want to be there to see Dennis evolve!"

"Bulba!" nodded Dennis.

"Well, I guess you could try," Chuck said, "but from what I hear, intruding on the festival generally doesn't go over too well."

"Oh, it's not like I'm gonna disturb anything," Keith said dismissively. "I just want to watch my Bulbasaur evolve, I don't think that's asking too much. Dennis, you want me to be there when you evolve tonight?"

"Saur! Bulbasaur!" Dennis nodded emphatically.

"Then I'll be there," Keith stated. "It's as simple as that."

"The mysterious garden supposedly has defenses designed to keep intruders out," Chuck warned.

"Well, I'll be ready for them," replied Keith. "I'll bring along a few Pokémon that could help me out if need be."


Later that night, Keith was asleep on the couch, illuminated by the dim glow of the living room television. He had intended to stay up all night so he'd be ready to leave whenever Dennis was all set to go, but fell asleep at around one in the morning, lulled to sleep by particularly boring reruns. As the clock struck three, however, Dennis got up off the couch. He jumped to the floor and started walking for the door, as though in a trance. The idly stirring Trubbish who was sitting between Keith and Dennis noticed this, and nudged Keith with a garbage arm. "Trub, Trubbish," she said, trying to wake him up.

"Zzzzz... mmph... use Sludge Wave..." Keith murmured.

"Trub, Trubbish!" repeated Ariana, nudging Keith again.

"Mm- eh? Wha?" Keith murmured, now starting to wake up. "Ariana? Wha- what time is it?"

"Trubbish Trubbish, trub Trubbish trub!" Ariana replied, pointing towards the living room door.

Keith's first instinct was to turn to Meowth for a translation, but the Scratch Cat Pokémon was loudly snoring as he lay on the armrest of the couch. It mattered not, however, for in the next instant, Keith got the gist. "Right. Right!" he nodded, shaking off the remnants of sleepiness as he got to his feet. "Ariana, you want to come with me?" he asked. In response, the Trubbish happily jumped into Keith's arms. "Heh, stupid question," Keith grinned. Pausing only to grab his cowboy hat off the coffee table, Keith ran out into the hall, and then out the door which Dennis left open. However, by the time Keith got outside, there was no sign of the Bulbasaur anywhere. There was, however, a bunch of freshly bloomed flowers that certainly hadn't been there before.

"Trub?" Ariana murmured.

"Yeah, I'm guessing this has everything to do with the festival," Keith remarked as he expertly jumped down to the ground off of the deck surrounding his entire Secret Base. "Now we just need to find out which way Dennis went." As he said this, he shifted Ariana into one arm, took a Poké Ball off his belt and tossed it. "Hermione, I choose you!" Keith said as a Weedle emerged from the ball.

"Weeeedle," yawned Hermione, before looking up at Keith.

"Hermione, I need you find out which way Dennis went," Keith explained. "The Bulbasaur evolution festival is happening tonight, and I want to be there to see him evolve."

"Weedle Weedle Weedle?" Hermione asked with great interest. Judging by the way her beady eyes lit up at the words "Bulbasaur evolution festival", Keith guessed that her scientific curiosity was piqued by this subject. Right away, the Weedle sniffed at the air in all directions with her large red nose, and stopped when she was facing to the right of Keith. "Weedle Weedle!" she declared.

"OK, let's go!" Keith stated. He returned Hermione to her ball, then ran off in the direction she indicated. The unusual abundance of flowers told Keith that he was headed the right way as he wove between previously dead trees that were now inexplicably in bloom.

For what seemed like ages, Keith ran, weaving between trees, following a trail of fresh flowers and air filled with sparkling pollen. He left the Hidden Mansion's grounds long ago, and was now deep in some dense forest near the property. Ariana had managed to pluck one of the flowers off one of the trees, and was going to give it to Keith, but it withered in her grip, and then was restored by a mysterious force. Now she was watching curiously as it continued to wither and restore itself.

Finally, as the trees started to be grouped so closely together that there was no hope of straying off the main path, Keith could vaguely see a large clearing up ahead. However, at that same time, a bunch of brown vines and tree roots, moving of their own accord, wove together to create a barricade between two trees, completely barring Keith's path.

"OK, this must be those defenses Chuck mentioned," Keith stated, a Poké Ball already in his hand. "Well, we'll just have to cut those vines down to size."

"Trub, Trubbish," nodded Ariana as Keith threw the ball.

"Norbert, I choose you!" said Keith as his Haxorus materialized in a flash of light. "Use Slash on that wall of vines!"

"Haxor!" exclaimed Norbert, the Haxorus charging forward. He took a vicious swipe at the vines with his axe blade-like tusks, but they barely made a scratch.

