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Wins: 24 / Losses: 10 / Ties: 3
TP: 197 / SP: 7.6 / KOs: 76

Match History
Spoiler: show
SPPf: Lanturn vs KamenAeons
SPPf: Lanturn vs Slash
UPN: Lanturn vs biggggg5
Exhibition : Lanturn vs TheKnightFury

SPPf: OceanicLanturn vs DracoFlare: Loss
SPPf: OceanicLanturn vs HeroicRein: Win
UPN: OceanicLanturn vs PROXIMA: Loss
SPPf: OceanicLanturn vs CelloX: Win
UPN: OceanicLanturn vs PROXIMA: Win
SPPf: OceanicLanturn vs WizardTrubbish: Win
SPPf: OceanicLanturn vs TheKvothe: Win
UPN: Lanturn vs MIDNIGHT: Win
SPPf: OceanicLanturn vs Phoopes: Win
UPN: Lanturn vs Son_of_Shadows: Win
SPPf: OceanicLanturn vs FlashFusion: Loss
SPPf: OceanicLanturn vs Swampurtz: Win
UPN: Lanturn vs Mew The Gato: Win
Pokebowl: Lanturn vs Mew The Gato: Loss - Not Counted
SPPf: OceanicLanturn vs bookauthor: Cancelled
SPPf: OceanicLanturn vs Sneasel12: Loss
SPPf: OceanicLanturn vs dirkac: Win
UPN: Lanturn vs biggggg5: Win
SPPf: OceanicLanturn vs Kyro12: Tie
UPN: Lanturn vs Rangeetsuper: Loss
SPPF: OceanicLanturn vs Lucario111: Draw
UPN: Lanturn vs Connor: Loss
SPPF: OceanicLanturn vs Anzzi: Win
SPPF: OceanicLanturn vs deh74: Cancelled
UPN: Lanturn vs BlazeVA: Loss
SPPF: OceanicLanturn vs redpanda15: Loss
SPPf: OceanicLanturn vs Machamp-X: Win
UPN: Lanturn vs Fallen Icarus: DQ Win
SPPf: OceanicLanturn vs Haymez: Retirement DQ Win
SPPf: OceanicLanturn vs Kusari: Cancelled
SPPf: OceanicLanturn vs The Last Jedi: Win
UPN: Lanturn vs Kyro12: Win
UPN: Lanturn vs Escalion: DQ Win
SPPf: OceanicLanturn vs ROFLMAO: Win
SPPf: OceanicLanturn vs RedPanda: Loss
UPN: Lanturn vs Blaze: Win
SPPf: OceanicLanturn vs Mean Mr Snorlax: Win
UPN: Lanturn vs Shadowshocker: Win
UPN: Lanturn vs Ethereal: Win
UaCC: OceanicLanturn vs Sparkbeat: Win
UPN: Lanturn vs Celebii: DQ Win
UaCC: OceanicLanturn vs Red Panda: Loss
UPN: Lanturn vs Deebs: Forfeit Loss
UPN: Lanturn Vs Tyoyo: Win
UPN: Lanturn vs KamenAeons: DQ Loss
SPPf: Lanturn vs Sparkbeat: Draw

Newbies vs Vets - Consolation 1 TP


Spoiler: show
Latty: Male Lanturn (Level 5)
Latty is Lanturn's closest pal. The two have been together through thick and thin. As Lanturn's squad grew, Latty began to learnt from the fellow grass types on his team, and soon, he learnt new moves.
Special Technique: Forest's Calling (Grass)
Latty has acquired the ability to use Petal Blizzard. He has developed the type energy to use it twice per match. Latty can no longer use Wild Charge and Curse.
Hidden Power: Flying

