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Doing hidden powers en masse.

Affection, Level 2 Female Misdreavus
Hidden Power Fairy
Arzen, level 1 Male Elekid
Hidden Power Ice
Blackquill Level 1 Male Honedge
Hidden Power Water
Domovoi, Level 1 Male Makuhita
Hidden Power Bug
Flena, Level 1 Female Corphish
Hidden Power Ground
Henry, level 1 Male Snivy
Hidden Power Electric
Jason, Level 1 Male Zubat
Hidden Power Dark
Lagmonster, Level 1 nongendered Porygon
Hidden Power Psychic
Moegami, Level 1 Male Torchic
Hidden Power Grass
Rewen, Level 1 Male Eevee
Hidden Power Ice
Tidan, Level 1 Piplup Male
Hidden Power Flying

And getting this done now so that I don't have to two months or more later when I forget: Attaching Medichamite to Sophie, Level 1 Meditite Female.

Dave: Approved
Confidence (Some Assembly Required): Because NQNH's save file is now RIP
Spoiler: show

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Quoth the Honchkrow (nevermore!).
Originally Posted by Things One Is Not Allowed To Do In Exalted
244) While not FORBIDDEN, my Midnight is to keep in mind that using an army of animated skeletons in order to fill the town square with a rendition of "Spooky Scary Skeletons" is going to be considered odd at best.
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