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Fairy Power!

Trainer Level 5
(19 KOs, 30 SP, one gym match refereed, and one Gym Badge to TL6)
D- Grade Referee
Wins: 36 | Losses: 32 | Draws: 6

'Mon: 39 (should be 40)

Knockouts: 125 | Trainer Points: 347.5 | Service Points: 9.5 (lended Alto 11, Crys 1.5)

Spoiler: show
Cameruptite : Held by Mustang the male Camerupt.
Audinite: Held by Glee the female Audino.
Lopunnite : Held by Chalis the female Lopunny
Mawilite: Held by Jenna the female Mawile.
Candymaker's Token: Held by Sheba the uplevel female Gardevoir
Bugcatcher's: Held by Mist the female Venomoth
Jeweler's Token
Spoiler: show

Piers-male Greninja LV 4 HP Fire

Male Jigglypuff
Hidden Power: Ground

Male Swirlix
HIdden Power: Ground

Female Dedenne
Hidden Power: Ground
Dedenne loves to nuzzle other Pokemon, it’s how she shows she likes someone! Unfortunately, she also seems to.. hurt the recipient.
Special Training: Super Nuzzle
Dedenne’s Nuzzle attack also inflicts severe burns to the opponent when used. Dedenne loses Super Fang and Wild Charge. Dedenne no longer resists Dark.

Kiyoshi the male Cranidos, Hidden Power Grass

Aeria the uplevel female Clefairy, Hidden Power Ground

Signature Move: Mythical Meteor (FA)
Using major Fairy energy, Aeria summons a large, flaming meteor of Fairy energy from above her head, throwing it towards the foe, dealing high Fairy damage, with a 30% chance of burn. She loses Swagger and Hyper Beam, and no longer resists Bug, instead taking neutral damage from it
Ivan the uplevel male Mime Jr, Hidden Power Ground

Signature Move: Mystic Crash (FA)
With a running start if possible, Ivan leaps about 4 feet into the air, gathering a heavy amount of crackling Fairy energy around himself. He crashes upon the foe for heavy Fairy damage, with a 30% chance to electrically paralyze. This move is not affected by size differences except in Realistic.

Mia the female Marill, hidden power flying

Felix the male Snubbull, hidden power psychic
Special Training: Close-Range Canine (FT)
Felix is now a Fairy/Fighting type, and has all the weaknesses, resistances and immunities, and Type Characteristic of the type, with the exception of Rock, which is now a neutrality. He gains the moves Drain Punch and High Jump Kick, and has unlimited type energy to use Fighting-type techniques. He loses access to Ice-type energy. He loses the fang boosting part of his SC, having neglected using them to attack, and is now easily angered, his encounter with Heatran causing this. His Fairy-type moves take 10% more energy to be used, the moves too “girly” for him to use, as he says. He loses the moves Rest and Sleep Talk, as a true warrior does not relax. He no longer resists Bug, instead taking neutral damage.

Steelrazor- female Empoleon LV 4 HP ground

Crystal- LV 4 male Sylveon HP Ground

Arcanus- LV 4 male Golurk HP Fairy

Sheba- LV 5 female Gardevoir HP Ground

Signature Move: Darkness Bless (DK)
Using significant Dark energy and minor typeless energy, Sheba crafts a dark-energy wall of force, blowing any loose objects such as stones backwards, and hitting the foe for significant Dark damage. This is essentially a Dark-typed Psychic (though Pursuit will not negate it) except for the fact that it does Dark-typed damage, and has a 30% chance of poisoning. Sheba has the offtype to use this move twice from her current Dark-Energy pool.
Dia- LV 4 Carbink, HP Fire
Most Carbink are born from a diamond formation, but this Carbink has always been different. Born from a sandy mineral, Carbink was special. As he grew, he was thought to be the same as others, however. One day, though, a group of Aggron invaded their colony, and most of the older Carbink used their flashy rock powers, and somehow, the Aggron weren’t hurt much. More and more Carbink were felled, and Dia got scared. The Aggron closed in on him, and he was about to be struck, when, suddenly, a large earthquake shook an area around him, the Aggron falling with roars of pain. Dia finally knew what his birth meant!
Special Training: One With The Sand (GD)
Dia is a now a Ground/Fairy type, and has all the weaknesses, resistances and immunities, and Type Characteristic of the type, with the exception of Electric, which is now a neutrality. He gains the moves Bulldoze, Mud Shot, and Earthquake, and has unlimited type energy to use Ground-type techniques. He is now only familiar with Rock-type moves. Loses Rest and Skill Swap. Dia is now more easily angered, and uses 10% more energy in using Fairy-type attacks.

Bliss- LV 4 female Togekiss HP Dark
Bliss, being a proficient user of the move Tri Attack, took it further, becoming very skilled with the move.
Special Training: Tri-Power
Bliss’ Tri Attack has a 10% higher chance of inflicting status, and said status is slightly more potent. Loses Baton Pass and Drain Punch.

