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Attaching my Abomasite to Yeti the level 1 male Snover.

Hidden Powers!

Nectar the level 1 male Butterfree - Rock
Amélie the level 1 Nidoran-F - Ground
Intel the level 1 male Chatot - Ground
Barbara the level 1 female Zubat - Ground
Desperado the level 2 male Bouffalant - Flying
Yeti the level 1 male Snover - Rock
Maiden the level 1 female Snorunt - Water
Gem the level 1 Staryu - Ground
Cuteness the level 1 female Skitty - Flying
Bishop the level 1 male Hoothoot - Ground
Etta the level 1 female Litwick - Fighting
Irishman the level 1 male Hitmonchan - Fighting
Point the level 1 male Skorupi - Rock
Theatric the level 1 male Mime Jr. - Fairy
Chanteuse the level 1 female Smoochum - Ground

Dave: Approved
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Why are you always a pretty princess?
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Because I look damn good in a dress.
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