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Like No One Ever Was

It was a bright, sunny morning in Fizzytopia. The Starly were singing, the Skiploom were in flight, their petals spread wide, and in one treetop Secret Base, the mesmerizing aroma of bacon hung in the air, even as its source was being digested by a Trainer and his Pokémon.

Indeed, Keith and his Pokémon had just finished their breakfast- Hermione and Shelley had cooked up enough bacon to feed a Snorlax. And they needed damn near all of it, too, considering that among the Pokémon they needed to feed was Crabbe, Keith's notoriously gluttonous Gulpin.

"Ahh," Keith sighed contentedly as he patted his stomach. He was seated on a sofa in his living room, and was more than satisfied with his breakfast. "Meowth, was that good bacon, or was that good bacon?" he asked the Normal-type seated beside him.

"Dat was good bacon," Meowth nodded, looking just as content as his Trainer.

"It's not emotions, but I love it just as much as I did when I was alive," smiled a Shuppet who was resting her cloth form on top of a chair. "Hermione and Shelley are really good at cooking bacon."

"Yeah," agreed Keith. "I dunno what it is, but ever since Shelley joined the team and started helping Hermione cook, the bacon's had this... unique quality to it. Some sort of difference in the flavor, y'know?"

"Yeah, I get wat ya mean," nodded Meowth. "I can't describe it, alls I know is, watever Shelley's smoke does to dat bacon, it makes it better."

Keith opened his mouth to express his emphatic agreement with Meowth's statement, but to his surprise, his doorbell rang. "The hell?" he muttered. "I wasn't expecting any company today... Ugh, if Stewie ordered three dozen 'onion-lovers' pizzas again, I swear, I'm gonna..." he trailed off at that moment as he got up and walked towards the door, muttering various empty threats under his breath. However, as he opened the door, he did not see a delivery man from Pansear Pizza Parlor (admittedly a good maker of pizzas, though a fan of onions Keith was not- he was just lucky that Crabbe had no objections to clearing out the pizzas), but rather a young boy, who couldn't have been much older than ten years old.

"Hi," the boy greeted Keith.

"...Uh," was Keith's response. He was thinking furiously, for the youth looked familiar to him, and yet he could not for the life of him place just where it was that he knew this kid from.

"...Remember me?" the boy asked. "I wound up here a couple of months ago because-"

Keith snapped his fingers, the realization coming to him swiftly and suddenly. "-because your Tropius was on a rampage from using Outrage, that's right!" he finished the sentence. "Yeah, I remember now. What brings you back here, though?" he asked. "Your Tropius isn't on another rampage, is he?"

The kid shook his head. "No, no, nothing like that," he said. "It's just... I'd kinda like to learn how to become a better Trainer, so I can do a better job at keeping Tropius under control when he gets like that, you know?"

"Ah, I see," nodded Keith. "Well, I dunno how much of a help I'd be, but sure, I'll help any way I can. I mean, I'm not exactly one for giving advice..."

"Actually, I was hoping that maybe I could have a battle with you?" the boy asked hopefully.

Now he really had Keith's attention. "A battle, you say?" Keith said, clearly intrigued. "Well, I was planning to get in some training today in any case, and what better way than by battling? Sure, I accept!"

"Great!" smiled the kid. "Oh, by the way, my name's Oliver."

"I'm Keith. Keith Masters," replied Keith.


Before long, the two Trainers were standing outside Keith's Secret Base, in that big clearing out front, which Keith used primarily for his practice battles. On the sideline stood Meowth, who had consented to act as referee (Oliver still couldn't get over Meowth's ability to talk).

"Dis'll be a tree-on-tree match between Keith of Lavaridge Town, Hoenn, and Oliver of Gateon Port, Orre," Meowth announced, having asked Oliver what his hometown was beforehand, for precisely this purpose (Keith thought it a bit unnecessary, but Meowth tended to take his refereeing seriously, if not much else). "Let da battle begin!"

Oliver produced a Poké Ball from his belt and enlarged it to full size. "Alright, I'm gonna start this off with one of my more colorful partners!" he declared. "Kecleon, let's go!" he exclaimed, throwing the ball.

In a flash of light, the ball burst open, unleashing a bipedal green lizard into the open. Its tail was curled up into a spiral, and there was a red zigzag stripe going all around its torso. Keith took out his Pokédex and pointed it at the creature.

"Kecleon, the Color Swap Pokémon," droned the device. "Kecleon can change its colors in order to blend in with its surroundings. The zigzag stripe on its stomach, however, cannot change color."

