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Originally Posted by Lanturn View Post
The beginning part is strange. I have absolutely no manga understanding of it, but hey we get glimpses of the other characters.
The beginning part didn't happen in the manga or novels as far as I know, so I'm almost as lost as you are. (Although I do know some things...)

Originally Posted by Midgeorge View Post

Wow. Its a SHAFT series but I didn't expect this to be SO much like Monogatari. As much as I liked it, I would've liked it to be a bit more original to itself rather than just taking the camera angles, the style of humour, the colour palette, etc from the Monogatari series.

Anyway, I don't really get whats going on at this point but I imagine we'll find out next episode, so I'll stay watching. I would make comments and such but i'm pretty tired.

Also, Shintaro is totally Tomoko's brother from Watamote. :')

Yeah, I also wish the animation was a bit more original/better. At least some extra color/shading would be nice. Darn SHAFT blew their budget on Nisekoi I hear. =3= (Although the designs are growing on me since I've rewatched the OP a few times.)

Things are supposed to be confusing (though I feel like SHAFT made things even more confusing-er), so stay tuned. All will be explained... Hopefully.

Also wow you're right they have the same saggy eyes and everything. XD

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