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Pokémon Merchandise

A thread for all of your miscellaneous Pokémon merchandise discussion needs.

Starting us off, what I wanted to share, could find no suitable thread for, and felt would be way too niche for a thread of its own: from May 24 thru June 29, the Nendoroid company will be taking reservations for what looks to be a limited-time offer: Red, the protagonist from the first Pokémon games, in Nendoroid form. For just 4,500 yen (44.20 USD) plus tax, this chibi figurine advertised as part of "the series of deformed figurines for adults" can be yours! While not all pictured, it sounds like the Nendoroid comes with either your choice of -- or else possibly all of -- the three Kanto starters, a PokéDex, a PokéBall, a Master Ball, and a backpack.
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