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Episode 3

Spoiler: show
Man, I loved this episode. It was pretty nice as we get to see the Mekaku City Dan's abilities. This episode had a lot of great moments that I liked.

It was really nice to see Momo enter the Mecha-Mecha Dan. I liked the place's design and that bed seemed really random. Do all of them sleep on floors or something? Or the cool-way of leaning against the wall? Meh, not really that important, but the place is a source of curiosity. I hope it gets explored a lot more.

The interactions in the Hideout place was pretty funny. You have Kido tearing limbs off Kano and Marry just freaking out, and Seto comforting her. The best part was that we got to see Marry's ability of freezing people. The Marry-Teapot scene where she was bringing tea was pretty hilarious. It was pretty nice.

So to the department store scene - and that's when things started to connect. Ep 2 seemed like an awkward sudden jump to another timeline or something, but it turns out the events of Ep 2 happened actually BEFORE Ep 1. This sort of explains why Kano and Seto were in the shopping mall. The part where Shintaro bumps into Kido - he seems super apologetic while Momo is just like "O-ONICHAN?!". Man, it sure was a surprise, becaue I thought Momo would be Shintaro's older sister. Then I realised that this is the first time when Shintaro was revealed to be Momo's brother. Early spoilers are bad.

Man, Seto and Marry. There's just way too much hints between the two. Seriously it's so cute - can't stand the cuteness. The last part was pretty confusing though, I might have to rewatch it to really understand it.


Overall I liked this episode because it linked stuff up. I'm just hoping Ep 4 won't go 'LET'S DO AN EP2 AND CONFUSE EVERYONE BY STARTING IN A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PLACE!', but I think that's the route they might go down next episode. Hibiya and Konoha (?) and a girl whose voice I don't know of (maybe the girl in the ending?) is appearing next week. That's pretty great. At least Hibiya had some form of interaction with Mecha Mecha Dan through Momo. Only time will tell!

*begin to chew thumb anxiously*

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