"Pretty cool," Keith admitted, pocketing his Pokédex and taking a Poké Ball off his own belt. "But I think things are about to get a little hot out here!" he added as he enlarged and threw the ball. "Heatstroke, I choose you!" he called out as his Slugma appeared in a flash of light.

"Alright, Kecleon, let's do it!" grinned Oliver. "Fury Swipes, let's go!"

"Heatstroke, use Flame Burst!" Keith commanded.

"SlugMA!" exclaimed Heatstroke as he belched a ball of fire from his mouth. It exploded upon contact with Kecleon, sending embers scattering in every direction- Meowth had to back up hastily in order to avoid being hit. Once the attack subsided, however, Kecleon continued on, and started scratching the Slugma with great vigor.

"Big mistake," smirked Keith. "You got too close in, and now Kecleon can't dodge attacks! Heatstroke, Inferno attack now!"

"Sluuuuugmaaaaa!" bellowed the Fire-type as he unleashed a brilliant blue stream of fire from his mouth, striking the Kecleon dead-on with the powerful and normally inaccurate Fire-type technique. As the attack subsided, however, Keith was shocked to see that not only was Kecleon relatively unscathed by the move, it wasn't even burned!

"But... but how?" Keith spluttered. "When Inferno hits, the target is guaranteed to be burned! And Kecleon's just a Normal-type!"

Now it was Oliver's turn to smirk. "Yeah, normally," he grinned. "But, see, Kecleon's Ability is Color Change. Whenever it gets hit by an attack, it changes its type to the attack's type. Kecleon's been a Fire-type ever since that Flame Burst hit, so that Inferno did next to nothing!"

Keith was stunned. He never knew that Kecleon were capable of changing their type! However, he quickly realized that he could use this to his advantage...

"Impressive," Keith nodded. "Didn't see that coming... Just like I bet you didn't see this coming- Heatstroke, use Rock Throw!"

"Slugma slug!" replied Heatstroke, as he opened his mouth wide and started spewing rocks right at Kecleon. The Color Swap Pokémon screeched in agony as the super effective move made contact, knocking it on its back.

"Kecleon, no!" exclaimed Oliver. "Get up! Use Ancient Power!"

"Now, Heatstroke, while it's on the ground!" Keith grinned. "Hit it with Inferno!"

"Slugmaaaaaa!" responded the Slugma, who unleashed another brilliant blue stream of fire. As Keith had anticipated, Kecleon wasn't able to dodge quick enough, being too preoccupied with getting back on its feet- not an easy feat, considering the powerful blow Rock Throw had dealt. The attack struck Kecleon, and while it didn't do much more damage to the temporary Rock-type as it did when it was a Fire-type, it did have one effect Keith was banking on- Rock-types, after all, were not immune to being burned.

"Uh-oh," murmured Oliver as he noticed his Kecleon wincing from the burn.

"Time to wrap this up!" smirked Keith. "Heatstroke, one more Rock Throw!"

"Slugma slug!" exclaimed Heatstroke as he fired another volley of rocks from his mouth, knocking the Kecleon back down again. And this time, it made no effort to get back up.

"Kecleon is unable ta battle!" declared Meowth. "Heatstroke wins!"

"Return, Kecleon," sighed Oliver as he held out the Poké Ball, withdrawing the unconscious Kecleon. "Wow," he remarked as he pressed the button to minimize the ball and placed it back on his belt. "Your Slugma's pretty good!"

"Thanks," grinned Keith. "Would you believe this is my first time using him in a real battle? And your Kecleon's not half bad, either. Seemed to me like you were making pretty good use of Color Change."

"Well, time for my next Pokémon," stated Oliver, holding up a second Poké Ball. "And I think this one will dampen your plans for victory! Pelipper, let's go!" he exclaimed, throwing the ball into the air. In a flash of light, it opened up to reveal a white and blue bird with an almost ridiculously huge bill. Keith took his Pokédex back out to look this Pokémon up.

"Pelipper, the Water Bird Pokémon, and the evolved form of Wingull," droned the device. "Pelipper protects its young using its massive bill, and also uses it to transport small Pokémon and Eggs. To rest its wings, it bobs on the surface of the ocean."

"Hmm," Keith frowned. "Heatstroke, what say you take a break?" he suggested. "You're kinda at a disadvantage here. Return now!" he stated, holding out Heatstroke's Poké Ball.

"Pelipper, use Pursuit!" exclaimed Oliver.

A lot happened in the next few seconds. Twin beams of black light were fired from Pelipper's eyes and struck the Slugma. They didn't seem to harm Heatstroke, but they cloaked him in a black aura, which deflected the Poké Ball's return beam. And then, Pelipper dove down at Heatstroke and tackled him hard, sending the Lava Pokémon flying. As it landed back on the ground, it made no effort to move.