Flora- LV 4 female Florges HP Ground

Yuno: LV 4 female Honchkrow HP ground

Glee: LV 4 female Audino, HP Flying, Audinite attached

Cath: LV 4 Magnezone HP Water

Lily: LV 4 female Milotic HP Fire

Karis the female Aromatisse, Hidden Power Ground

Karst the female Jynx, Hidden Power Ground

Chaos the male Druddigon, Hidden Power Ice

Blados the male Armaldo, Hidden Power Grass

Chalis the female Lopunny, Hidden Power Flying

Mustang the male Camerupt, Hidden Power Ice

Jinn the female Medicham, Hidden Power Dark

Aurumbren the male Sableye, Hidden Power Flying

Menardi the female Ninetales, Hidden Power Rock

Grit the male Cradily, Hidden Power Fairy

Venoxus the female Arbok, Hidden Power Ghost

Sway the male Durant, Hidden Power Ground

Sol the male Heliolisk, Hidden Power Ice

Mist the female Venomoth, Hidden Power Rock

Hadron the male Ampharos , Hidden Power Ice

Luna the Claydol, Hidden Power Fire

Tyrell the male Hawlucha, Hidden Power Ground

Jenna: LV 4 female Mawile HP Water holding Mawilite.

Jenna is pretty... weird. She plays with dirt a lot. No clue why, but she just does, causing a lot of problems when she enters houses and such. She also has the tendency of throwing dirt at others, despite my numerous corrections. What would a Mawile need dirt for, anyway?
Special Training: Dirt Toss (GD)
Using heavy Ground energy, Jenna throws a ball of sandy dirt directly above the foe, showering them in a lot of sand to deal Significant Ground damage, with a 30% chance to cause a burn on the face of the foe, due to the intense abrasions caused by sand pouring at high speeds. Jenna has the offtype to use this move twice. Jenna loses Mega Punch.

Natura: LV 4 female Whimsicott HP Ground

Rief: Level 4 male Swampert HP Fire

Interceptor: Level 4 male Skuntank HP Ice
Interceptor would chase down his prey and try to chomp down on them, but very often they would escape his grasp before he could fully devour them. Due to this, he developed a way to stun them after sneaking up on them from behind, devouring them afterwards.
Signature Move: Dark Storm (DK)
Interceptor, using heavy Dark energy, charges up a large orb of darkness, firing it at the foe to deal significant Dark damage, causing severe paralysis, lighter paralysis even occurring with a glancing blow. However, the technique is rather slow. This move will paralyze Ground types as well as paralyzing other types. This move is essentially a Dark-typed Zap Cannon.
Spoiler: show

Sveta: Level 6 'female' Metagross, HP Dark

Battle Record

Spoiler: show

Vs. King Infernape the III/ 6 KO, 12 TP
Vs. Mew the Gato I/ 2 KO, 4 TP

Vs. Mew the Gato II / 2 KO, 4 TP

Vs. Mew the Gato III/ 6 KO, 12 TP

Vs. KamenAeons/ 4 KO, 8 TP

Vs. Astral Shadow/ 2 KO, 4 TP

Vs. DarkLucarioADV/ 3 KO, 6 TP

Vs. YoungGoose/ 4 KO, 8 TP

Vs. Miror/ 3 KO, 6 TP

Vs. hen da man/ 4 KO, 8 TP

Vs. dirkac II/ 3 KO, 6 TP
Vs. Dirkac II
Vs. deh74/ 1 KO, 2 TP

Vs. Shuckle/ 2 KO, 4 TP

Vs. HeroicRein/ 1 KO, 2 TP

Vs. The Last Jedi/ 3 KO, 6 TP
Vs. Jerichi
Vs. Ger9119/ 4 KO, 8 TP

Vs. Kingothestone II
Vs. GX Prodigy

Vs. Ayutashi

Vs. Mane

Vs. Zelphon III


Vs. Tyoyo3131

Vs. TheCharredDragon


Vs. Aposteriori III **

Vs. Trot Away

Vs. DarkLucarioADV II

Vs. Cele

Vs. Benny

Vs. Ex

Vs. Bleu

Vs. Fairfax

Vs. Bigg

Vs. DaveTheFishGuy/ 2 TP

Vs. Kindrindra I/ 2 TP

Vs. BlazeVA (Gym Match) / 6 TP
Vs. Zelphon II/ 4 TP

Vs. Kingothestone I/ 4 TP

Vs. Zelphon I/ 2 TP

Vs. swampertforever/ 4 TP

Vs. SilentReaper/ 3 TP

Vs. OceanicLanturn/ 2 TP

Vs. rotomotorz I/ 3 TP

Vs. Escalion/ 1 TP

Vs. Kush I/ 2 TP

Vs. Kush II/ 4 TP

Vs. LT. Bleu/ 3 TP

Vs. Darth Takuya/ 3 TP

Vs. Extroph/ 3 TP

Vs. biggggg5/ 2 TP

Vs. Salamencia/ 2 TP

Vs. Schadenfreude/ 4 TP
Vs. Sparkbeat I
Vs. Cloneblazer12/ 2 TP
Vs. Son of Shadows

Vs. Connor/2 TP
Vs. Connor II
Vs. Mew The Gato IV
Vs. Sparkbeat II
Vs. Jerichi
Vs. Charm (Gym)
Vs. Snorby
Vs. Slash

Darth Takuya II
Vs. Kindrindra/ 1 KO, 1.5 TP
Vs. Rotomotorz II
Vs. SilentReaper II
Vs. Dirkac

Vs. Roto

Vs. Kamen

Vs. Mew


Vs. Jeri

GM: 1 KO, 2 TP.

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