Frosty: Female Walrein (Level 4)
Frosty lived in the coldest and harshest part of Ice Cave in Johto. Raised in a constant subzero environment, Frosty has eventually learnt the arts of freezing water at high rates. She also likes to make stuff out of ice, though that doesn't seem to have any in-battle advantages. Outside battle, Frosty is the 'baby' of the group being youngest, and is constantly doted on. Now, with evolution, she becomes a little bit more serious, but nevertheless remains rather playful.
Hidden Power: Electric

Sculptor's Token Attached

Bolt: Female Rotom-C (Level 4)
Many children fear the monster under their bed, but little do they know, there is a monster, right in their lawn mower. In a sweltering summer day, I discovered my lawn mower was possessed, which lead to the lawn being destroyed... and unfortunately, the lawn mower too when I tried to fight it possessed object. Time was needed for the grass to re-grow so the lawn could go back to its former glory, and to restore Lanturn's wallet back to the shape it was, having to pay for the lawn mower that he unfortunately destroyed.
Hidden Power: Fire

Kazuha: Female Marill (Level 2)
Kazuha has been Heiji's friends since young, and unlike him, she does not wield the great intelligence of her friend, being rather superstitious. She believes in charms and makes them as well. This has helped her in battle, making a rather helpful charm that really aided her in battling.
Hidden Power: Water

Seo: Female Empoleon (Level 4)
Seo has a knack of angering other people (usually by accident because she's oblivious to other's feelings). Despite earning a wicked reputation due to her violence, Seo actually has a famous voice, which under that persona, earned her great fame in her school.
Hidden Power: Grass

Blossom: Female Jellicent (Level 3)
Blossom was once a murderous Frillish, and along with other Frillish living at Undella Bay, dragged unsuspecting trainers down to the depths of the ocean, never to be seen again. Thus, the Undella Bay, thanks to the Frillish gang, became almost a completely hostile location, and while it was pretty, no one dared to swim or even sail there, other than the most courageous of all explorers. Blossom, however, changed, one day, when she found a beautiful green gemstone, hidden away, underwater. The Frillish carried it with her because of its beauty. Little did she know, the precious stone was slowing affecting her as well. Her body began to pulsate occasionally with shades of green, but the stubborn Frillish refused to part with the gemstone. When the others in the gang found that she was becoming more and more different, the other Frillish attacked, but Blossom, in a fit of desperation, began to rapidly fire off Energy Balls. Repelling the others for the time being, Blossom quickly fled from the tribe in fear of pursuit. The Gemstone also made her realise the atrocities she had commited, and from that day onwards, Blossom has changed for the better, as a child of nature, pure and innocent and good.
Hidden Power: Water

Hime: Female Altaria (Level 5)
Hime was raised in the Fourth Lake of Sinnoh, under a tribe of Altaria. The Altaria tribe's lineage had relations to Sinnoh's Lake Guardians, receiving visions from the legendary creatures. Convinced by mankind's evil, they grew weary and decided to hide from the eyes of humans, especially after the most powerful child in the lineage was born. Hime was proficient at communicating with the Lake Guardians, yet her curiosity drove her to sneak out one night to see the world. I bumped into her in my travels, and decided to catch her. Her parents managed to track her down, but Hime somehow managed to convince them to grant her permission to travel - of course, after making me promise up and down that she'll be treated well.
Hidden Power: Fighting

Derpo: Male Stunfisk (Level 4)
Born in the sea, Derpo was unlike any ordinary Stunfisk. He was raised in an underwater community, and spent his entire life there. His first contact with the earth only happened years after he was born, and even then, he preferred the water to being on land. Due to his special background from the underwater, his ground typing gave him many troubles, making him the target of much bullying by water types. However, these attacks served to build Derpo's resolve to protect himself, and through a series of special training, he was able to do just that.
Special Attack: Suspended Scales [GR]
Using a significant amount of ground energy, Derpo toughens his own body, developing a protective scale while entering into a hibernation. During this period, Derpo is unable to attack, but also cannot be attacked directly. One full round later, the scales will break, and Derpo will emerge, restoring a good amount of health and feeling rejuvenated. However, the scales can be attacked, and will break if a major amount of damage is applied on the scales. If his restorative scales are broken prematurely, Derpo will take a good amount of typeless damage and will not feel any less tired as he was before. Suspended Scales can only be used once per battle, and will count toward the one healing move per battle if it was successfully pulled off. As a result, Derpo has lost the ability to use Fissure, Revenge and Electroweb.
Hidden Power: Grass