"Uh..." Meowth said, stunned by this turn of events. "Uh... Heatstroke is... is unable ta... ta battle," he said. "Pelipper wins."

"What the-" exclaimed Keith as he finally withdrew Heatstroke. "How... Knocked out in one hit?"

"Never been hit by Pursuit before?" grinned Oliver. "It's a move that's guaranteed to hit before the opponent is called back to its Poké Ball. In fact, if it does hit as the Trainer is trying to withdraw the target, the move does even more damage!"

"...That is amazing," Keith stated. "I never even knew that. And I got a bunch of Pokémon that can use Pursuit, too, I ought to have known about that. OK, then," he stated, as he took another Poké Ball off his belt. "Let's see you deal with this one- you won't stand a ghost of a chance!" And he threw the ball. "Go, Myrtle!" Keith exclaimed as the Banette materialized in midair.

Myrtle wheeled around and scowled at Keith. "One more pun like that, I may have to re-con-si-der my con-sen-ting to lis-ten to you, Meat Sack," she warned him. "Puns are what peop-le re-sort to when they can-not come up with real jokes."

"Just focus on the battle, Myrtle," sighed Keith. Myrtle said nothing, but turned around to face the Pelipper before her.

"Pelipper! Water Gun!" ordered Oliver.

"Myrtle, Water Gun!" Keith commanded.

Both the Pelipper and the Banette fired off streams of water from their mouths, the latter having had to unzip her mouth beforehand. The attacks met in midair, cancelling each other out.

"Wait a sec, since when can Banette learn Water Gun?!" demanded Oliver.

"Myrtle is not your average Banette," Keith grinned. "Myrtle, use Thunderbolt!"

"Protect!" exclaimed Oliver.

As Myrtle unleashed a powerful blast of electricity from her body, Pelipper's own body was surrounded by a transparent green bubble, which the Electric attack bounced harmlessly off of.

Undeterred, Keith changed tactics. "Alright, Myrtle, now use your Shadow Ball!" he said.

"Pelipper, Water Pulse now!" ordered Oliver.

Myrtle charged up a black orb of ghostly energy between her cloth paws, at the same time Pelipper opened its bill and charged up a sphere of water inside of it. Simultaneously, they fired off the attacks, but unlike the twin Water Gun attacks, these did not cancel each other out, but rather narrowly passed by each other, Water Pulse striking Myrtle, and Shadow Ball hitting Pelipper.

"Now, Myrtle!" Keith exclaimed. "Thunderbolt once more!"

"Dodge it, Pelipper!" said Oliver.

However, this time, Pelipper was not so lucky- the electricity Myrtle fired off hit its intended target dead-on- Pelipper squawked in pain as the super effective move coursed through its body, but when it finished, the Water Bird Pokémon was still in the air, albeit extremely unsteadily.

"Time to wrap this up!" smirked Keith. "Myrtle, use your Sky Attack!"

"Now we're tal-king," the Banette murmured evilly. She rose up high into the air, a harsh white glow coming over her entire body. The glow intensified, accompanied by a thick, pale gold aura, which for a moment, Keith could swear had taken an all-too-familiar L-shape. And then, Myrtle dove down, slamming into Pelipper with great force and knocking the Water/Flying-type down to the ground. It made no attempt to get up.

"Pelipper is unable ta battle!" declared Meowth. "Myrtle is da winner!"

"Return, Pelipper!" said Oliver as he held out the Poké Ball, returning his fallen bird to within. "Oh, man, that Banette is something else!" he grinned.

"Damn straight," nodded Myrtle, folding her arms.

"Alright, don't let it get to your head," Keith said, though he was grinning. "Good job, Myrtle."

Meanwhile, Oliver had taken out another Poké Ball. "OK, now I've saved the best for last!" he declared. "Go, Tropius!" he exclaimed, throwing the ball.

In a flash of light, the formidable form of a Tropius materialized. Keith recognized this Tropius as the rampaging, fruit-bearing beast who had ultimately caused Strychnine to evolve into Muk, though now it was looking considerably more gentle and docile than before.

"Alright, Myrtle, be careful," Keith warned his Banette. "That Tropius is serious stuff."

"I think I can cope, Meat Sack," snapped Myrtle.

"Tropius! Dragon Dance!" ordered Oliver.

"Use your Icy Wind, Myrtle!" commanded Keith.

Tropius unfurled its leafy wings, reared up, and roared loudly, a harsh red aura coming over its entire body. At the same time, Myrtle unzipped her mouth and unleashed a frigid blast of wind from within. Tropius shuddered violently as the super effective move made contact.

