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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
The first new character, Kisaragi Momo, I do not find interesting for her herself.
But what about her momoobs? *shot*

Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
Spoiler: show
Kisaragi Momo, a teen idol who lost her father at an early age (but whether to divorce or to death, we yet not know) and whose mother is also now out of the picture (but, again, whether to hospitalization or to death we're not really sure). Momo agrees to become an idol more out of necessity (to cover her living expenses and/or to pay for her mother's hospital bills) than anything else. The episode reveals that even though being an idol is paying the bills, Momo would give anything to be a normal girl. She can't stand the constant attention from fans.
Since I kinda doubt SHAFT will delve more into detail regarding this, I'll go ahead and clarify:

Spoiler: show
Momo's father died trying to save her from drowning. Her mother is still alive - at least in the novels and manga. The hospitalization was exclusive to the animé though, as well as the art aspect (which does add an intriguing new layer to her ability - is she really actually good at drawing or does her power apply to everything she does?). In the manga it was just mentioned she wanted to help out with the family finances.

Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
Spoiler: show
I'm not gonna lie: despite the crapton of photos punctuating this post, Episode 02 was hardly one of my favorite anime-watching experiences in recent memory. ^^; I didn't much care for Momo as a person and the episode was almost entirely focused around a slow exploration of her backstory, filled with Shaft's downright obnoxious visuals. ("LOOK AT US! WE'RE POST-MODERN ARTISTES! ") But the episode picked up in the final minutes of the episode as a) we got to see Momo despairing about her powers and b) we got to see Kido again. Someone (presumably the boy from earlier in the episode, but if not him then I guess one of the other Kagerous) contacts Kido and informs her about Momo. Kido makes preparations to contact Momo and invite her to join the group, and the sneak peek for next week's episode suggests that Momo eagerly joins. Thus, it looks like the plot will finally start to pick up. Maybe. Possibly.
I'm not a big fan of all the padding myself (including the first half of episode 01). The manga was already slow enough in introducing the characters. But hopefully having stretched things out they'll be able to focus on the action next episode.

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