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Episode 2:

First sighting of Momoobs!

So me, Blaze, Lost, Yuki and Connor were watching a livestream while reaction video chatting. It was fun. Will do again except loltime.

Spoiler: show
Anyways, what caught my interest was this episode had no Shintaro. I found it pretty interesting how he didn't 'appear' in this episode. Rather, it was Momoobs (a.k.a Momo) taking the episode with Hibiya's debut. A rather fillery episode, thought it was pretty funny and cute at times. And this episode converted me into official Hibiya x Momo.

The ending was pretty anti-climatic though. I literally went 'lol what' (and so did the others in the chat) when the episode abruptly ended. Meh, it was okay I guess. Didn't really do much in this episode.

Also lol @ Yuki/Lost screaming SPOILERS after watching the new OP/ED. =p
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