Round: Male Swalot (Level 4)
He came from Veilstone City and led a solitary life of stealing food. He was caught multiple times and got away. One time, he pulled his biggest stunt, ripping apart the city's food supplier truck parked at night and stealing the food. It was a lot for him to carry and he had to hid it. When he woke up to the sound of rummaging, he realises that some native ghost types were stealing his food! Deciding to retaliate, he fires off a few attacks, only to have them go through their bodies harmlessly. Surprised, he was put to sleep with hypnosis, and woke up in the morning to have all the food stolen from him. After that, he has developed a disdain of ghost types, especially in ethereal forms, and decided to master the skills of defeating them in combat.
Hidden Power: Dark

Sumo-kun: Male Hariyama (Level 4)
For those suffering from weight problems and embarrassment regarding such things, Sumo-kun is completely opposite. He loves using his weight as his main selling point in battle, not scared to exert physical force through his heaviness over his opponents. He dislikes it when opponents escapes when he could easily crush them with his weight. As such, he developed a technique of his own, to satisfy both wanting to keep his opponent close - and to crush them all!
Hidden Power: Dark

Mushimushi: Female Trash-Cloaked Wormadam (Level 4)
The weakest of all bugs, the worst of all bugs- Mushimushi has no bright future to look forward to, as a female Burmy, for she is forever relegated to the Wormadam tribe, the ASB-ranking-one-of-the-worst-bugs. Even her potential future typing couldn't help her from suffering a fate of mediocrity. Mushimushi, fueled by pain and agony, hence went through a path of change. She isn't just going sit around uselessly and eventually be dropped. So she's building her future, from a Burmy. Now as a Steel-Typed Wormadam, she realises the importance of knowing the secrets of other cloaks, and has such developed ways to be like them.
Special Training: WORMADAM POWAH (Grass/Ground)
When Mushimushi is sent in, she may choose the Plant Cloak or the Sand Cloak, which is posted with her first sets of attack orders. By choosing one of the two cloaks, she will gain access to the movepool of the she chose. She also gains a type familiarity based on the cloak chosen (Plant = Grass, Sand = Ground). If she uses a move that she does not learn initially as a Steel-Cloaked Wormadam, that technique will cost 10% extra typeless energy.
Hidden Power: Flying

Forecaster: Female Castform (Level 4)
Whether Castform the Weather Pokemon can weather the weather is dependent on whether the weather that it's weathering is the proper weather for it to weather. Whether the opponent can weather the weather is also subject to whether the weather that it's weathering is the right weather to weather. Whether Castform can weather the opponent is once again dictated by the weather and whether that weather is the favorable weather for weathering. But most importantly, you should know whether there will be weather to weather rather than what weather they will be weathering and whether they can weather that weather. - Smogon, BW Analysis of Castform
Special Training: Whether if this is the Right Weather [XX]
When Forecaster changes the weather to that of Sun, Rain or Hail, she will receive a boost, different for each of the respective weathers:

Sun - Forecaster's attack and special attack are boosted by 10% for no extra energy for the duration when the sun is out
Rain - Forecaster's defense and special defense are boosted by 10% for the duration when it is raining
Hail - Forecaster will heal a mild amount of health at the end of every round

Forecaster can also cast weathers indoor, but this will take an extra light amount of energy. In exchange, she loses Sandstorm, Double-Edge, Hex and Secret Power.

