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Episode 02:

Spoiler: show
The first new character, Kisaragi Momo, I do not find interesting for her herself. Her personality, her backstory, etc. What I do find interesting about Kisaragi Momo, and indeed what is one of very few saving graces for Episode 02, is what we're told about her powers. While Momo the character I might not much care for, Momo the world-building tool I find to be mildly fascinating.

The second new character, the teacher, it remains to be seen to what extent he'll play a role in this story. He shows up in the OP credits, suggesting he's not a throwaway character; but then again, most of these kids don't strike me as high school students (even though they're of the right age) and the odds of them all going to the same high school as Momo defy belief.

The third new character, the young boy as yet unnamed, it really remains to be seen whether he rocks, sucks, or somewhere in between. So far, so fine.

Shaft seems to be fond of planting clues in the form of very briefly shown cels. For example, this picture of Momo (which later showed up in the episode) and this garden (which may or may not have shown up, I don't remember) were shown at the end and the beginning of the episode, respectively, for less than half a second. Why Shaft is doing this, I don't know, especially since the material shown later shows up in the episode in some (if not all) cases. But it's clearly deliberate and thus something worth noting, I suppose, as far as trying to crack this case goes.

Aside: noticed the brand name of the soda this week. Oshiro Cola. Not really sure what to make of it; the first thing that comes to mind is "White Cola", but why it'd be called White Cola and what the significance (if any) of that could be, I've no idea.

Kisaragi Momo, a teen idol who lost her father at an early age (but whether to divorce or to death, we yet not know) and whose mother is also now out of the picture (but, again, whether to hospitalization or to death we're not really sure). Momo agrees to become an idol more out of necessity (to cover her living expenses and/or to pay for her mother's hospital bills) than anything else. The episode reveals that even though being an idol is paying the bills, Momo would give anything to be a normal girl. She can't stand the constant attention from fans.

And this segues into discussion about Momo's powers. We saw in the previous episode that the one boy, Kano, appears to possess the power of telekinesis. The girl with the olive green hair, Kido, was also shown to disappear very rapidly. And now this episode shows that Momo possesses an animal magnetism so strong that people can't help but to like her. (Although the flashback with the art club member who got very nasty with Momo begs the question of just how strong Momo's magnetism really is, who all it works on, etc.) A talent agent finds himself certain that Momo would make a great idol, unable to take his eyes off of her. Momo's current manager agrees that Momo has an inexplicable charm to her. Even her science teacher can't help but to like the girl, remarking that "it's the students you like the most who often perform the worst"; while he is genuinely disappointed in her grades, his manner of rebuking her is coy, playful.

Do the other children possess Momo's animal magnetism? Does she possess their ability to teleport and to move objects with her mind? Questions without answers for the time being. We'll just have to wait and see.

I'm not gonna lie: despite the crapton of photos punctuating this post, Episode 02 was hardly one of my favorite anime-watching experiences in recent memory. ^^; I didn't much care for Momo as a person and the episode was almost entirely focused around a slow exploration of her backstory, filled with Shaft's downright obnoxious visuals. ("LOOK AT US! WE'RE POST-MODERN ARTISTES! ") But the episode picked up in the final minutes of the episode as a) we got to see Momo despairing about her powers and b) we got to see Kido again. Someone (presumably the boy from earlier in the episode, but if not him then I guess one of the other Kagerous) contacts Kido and informs her about Momo. Kido makes preparations to contact Momo and invite her to join the group, and the sneak peek for next week's episode suggests that Momo eagerly joins. Thus, it looks like the plot will finally start to pick up. Maybe. Possibly.

The thing is, we've still not met everybody. Shintarou, Ene, Kano, Seto, Kido, Momo, and Hibiya we've met. Marry and ??? (the #9 dude), we've yet to meet. So while Episode 03 could be the "Welcome to the Mekakucity Club! " episode, it could also be the Marry's backstory episode () or the #9's backstory episode ( ... could be entertaining? ^^; ). But yes, with any luck, the plot will either get going next week or else at the latest Episode 04.

We get to see the ending credits for the first time this week. They're okay. I like the ending for giving us some more clues about what's going on. It seems likely to me that the girl on the train car is the girl from the very beginning of the show. If that's the case, then given that she's joined by the nine Kagerous while she's sleeping it's possible that the ending is hinting at the fact that the Kagerous are all a figment of this girl's imagination / subconscious and that they only exist when she dreams. Maybe. Possibly. [/wild theory 1] Of course, they could all also be vampires as I keep joking to Yuki. After all: the pale skin, the red eyes, the magic powers, the fact that the red eyes seem to correlate with darkness/shade ... who knows! [/wild theory 2]
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