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Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
Poison Types: 2 levels, 1 Egg or MT move, 1 TM, 1 +10 Birthday Poffin, 1 Pink Gummi
Alright, first birthday of the month for my team, and today we celebrate one of my oldest and strongest Pokémon. Probably the one I've had the longest that's not my starter, in fact. Happy birthday to James, my level 100 Vileplume!

*Whoops! James is already level 100, so no more levels for him.*

*James learned the TM move Toxic!*

*James learned the MT move Nature Power!*

*James devoured the Birthday Poffin in one bite!*

*James's Cool, Tough, Cute, Smart, and Beauty stats each rose from 10 to 20!*

*James devoured the Pink Gummi in one bite!*

*James's IQ rose from 1 to 2!*

That's it for today, but I'll be back again tomorrow- two birthdays in a row for my team!

Arc Edit: Vileplume's Birthday Presents Confirmed

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