Hidden Power: Electric

Ayano: Female "Red Scarf" Flaaffy (Level 4)
Ayano is Number Zero of the Mekakushi Dan, being its founder and an older sister to the adopted Kido, Seto and Kano. She is an extremely kind and cheerful person. She was even willing to sacrifice herself to protect her siblings and her friends, to make sure they stayed happy. Ayano's eye ability allows her to project her thoughts and memories to other.
Hidden Power: Water

Kido: Female Kecleon (Level 4)
Kido is Number One of the Mekakushi Dan, who along with Seto and Kano formed the group. Kido was originally a shy girl, but when her sister Ayano died, she felt a need to step up and become the leader. Kido's eye ability is what the group was named after.
Hidden Power: Normal

Seto: Male Gogoat (Level 4)
Seto is Number Two of the Mekaku City Dan. While Seto possesses the ability to read minds through his eyes, he dislikes using these abilities. Instead, now in the Pokemon World, he has learnt from other species to develop in different ways. Seto is very kind and often described as the 'brotherly figure' in the group, taking care and supporting everyone.
Special Training: Shounen Brave [RK]
Seto now has the ability to reanimate his Grass attacks into a Rock typing, by ordering a Rocky [attack] version of the said move, using Rock type energy. Rocky-typed attacks will require an extra minor in energy, on top of their existing energy cost. Seto has become familiar with the Rock type, as a result. He forgot how to use Synthesis, Rock Smash, Aerial Ace, Take Down and Giga Impact. He can only use one Rocky move per round. When he uses re-animated attacks, his eyes will turn red for aesthetic purposes.
Hidden Power: Water

Harvester's Token Attached

Marry: Female Togekiss (Level 4)
Marry is Number Four of the Mekaku City Dan. She came from a sad childhood and was segregated from other children for her ability. However, it was Seto who got through her and managed to bring her out of her lock-in at home. She is a shy and clumsy girl, but she has a kind heart. This has made her a super moe machine. Due to her lineage, she has a powerful eye ability.
Birdkeeper's Token Attached

Momo: Female ORANGE Jigglypuff (Level 4)
Momo, full name, Kisaragi Momo, is the Fifth Member of the Mekaku City Dan. She is cheerful and a popular pop idol, but she is a klutz. Her eye ability keeps her at the center of everyone's attention, which is quite a headache for her. However, through training with the Mekaku City Dan, she has learnt how to control her own ability and now knows how to use it to her advantage. She is Shintaro's younger sister.
Special Attack: Kisaragi Attention [XX]
Using a considerable amount of energy, Momo sings, causing her to be the centre of the enemy's attention. Her song will entrance the foe, interrupting whatever they are doing so they can listen to her. When she finishes the song, the opponent, having focussed all their attention on her, will not feel less or more tired than they were before. She can use this technique twice per match, but the second use on the same Pokemon will be subjected to diminishing returns. She has lost Nightmare, Psywave and Gyro Ball. While she is singing, her eyes will turn red for merely aesthetic purposes.
Hidden Power: Dark

Candymaker's Token Attached

Ene: Female Pikachu (Level 4)
Number Six of the Mekaku City Dan, Ene is a human-turned-AI that stays inside Shintaro's computer/i-Phone. She is great at hacking, living in the cyber world herself after losing her body, and shares a somewhat close relationship with Shintaro as she attempts to pull him out of depression. Living in computers, Ene actually has no legs, the 'leg' part of her being changed into multiple data bits. While she is a normal Pokemon now in the Pokemon world (not a Porygon, mind you), she still retains some traits of her life as an Artificial Intelligence.
Special Training: Jinzou Enemy [EL]
Ene retains traits of an Artificial Intelligence, and as such, physical moves deal 20% less damage to her. However, due to her not being too familiarised to having legs, she is less agile and slower than your average Pikachu, with the agility and speed of a normal Pokemon. Furthermore, her Fighting moves deal 10% less damage for the same amount of energy incurred. She also loses a light amount of energy each turn, though this does not contribute to her fatigue. For aesthetic purposes, her eyes are permanently red.
Hidden Power: Ground