Undeterred, Keith held out the ball. "Return, Norbert!" he said. Once Norbert was back in his ball, Keith reattached the ball to the belt, and then took another one and threw it. "Go, Heatstroke!" he said as his Slugma appeared before him. "Burn those vines with Overheat!"

"SlugMAAAAA!" replied Heatstroke as he unleashed a powerful stream of intense flames from his mouth. However, even one of the most powerful Fire-type moves didn't even singe the vines."

"Damn it," Keith said as he returned the Slugma to his Poké Ball. "Those vines are something else. Can't cut them, can't burn them... Wait a sec, what if I just climbed them?" he wondered. However, seemingly in response to this, several other vines snaked out in front of the wall, their ends pointed threateningly at Keith.

"T-T-Trubbish..." Ariana whimpered.

"OK, not climbing the wall," sighed Keith. "There's got to be some way... Oh, wait," he said lamely. "I didn't even think of this... Hebenon, I choose you!" he said, throwing yet another Poké Ball, revealing his male Qwilfish.

"Qwil?" Hebenon asked, looking up at Keith. In response, Keith attached the ball back to his belt, then picked Hebenon up in one hand.

"Hebenon, use Teleport," said Keith. "Take us to the other side of this wall of vines."

"Fish Qwilfish," nodded Hebenon. He closed his eyes and focused, and in the blink of an eye, Keith suddenly found himself on the other side of the wall. Grinning at his success, he placed Hebenon on the ground, withdrew him, placed the ball back on his belt, and then took off running again. Nothing more obscured him- possibly nobody thought the garden needed further protection beyond those vines? It was sound reasoning, Keith had to admit- vines that couldn't be cut or burned, and could attack of their own volition? Sounded like a pretty damn good home security system to him!

Just as that thought occurred to Keith, he came to the end of the trail, which overlooked a huge, beautiful clearing, full of beautiful flowers. It was also full of Bulbasaur, all of them talking excitedly with one another.

"Whoa," Keith murmured in awe. At that moment, one of his Poké Balls opened up, unleashing his Ivysaur, who also looked awed by the massive gathering of Bulbasaur. Keith looked around, wondering if he could see where Dennis was. Before long, however, one of the Bulbasaur saw Keith, Ariana, and Pomona, and he smiled and waved with one of his vines. Keith supposed this Bulbasaur was Dennis.

Before long, however, a series of earth-shaking crashes could be heard. At this, all the Bulbasaur turned to face a large, hollowed-out tree in the center of the clearing. The crashing noises seemed to be coming from that general direction. And then, as a massive figure became visible through a huge hole in the trunk, Keith came to realize that these crashes were footsteps, the footsteps of this large creature. And then, the creature emerged from the hollowed out trunk- it was large, with light blue skin, and a tremendous flower growing on its back.

"A Venusaur!" Keith breathed. "He must be leading the festival!"

"SAAAAAAAAUR!" roared the Venusaur. This caused all the gathered Bulbasaur to respond in kind, as the sparkling pollen flew all over the mysterious garden. As the pollen touched down, each Bulbasaur's bulb started to emit the same pale, pulsing blue light Dennis's bulb had given off earlier.

"Ooh, I think it's starting!" Keith whispered excitedly.

"Trub Trubbish trub!" added Ariana.

"Ivysaur!" said Pomona.

Keith looked around excitedly- now every Bulbasaur's bulb was pulsing with blue light, Dennis included. And then, the Bulbasaur closest to the Venusaur all started to glow with the same blue light, only all over their bodies- the glow that signaled evolution! Keith watched as a dozen Bulbasaur all evolved into Ivysaur at the same time. Then, more Bulbasaur started glowing, and they proceeded to evolve as well. Keith kept his eyes on Dennis, who was looking extremely excited by all this. Finally, a group of Bulbasaur that included Dennis all started to evolve simultaneously. It was a tad harder to keep an eye on Dennis now, given that the glow of evolution was not the easiest thing to look directly at, but Keith managed well enough, and once the glow faded, there stood in Dennis's place a happy and healthy-looking .

"Yes!" Keith exclaimed, his exclamation echoing all around the mysterious garden. He clapped his hands to his mouth almost immediately, but the damage had already been done- all the freshly evolved Ivysaur turned to look at Keith, along with the Venusaur, and of them, only Dennis looked happy.

"Ivy Ivysaur!" Dennis exclaimed happily as he dashed up to Keith and hugged him with his vines.

"Heh, wow, Dennis, you really evolved!" Keith grinned. "Congratulations!"

"Saur Ivysaur!" Pomona added, wasting no time in hugging her little brother.

"Trub Trubbish!" smiled Ariana.

However, the Venusaur looked decidedly less pleased. "SAAAAAAAUR!" it roared angrily. With thunderous footsteps, it moved forward, headed right for Keith.

"...I'm guessing I probably should've kept quiet, huh?" Keith muttered.