"OK, now let's give your Metronome attack a try!" said Keith.

Myrtle rolled her eyes, though raised up her arms and wagged her small, cloth fingers back and forth. Everyone present watched this warily, for nobody knew exactly what to expect from a Metronome. Honestly, Keith was kinda hoping for something like Ice Punch, or maybe Blizzard, something that would help them win. And then, Myrtle stopped wagging her fingers, and her cloth paws stuck straight up into the air...

And then, a red aura came over Myrtle's entire body. She grunted as the aura floated off of her and formed into a large orb. The orb then fired itself at Tropius, clearly causing significant damage, just as Myrtle slumped to the ground, unconscious.

"Myrtle is unable ta battle!" Meowth declared. "Tropius is da winner!"

"Wait, what?" demanded Keith. "What was that?!"

"That looked like a Final Gambit to me," grinned Oliver. "The user takes all of its remaining health and tries to take away that much health from the opponent. The attack is so draining that it makes the user faint immediately."

"Son of a Buizel," sighed Keith as he withdrew Myrtle. "I probably shouldn't have taken that chance on Metronome." As he reattached Myrtle's Poké Ball to his belt and tried to not think of how Myrtle would call him out on this error in judgement later, he started thinking about which Pokémon should be his final choice for this battle. Heatstroke would have been ideal here, though of course, Oliver had made sure to eliminate the Slugma from the match... Of course, Strychnine had triumphed over this Tropius once, perhaps she could do it again...

Before Keith could get too deep into thought, however, a Poké Ball on his belt burst open of its own accord, and a Croconaw materialized. "Croco Croconaw!" Gold exclaimed excitedly- he certainly looked pumped and ready for battle.

"Gold, you sure about this?" asked Keith. "You're kinda at a disadvantage against a Grass-type, you know."

"Croconaw, croco Croconaw," replied Gold dismissively. He confidently stepped out in front of Keith and faced the Tropius with a confident grin, which in turn got Keith grinning in a similar manner.

"Heh, well, how can I say no to that kind of confidence?" grinned Keith. "Go, Gold!"

"Croconaw!!" Gold exclaimed.

"This'll be easy!" exclaimed Oliver. "Tropius, Bullet Seed, let's go!"

"Dodge it and use Ice Punch!" Keith commanded.

"Croco!" exclaimed Gold as he lunged, barely avoiding the Seeds Tropius was spewing as though the were Bullets. Then, with a fist covered in Ice, the Croconaw Punched Tropius hard, sending it reeling. The heavy Grass/Flying-type staggered around, stomping on some of the rocks left over from Heatstroke's Rock Throw, crunching them into gravel.

"Nice going, Gold!" grinned Keith. "And now use Mega Punch!"

"Tropius, block with Leaf Blade!" commanded Oliver.

Gold lunged at Tropius once more, its fist now cloaked in swirling white energy. At the same time, Tropius slashed at the oncoming Water-type with one of its wings, which was glowing pale green. The two attacks collided, and though Gold struggled valiantly, he was ultimately knocked to the ground by the super effective move.

"Come on, Gold, get up!" Keith encouraged his Pokémon.

And get up Gold did! He got back on his feet and started hopping around in place. "Croco croco croco croco croco NAAAAAW!" he exclaimed, more worked up than Keith had ever seen him. And then, before anyone could do anything else, Gold took on a brilliant blue-white glow, and his body started changing shape.

"Whoa!" Oliver breathed. "It's evolving!"

Oliver was absolutely right, for just seconds later, the glow vanished, revealing a bigger, more bulky in Gold's place. The red ridges were larger, the arms, legs, and tail were longer and thicker, and even the snout looked more dangerous. "FERALIGATOOOOOOR!" roared Gold. Silenced by awe, Keith wordlessly held out his Pokédex.

"Feraligatr, the Big Jaw Pokémon, and the evolved form of Croconaw," droned the device. "Feraligatr's powerful hind legs enable it to move about quickly on land in spite of its massive body. It opens its huge mouth to intimidate its opponents.

"Awesome, Gold," grinned Keith. "I can't believe you evolved-"

"FERALIGATOOOOOOOOOR!" roared Gold again, and at that moment, Keith realized that his newly evolved Feraligatr was Flailing about, seemingly with no regard to his surroundings. Indeed, his flailing caused him to strike Tropius in the head, which knocked the Fruit Pokémon clean out.

"Whoa, whoa, Gold, calm down, what's the matter?!" Keith exclaimed. He ran up to the Feraligatr, trying to calm him, but the Water-type didn't seem to hear Keith.