Shintaro: Male Dodrio (Level 4)
Kisaragi Shintaro is the Number Seven of the Mekakushi Dan. A shut-in, his life turned upside down when he met the Mekakushi Dan. Just when he finally warmed up to them, a tragic incident happened that wiped out his friends. With his friend Marry's power to rewind time, trying desperately to find a timeline where they all live happily ever after, Shintaro's ability to retain his memories has allowed him to remember the horrible incidents that has happened and to find a way to save himself and his friends. His memories and constant time-rewinding has left him full of sadness and anger, yet when he finally managed to save them, he felt the third emotion - joy. Now, in the Pokemon World, he is a Dodrio, one has experienced joy, anger, and sadness, as represented by his three heads.
Hidden Power: Fighting

Hibiya: Male Vibrava (Level 4)
Hibiya, Number Eight of Mekakushi Dan, came from the countryside and was a classmate to Hiyori, who he had a mad crush on. Following her classmate Hiyori, Hibiya came to the city. In the city, the two of them were caught in a traffic accident that sent both of them to an alternate world where time will constantly rewind every time one of them dies, which is guaranteed to happen. Hibiya eventually managed to escape by sheer luck, while Hiyori died permanently. While grieved, he was finally cheered up by a great friend. Now in the Pokemon World, Hibiya managed to be reunited with his dear friend and learned a new ability which allowed him to battle more efficiently.
Hidden Power: Fire

Konoha: Male Anorith (Level 2)
Konoha is Number Nine of the Mekakushi Dan. A reincarnation of Haruka, who was previously friends with Shintaro, Ayano and Takane, Konoha has became an 'empty husk' with empty memories. His body reassembled with a combination of magic and science, Konoha has developed special strengths in his change to a Pokemon.
Hidden Power: Flying

Hiyori: Female Heliolisk (Level 4)
Hidden Power: Grass

Evan: Male Cherrim (Level 2)
Evan is one of the brightest presences in the squad. Cheerful and eager to help his teammates, Evan loves to fight, but only if he's with another friend. He dislikes being in battles alone, and after some demoralising single battles, Evan has sworn off to fight in single battles but instead honed his techniques to better help his teammate in a Doubles Battle.
Special Training: Friends Give Positive Reinforcement [XX]
This signature can only activate in Double Battles. When Evan is sent out with a partner, Evan will gain the ability to charge his Energy Ball with the type energy of his partner's STAB, gaining access to use that type of Energy Ball twice. For example, if Evan is sent out together with a Lanturn, Evan will gain the ability to charge his Energy Ball with Electric or Water energy, with two uses for each type. This effect is permanent, which means that if his partner or he himself switches out, Evan will still be able to retain access to the same type Energy Balls. Energy Ball can no longer trigger its secondary effect. Evan loses access to Seed Bomb and Petal Dance.
Hidden Power: Rock

Haibara: Female Froslass (Level 3)
Haibara is a genius researcher who possessed great intelligence. She is mature and calm, but can also be snarky. Though rather aloof to those who she does not know, she can be a loyal companion and friend.

Heiji: Male Sentret (Level 2)
Heiji possesses extreme intelligence, as well as a sharp mind, which has helped in difficult situations. Other than his brutal brain power, he is also proficient in kendo. He has a hot-blooded personality and can be competitive at times.

Misa: Female Hippopotas (Level 3)
An aspiring 3D animation, Misa's passion also lies in creating 3D objects for animes. Her interest comes from the club which she participated while in school. Misa has managed to incorporate her passion into new skills, making her threatening in battle, learning the ability to re-animate same old things into something completely new.

Akai: Male Excadrill (Level 3)
Akai is an extremely proficient member of the Law Enforcement Forces, having worked as a spy. His intelligence is incredible, even feared by the most dastardly antagonists. He is also a proficient marksman, branded the "Silver Bullet", the end to many antagonistic plots.

