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Episode One

Spoiler: show
This episode is really confusing, but I like it. I want a room like that ;; And Ene is super cute, though I could see why her master gets driven nuts by her.

The beginning part is strange. I have absolutely no manga understanding of it, but hey we get glimpses of the other characters. I'm looking forward to Mary when she appears. IIRC she shares Manaka's voice actor. And d'aww that voice sounds cute.

Terrorist Attack! And joker masks were exactly what I was thinking. Kano is creepy. I think his personality stretches to more than just a 'joker'. Seems kinda sadist. And apparently one of them have magical 'I WILL MAKE HIM HIT YOU' powers. Seto didn't really do much I think.

So generally I'm pretty confused about this anime so far, but it has be hooked. Let's hope it'll be good and Manaka Mary will appear soon!
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