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Originally Posted by Itzatrap View Post
Trading my level 1 female Trubbish to Missingno. Master for one candy.

**Trade Started**

Have fun with her!
It was a seemingly ordinary day, all was quiet and normal in the Cable Club. And, as was often the case, this was about to change. Abruptly.

The Trainers closest to the double doors jumped in shock as aforementioned doors started to shake and rattle violently. On the other side of the doors, an excited voice was exclaiming, "C'mon, c'mon! Arceus damn it, of all the days for the doors to stick-"

"Keith. KEITH!" exclaimed another voice. "Yer supposed ta push da doors open!"

The shaking stopped. "...I know that," came the first voice. "I know how to open the doors. And don't think I don't." Right after that, the doors swung open with almost insulting ease, pushed open by Keith Masters, who looked not nearly as embarrassed by his little mistake as one would think he ought to. On his shoulder sat a Meowth, who was currently facepalming (facepawing?) at aforementioned mistake.

No, it was impossible to get Keith down today, and even now, a smile was creeping back up his face as he attempted to restrain himself from running over to one of the trade machines. He only barely succeeded at this, settling somewhere between a slow jog and a fast walk. Finally, he reached the trade machine he sought. A Trainer named Rob was at the other end, and more importantly, he had put a Poké Ball on his end of the trade machine. As Keith approached his end of the trade machine, he placed a single Rare Candy on the tray on his end. The switch was thrown, and with much crackling of electricity, the two objects swapped positions- now Rob had the Rare Candy, and Keith had the Poké Ball. And it was with an unbelievably wide smile on his face that Keith took the Poké Ball in his hand and looked at it as though it was a solid gold Master Ball containing a lifetime supply of bacon.

Meowth sighed. "Alright," he said. "Send it out. I tink we both know ya wanna."

"I think you're right, Meowth," nodded Keith. "Ooh, I was starting to think I'd never get to say this, but Trubbish, I choose you!!!" he exclaimed, throwing the ball up into the air. In a flash of light, what appeared to be a dark green garbage bag formed on the floor before him. On either side of the bag was a hole, and through each hole there protruded a shapeless arm made of dust, dirt, and garbage. It had adorable wide eyes, and a small mouth with small, sharp teeth. Ecstatic at his newest Pokémon, Keith held out his Pokédex.

"Trubbish, the Trash Bag Pokémon," said the Pokédex and Keith simultaneously. "Trubbish belches poisonous gas that will make anyone who inhales it sleep for a week. It likes to follow people who litter, wanting more garbage to eat."

The Trubbish looked up at Keith with those wide eyes. Tentatively, she took a few small steps forward, and slowly held out her arms, as though expecting a hug. "T-T-Trubbish?" she murmured. Smiling, Keith did not hesitate to crouch down and hug the Trubbish. This surprised and pleased Trubbish, who hugged him back eagerly.

"Well, hello, Trubbish," smiled Keith, once the two had stopped hugging. "I'm Keith, and I'm your new Trainer."

"Trub Trubbish!" smiled Trubbish.

"Trubbish says she's likin' youse already," Meowth translated.

"Heh, I'm glad to hear that," grinned Keith. "The feeling's mutual, Trubbish. I've wanted a Pokémon like you for the longest time, you know."

Trubbish tilted her head. "Trub?" she said, pointing at herself.

Keith nodded. "In fact," he added, pulling a brown disc out of his backpack, "I've been saving this for just this occasion. Gonna get you started on this team by teaching you a new attack, y'know? This TM'll teach you Drain Punch, OK?" Trubbish nodded, and Keith placed the disc on her forehead. Both the Poison-type and the disc glowed brightly for a moment, and when the glowing faded, the disc was gone- Trubbish had learned Drain Punch!

"Trub Trubbish trub!" smiled Trubbish, before hugging Keith again.

"Whoa," Keith chuckled, before hugging her back. "I take it you like to hug?"

"Trub bish," nodded Trubbish.

"Then man, oh, man, did you ever come to the right team," grinned Keith. "I think you and Hannah in particular will get along real well. You got a lot of new teammates to meet, Trubbish. But first things first- we need a nickname for you. And I think I got a good one- how does Ariana sound?"

Trubbish did not answer right away, apparently giving it some thought. Then, she smiled. "Trubbish Trubbish!" she nodded.

"She likes it," translated Meowth.

"You think?" grinned Keith. "Welcome to the team, Ariana." However, instead of returning her to her Poké Ball, Keith instead opted to carry Ariana in his arms as he exited the Cable Club.

OOC: Trading 1 Rare Candy to Itzatrap in exchange for his level 1 female Trubbish. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!! She's in good hands, I promise! Also, using this TM Drain Punch on her.

*Ariana learned Drain Punch!*

*Trade Closed*
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