Kir: Female Kadabra (Level 4)
Kir is a skilled espionage, capable of infiltrating even the strictest organisations. Despite her constant contact with them, her sense of justice remains strong, and while appearing obedient to her superiors, she is sympathetic to the plights of innocent civilians and tries to preserve as many lives as she can. This has left her often under other people's suspicious, but her intelligence and quick-talking ability often makes the accusers look unreasonable.
Hidden Power: Dark

Menma: Female WHITE Misdreavus (Level 3)
Menma is a young girl from the Super Peace Busters. She died young, but eventually managed to see her friends from her youth one last time before passing on as a spirit. Menma is selfless and kind-hearted, and it was her cheerfulness that kept her friends together. Even as a ghost, she remained very lively and happy. She dislikes fighting among friends but instead wishes for peace.

When Menma reincarnated into another world - the Pokemon World, she became a Misdreavus. Despite having a type that was often related to death and ominous feelings, her cheerful and pure-hearted nature has granted her something else as well, an additional typing exclusive to her and herself only. Her body is replaced by a colour of white-silver , and the 'beads' on her neck is pink, though this has no effect in battle.
Type Change: Ano Hana (Ghost/Fairy)
Menma has become a Ghost/Fairy type, and has gained the resistances and weaknesses of such. Her body is now a shade of white and the beads on her neck is bright pink in colour. With her new typing, she has gained the ability to use Play Rough. However, this comes at a cost, as she no longer has any Dark type moves, and loses the parts in the Ghost Species Characteristic that increases the strength of her fear-inducing attacks and her ability to fight better at night. She also loses the ability to use Destiny Bond, Hex and Mean Look.
Hidden Power: Fighting

Slayer: Female Darmanitan (Level 3)

Firebreather's Token Attached

Relaxing Beaver: Male Bidoof (Level 1)
Relaxing Beaver likes to relax, but he's unpredictable. When you think he's going to launch a hyper beam, lolnope he just be chilling, but when you think he's going to slack off a little, he slacks off. How unpredictable. Let me relax after writing this biography.
Special Attack: Unreadable like the Shadow (NO)
Using decent energy, In freezes up and relaxes, spacing out for a bit. This unpredictable, sudden motion will cause the opponent to stop any attacks they're using and stay on their guard for any surprise attacks, only to realise that In was doing nothing. In will feel slightly refreshed after using this due to spacing out, while the opponent will feel more exhausted due to getting trolled. Neither effects will increase nor decrease the actual energy level of the Pokemon. Pokemon with more acute minds will experience a greater detrimental effect than your average Pokemon, due to the derpiness hurting their brain even more, while this technique will be less effective on mentally-slower Pokemon. In can use this twice per match, but never on the same opponent.

Rin: Female Murkrow (Level 1)
Rin flies with extreme quietness and speed. Like an assassin. She prefers dark environments, but if she can't get dark environments, she makes them.

Scorpio: Male Gligar (Level 1)
Intelligent but proud, Scorpio was once the King of the Desert Resort. However, his reign over the Unovian Desert ended when he was challenged by a horde of Tirtouga, who managed to overthrow him with their powerful Water type attacks. Scorpio was forced to retreat into sands, humbling himself to accept help from a passerby trainer. Through this experience, the King of the Desert learned how to bide his time, and his patience has rewarded him with a new technique - a technique that rewards patience.

