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Lil' Bluey

Oh, Ene. Breaking the fourth wall I see. Literally.

Episode 01:

Spoiler: show
The gears. Why are there gears in the Heat-Haze. Are we even in the Heat-Haze? Is Ayano a magical girl with time travel abilities? WHAT IS GOING ON.

SHAFT strutting their stuff with a Seto head-tilt not two minutes in.

Why is Momo in the water. Augh I know but I don't know. And Ene and Konoha still in cyberspace ahhhh. Is this canon or just artsy-fartsiness? This intro already saddens and confuses me even more. ;-;

Anyway, after that scene we get to the meat of the episode: Banter between a loser shut-in boy and his cyber girlfriend. (No reference to Shin's attempt to penetrate the music industry though. Kinda both disappointed and relieved by that, guess they replaced it with the animé otaku self-insert instead.) They really re-designed his room too. Where's the rabbit? =< Tonoooo

Going outside = death. (Hey guys guess where I got the inspiration for Aoi from? *shot*)

Aww they revealed Kido is a girl already. =3=


Kano you creeper. And Seto what are you doing there. >.>; You're not supposed to be captured.

Such SHAFT. Much art. Wow. (Translation: I feel like that ending was a bit too subtle. It's implied Shintaro got shot in case anyone's confused. ^^; )

That OP has so many spoilers. And soda fanservice. I'm sure Jin had something to do with Momo in a bikini. Also the COLORS~

Overall, a fun if somewhat slow introduction to the series, with a couple extra surprises. Which is how the manga starts off as well, so not complaining. While the animation/character designs still feel a bit wonky to me, it was cool to finally see everything in motion. (Though I feel SHAFT made things a bit more complicated than they needed to be.) Looking forward to when the plot actually starts to pick up. =3

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