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Fear my master Momoob technique.

Episode 02:

As far as fillerservice goes, I thought it was fun/fine. I'm surprised they skimped on the explanations (and sadly still the animation - I honestly think they made the OP worse), but it was entertaining enough for the most part, with some extra tidbits for the fans. Dat insert song. Dat ED.

Yeah, I don't really got much to say. The ending was abrupt and I thought we'd get further in the plot than this - I can't even link the song the episode is based on since we haven't quite covered all of it. The creator really loves Momo so I think he was trying to heighten her appeal by giving her more screentime/expanding her story.

(contains slight spoiler for next ep?)
Spoiler: show
It was sad to see more of her past though. I didn't think Momo had any interest/talent in art, but knowing what I do about her actual ability, I wonder how much of it is really innate.

Also pedobear producer what.

I plan to watch it again later since I missed some stuff due to the stream/call. Definitely want to hear that Kisaragi Attention again at least, I hope they release a full version.

Oh yeah, and Momo's voice surprisingly didn't annoy me at all. Guess she just sounded weird in her CM.

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