Coil: Female Spoink (Level 1)
Elusive would be the word to best describe Coil. While her courage should not be doubted, she dislikes confrontations. One thing she wants is personal space, and if the opponent refuses to give her such space, Coil will force him or her to do so, with a technique she developed to ward off other trainers or wild Pokemon.
Special Attack: Space Coil
Using a solid amount of Psychic energy, Coil pinpoints the exact location of her opponent and establishes a link between the spot the opponent is on with the opponent. The link can stretch up to a maximum of three meters, before the chord snaps, inducing severe physical paralysis on the opponent and disrupting one move of the opponent's, in a manner akin to Screech. The attack lasts for two rounds. At the end of the two rounds, if the chord is not snapped, nothing will happen to the opponent. Coil can only use this attack once per battle. Coil has forgotten how to use Iron Tail and Zen Headbutt due to not wanting to get so up close and personal.

Jet: Male Buizel (Level 1)

Usagi: Female Lopunny (Level 4)
Opponents who like to stay far away has always been a headache for close-range fighters like Usagi. To Usagi, a competitive Pokemon who has a strong desire to win, this is a huge hindrance for her to beat her opponent into the ground. So in order to overcome this weakness of hers, she underwent ninja training along with her trainer (the latter had much less success in ninja-ing).

Aoryuu: Male Sceptile (Level 4)
Aoryuu grew up since young in a farmhouse, being raised by farmers who preferred to use other Pokemon for their farming needs, especially grass types. This left the Treecko craving for much love and attention. One other farm Pokemon, a Diggersby who constantly rubbed it in in Aoryuu's face that the Pokemon was superior and more helpful to the farming process. Finally, having enough of the bullying, Aoryuu unleashed a powerful Razor Leaf that defeated the Pokemon, before running away. During this adventure of his, Aoryuu grew and trained, growing into a Sceptile, yet despite liking the wild Pokemon life, often craved for attention from trainers. Eventually, he bumped into Lanturn, and managed to become friends before joining the team. As they went on many more adventures together, their bonds grew and Aoryuu developed the ability to Mega Evolve. Despite living happily currently, Aoryuu still felt a little bit empty and remorseful at its inability to help in the farming process. As a result, Aoryuu worked with his trainer, with input from his fellow Pokemon, to develop an attack that tills and helps in farming.

Jaws: Male Tyrunt (Level 1)
Claws and Jaws, both Dragon types, are very good friends. Claws has helped Jaws with his Slashing and Cutting moves, whereas Jaws has helped Claws learn his Biting and Crunching moves. They also brainstorm ideas for special signature attacks for one another, and as a suggestion from Claws, Jaws began to focus on how to best deal with his multitude of weaknesses.

Claws: Male Druddigon (Level 1)
Claws and Jaws, both Dragon types, are very good friends. Claws has helped Jaws with his Slashing and Cutting moves, whereas Jaws has helped Claws learn his Biting and Crunching moves. They also brainstorm ideas for special signature attacks for one another, and as a gift from Jaws, Claws began to focus on how to best manipulate the arena with his advantage, having taken inspiration from Jaws's Sandstorm attack.

Amai: Male Swirlix (Level 1)
Amai is very sweet - and the word "sweet" has many layers of meaning. Kind is one, but his attacks' tastes is another one that fits the "sweet" description. So delicious that's irresistible, Amai has developed a technique that helped him in battle.

Pumpkun: Female Large Pumpkaboo (Level 1)

Kelvin: Male Bergmite (Level 1)
Kelvin has lived in cold climates all his life, and when he ventured to other places and realised coldness wasn't the same everywhere else, he sought to change that, with an improvised move that will drop the temperature to as close to 0 Kelvin.

Zeus: Male Shinx (Level 1)

Starlight: Genderless Lunatone (Level 1)
Starlight is quiet but always present, always watching, always looking out for the team in her own, unique ways. Coming from a foreign planet, far far away, the world is both curious and dangerous for the Lunatone. However, the moon is her empowerment, and if she cannot see it in battle, she will make her own.

Aero: Male Starly (Level 1)

Stinky: Male Stunky (Level 1)
Imagine the smelliest fart you've ever smelled, now worsen that by about 20 times and you'll get the product of Stinky's disgusting fart gasses. They are so bad, that the visibility is even lower than usual. What's worse? They're super hard to dispel.

