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Doing hidden powers en masse.

Affection, Level 2 Female Misdreavus
Hidden Power Fairy
Arzen, level 1 Male Elekid
Hidden Power Ice
Blackquill Level 1 Male Honedge
Hidden Power Water
Domovoi, Level 1 Male Makuhita
Hidden Power Bug
Flena, Level 1 Female Corphish
Hidden Power Ground
Henry, level 1 Male Snivy
Hidden Power Electric
Jason, Level 1 Male Zubat
Hidden Power Dark
Lagmonster, Level 1 nongendered Porygon
Hidden Power Psychic
Moegami, Level 1 Male Torchic
Hidden Power Grass
Rewen, Level 1 Male Eevee
Hidden Power Ice
Tidan, Level 1 Piplup Male
Hidden Power Flying

And getting this done now so that I don't have to two months or more later when I forget: Attaching Medichamite to Sophie, Level 1 Meditite Female.

Dave: Approved
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