"Hold on a sec!" Oliver exclaimed suddenly. "Look at the ground around your Feraligatr's feet!" Keith did as told, and at first didn't see what Oliver was getting at. Then-

"He's stepping on the gravel!" Keith exclaimed. "There must be a sharp piece of gravel stuck in one of his feet, it must've happened just after Tropius's Leaf Blade! Yeesh, that'd get anyone riled up, no wonder he's acting like this!"

"Yeah, but how are we gonna get him to calm down long enough to take it out?" asked Oliver, ducking to narrowly avoid the powerful tail Gold was swinging around.

"I do have something that can do the trick," stated Keith, taking out a Poké Ball. "But we'll have to act fast, we won't have much time to work with." And he threw the ball. "Hermione, let's go!" he exclaimed, the ball opening up to unleash a Weedle.

"Wait, a Weedle?" asked Oliver skeptically. "What's that gonna do."

"Just trust me on this," said Keith with a slight grin, even in spite of the situation at hand. "Hermione is not your average Weedle. Hermione, use Voodoo Bugaloo! Lift Gold into the air and hold him in place!"

"Weeedle," replied Hermione, as her beady eyes glowed bright blue. A crudely made plush Feraligatr materialized out of thin air, and she jabbed it with her tail stinger. The effect was immediate- Gold froze in place, and levitated several feet up off the ground. Swiftly, Keith knelt down and examined Gold's feet. Right away, he noticed a particularly nasty piece of gravel protruding from the bottom of the Feraligatr's right foot. With only seconds to act, Keith gently pulled the sharp bit of rock out, brushed as much gravel away as he could, and then got back out, just before Hermione's Voodoo Bugaloo relinquished its hold on the Feraligatr. Gold landed back on the ground, breathing heavily, but he no longer looked crazed or in pain.

"Gator?" Gold said questioningly, glancing at his Trainer.

"It's all right, Gold," Keith grinned. "Took the piece of gravel out of your foot. Just watch your step around here and you'll be fine. Doesn't hurt anymore, right?"

"Feraligator," replied Gold gratefully, shaking his head.

"And you know, Oliver here's the one you should really be thanking," added Keith, gesturing to the young Trainer.

Oliver blinked. "Me?" he said in tones of great surprise.

"Well, yeah," nodded Keith. "You're the one who pointed out that Gold was standing on the gravel left over from Heatstroke's Rock Throw. I'm not sure I'd have noticed as quickly as you did."

"Feraligator!" exclaimed Gold happily, now looking at both Trainers with an expression of gratitude.

"Now look, Oliver," Keith said. "You're not a bad Trainer by any means. You had a good strategy for using Kecleon's Color Change to the fullest, you thought ahead and knew to defeat Heatstroke before you had to bring out Tropius, and now this. Now, granted, you don't know all there is to know about Pokémon, but believe me, neither do I. I doubt there's a Trainer alive who does! You want my opinion? You just keep doing whatever it is you're doing, and you'll do just fine as a Pokémon Trainer. You figured out what was bothering Gold right away, so I'm sure you'll work out a way to handle your Tropius when he gets confused from Outrage."

Oliver looked exceptionally pleased by Keith's praise. "Thanks," he said. "And you know," he added, "I'm gonna want another battle against you sometime, Keith. Once I've gotten better and helped my Pokémon get even stronger. Then I'll battle you again, and next time, I'm gonna win!"

Keith nodded approvingly. "That's good," he replied. "I look forward to it, Oliver. And that's exactly the kind of spirit a good Trainer needs to have-" He broke off at that moment, however, interrupted by the sound of Oliver's stomach rumbling.

"Uh, heh, heh," Oliver chuckled nervously. "Sorry. I kinda didn't have breakfast yet..."

"Didn't have breakfast yet, hmm?" said Keith. He turned to look at the Weedle who was still standing on the ground. "Hermione, we got any of that bacon left?" he asked.

"Weedle, Weedle," nodded Hermione.

"Good," grinned Keith. "Why don't you cook up some for Oliver here, huh?"

"Your Weedle can cook, too?" Oliver asked, surprised and impressed as Hermione started to crawl up the ladder and into the Secret Base.

"Hermione has got to be one of the best cooks of all time," Keith stated. "She's good at making all kinds of things, but her bacon is the best I've ever had."

"So first a talking Meowth, then a Banette that can use Water Gun and Sky Attack, and now a Weedle that can cook?" Oliver said.

"Yep," nodded Keith. "My Pokémon are an odd bunch, for sure. And I wouldn't have it any other way."

"Ga-TOR!" Gold nodded in agreement.

What?  Croconaw is evolving!




Congratulations!  Your Croconaw evolved into Feraligatr!

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