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Boys and girls, face forwards! Welcome to this summer's (2014's?) potential biggest hype hit, Mekakucity Actors! Let us journey into the Heat-Haze together!

But first, some background:

What is the Kagerou Project?

Also known as "Kagerou Days" (Heat-Haze Days), the Kagerou Project began as a series of Vocaloid songs produced by Jin/Shizen no Teki-P. It expanded into several light novels and a manga, and an animé adaptation produced by SHAFT is currently airing under the title of "Mekakucity Actors".

So is it about Vocaloid?

No. It has its own unique plot and characters. Vocaloid is merely used as a medium to express the story.

What is it about then?

As described in the OP, the tale revolves around a group of children with special abilities who meet through various connected events. The meaning behind these strange occurrences is unknown, but one thing's for certain: There's more to these people and their pasts than meets the eye...

For those of you who would like a preview of the first episode, here is a 15-second CM for the animé:

Spoiler: show

The song and PV for "Children Record" also acts as an alternate OP for the music series, though it may contain some spoilers:

Spoiler: show

"The story of children's faces."

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