"Saur," nodded Pomona and Dennis simultaneously. Then, both Ivysaur stepped forward, barring Venusaur's path. "Saur Ivysaur!" they cried out in unison defiantly.

Venusaur stopped in its tracks and looked down at the pair of Ivysaur. "Saur. Saaaaur!" Venusaur growled.

However, at that moment, Keith stepped forward himself, climbing down to the clearing. "Venusaur, hold it," Keith said. "Look, I get that you don't want humans intruding in your festival, and I'm sorry. But this Ivysaur here, he's my friend, and all I wanted to do was to watch him evolve. I had no intention of interrupting your festival, I just wanted to watch."

"Saur, saur, Ivysaur," nodded Dennis, as though to confirm Keith's words as truth.

Venusaur did not answer right away. It seemed to be considering Keith and Dennis's words, but the look in its eyes as it regarded Keith were still rather distrustful. However, before anything else could be done, there came the sound of a voice that made Keith want to throw something.

"Well, well, well," said the voice. "So the rumors of a Bulbasaur evolution festival were true."

Keith wheeled around. "McPhione, what the hell are you doing here?" he demanded. Sure enough, flying in on the back of an all-too-familiar Flygon was none other than Ralph McPhione, a particularly rude rival of Keith's.

Ralph raised an eyebrow. "Masters? Heh, should've guessed I'd find you where the Poison-types were. Anyway, I came because of the rumors of a Bulbasaur evolution festival. I hear it's led by an incredibly powerful Venusaur with the ability to manipulate nature."

"So?" said Keith.

"So, I'm here to catch it!" Ralph said as he jumped down off his Flygon's back, as though stating the obvious. Then, he saw Ariana in Keith's arms. "Pffft, I see you're still wallowing around with your filthy Poison-types," he added with a derisive snort. "That ugly little Trubbish-"

"And I'm gonna stop you right there," Keith interrupted, a fire burning in his eyes. "Don't you dare call Ariana ugly, you hear me? The next time you say anything bad about my Trubbish, or any of my Pokémon, for that matter, it will be the last mistake you ever make."

"Oh, step aside," Ralph replied, rolling his eyesl. "I didn't come here to argue with you, I came for that Venusaur! Flygon, go!" he exclaimed.

At this, Keith threw a Poké Ball. "Norbert!" he exclaimed. In a flash of light, his Haxorus reappeared, eyes narrowed at the sight of the Flygon. Ralph gritted his teeth at the sight of Norbert, but Keith was quick to notice that he was not giving any commands. "Heh," he chuckled. "You're scared of going up against Norbert again, aren't you?"

"Of course not!" snapped Ralph. "I just don't want to waste Flygon's energy against Norbert when it should be using it against that Venusaur!"

"Yeah, not happening," said Keith. "This Venusaur runs the Bulbasaur evolution festival. Without it, the festival clearly can't happen."

"Oh, so what?!" said Ralph. "Bulbasaur have evolved without the festival just fine!"

"OK, I'm not gonna repeat myself," said Keith. "Leave or I force you to leave. It's people like you Venusaur tries to keep out of this festival in the first place."

"Haxor!" nodded Norbert, the Haxorus's blades gleaming in the moonlight.

Ralph folded his arms defiantly. "No," he said. "I don't let smelly Poison-type Trainers order me around."

"OK, you asked for it," said Keith, but at that moment, he turned to look at... Dennis! "Dennis, use Bind!" he ordered.

"Ivy!" exclaimed Dennis as a pair of vines shot out from under his flower. One vine rapidly coiled around Flygon, and the other wrapped around Ralph. Before long, both of them were muffling in protest.

"Nice," grinned Keith. "Now chuck them on out of here with Strength!"

"Ivy... saur!" replied the recently evolved Ivysaur. With a great effort, he threw both Ralph and his Flygon right out of the garden.

"OK!" grinned Keith as he turned back to face Venusaur. "Believe me, that guy was bad news."

However, Venusaur was no longer looking distrustful, and was even offering a vine to Keith for a handshake. "Venusaur," he said in a much more friendly tone. Grinning, Keith shook the offered vine. Clearly, Keith's willingness to defend Venusaur from Ralph had earned the Seed Pokémon's trust.

Not long afterwards, the wall of brown vines unraveled itself, and Keith walked out, with both of his Ivysaur behind him, Norbert back in his ball, and Ariana still in her Trainer's arms. Already the excessive flowers marking the mysterious garden were shrinking away, the garden itself disappearing until some time next year. Watching the Bulbasaur evolution festival was truly a wonderful sight to see, and best of all, Keith was able to watch Dennis evolve into an Ivysaur. But right now, as they headed back to the house, all Keith could think of was his nice, comfy bed, and the very welcome possibility of sleeping really, really late that day.

What?  Bulbasaur is evolving!




Congratulations!  Your Bulbasaur evolved into Ivysaur!

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