Tank: Male Phanpy (Level 1)

Touma: Male Chimchar (Level 1)

[13 Starter + 2 XY Slot + 6 Pack 1 + 6 Pack 2 + 6 Pack 3 + 3 TP Slot + 6 Level Up Slot (x2) + GT Slot x3]


Other Stuff
Spoiler: show
- Sculptor's Token: Attached to Frosty
- Birdkeeper's Token: Attached to Marry
- Harvestor's Token: Attached to Seto
- Firebreather's Token: Attached to Slayer
- Candymaker's Token: Attached to Momo
- Bugcatcher's Taken: Attached to Mushimushi
- New Life Token: Attached to Saten
- Sceptilite: Attached to Aoryuu
- Lopunnite: Attached to Lopunny

SP Borrowed From
- Connor: 10 SP - 27/12/13 - Returned - 02/02/14
- Kyro: 6 SP - 19/03/14 - Returned - 07/04/14
- Connor: 2 SP - 08/04/14 - Not Yet Returned
- Mew the Gato: 1 SP - 19/05/14 - 21/05/14

SP Received From
- Sneezey12: 18 SP - 27/05/14 - Returning Loan
- KamenAeons: 8.5 SP - 04/07/14 - Returning Loan

SP Borrowed To
- Sneezey12: 18 SP - 30/04/14 - Returned
- KamenAeons: 8.5 SP - 20/06/14 - Returned
- Concept: 2 SP - 05/04/15 - 16/05/15 - Returned

SP Receiving

SP Giving away 18/40

SP Transaction Log
28/11/13: 5 TP -> 1 SP -> NvN: 0 SP
27/12/13: 10 SP (borrowed) -> Sculptor's Token: 0 SP
02/02/14: 12 SP from SK vs Joth -> 12 SP
02/02/14: 12 SP -> Returning Loan: 2 SP
06/02/14: 6 SP from Ger vs Volcer -> 8 SP
22/02/14: 2 SP from Apollo vs SoulMuse -> 10 SP
24/02/14: 6 SP from Sneezey vs Milo -> 16 SP
01/03/14: 4 SP from Kush vs Rotom -> 20 SP
10/03/14: 12 SP from Whimsy vs Lost -> 32 SP
19/03/14: 7 SP from Aeon vs SK -> 39 SP
19/03/14: 6 SP from Kyro (borrowed) -> 45 SP
19/03/14: 45 SP spent - First squad slot -> 0 SP
07/04/14: 12 SP from Kamen vs Chiko -> 12 SP
07/04/14: 6 SP -> Returning Loan -> 6 SP
08/04/14: 6 SP from Connor (borrowed) -> 8 SP
08/04/14: 8 SP -> TP -> 0 SP
18/04/14: 8 SP from Kyro vs Sneezey -> 8 SP
18/04/14: 4 SP from Rangeet vs Sneezey -> 12 SP
18/04/14: 1 SP -> levelling -> 11 SP
23/04/14: 3 SP from Ethe vs SK -> 14 SP
23/04/14: 10 SP -> Birdkeeper's Token -> 4 SP
26/04/14: 7 SP from EG vs Sneezey -> 11 SP
27/04/14: 2 SP from Kvothe vs Astral Shadow -> 13 SP
28/04/14: 5 SP from EG vs Sparkbeat -> 18 SP
29/04/14: 1 SP -> levelling -> 17 SP
30/04/14: 18 SP to Sneezey -> 0 SP (error)
19/05/14: 1 SP from Mew (borrowed) -> 1 SP
19/05/14: 1 SP -> levelling -> 0 SP
21/05/14: 4 SP from Mew vs Sparkbeat -> 4 SP
21/05/14: 1 SP -> Mew -> 3 SP
26/05/14: 4 SP from SS vs Deh -> 7 SP
26/05/14: 2.5 SP from Red vs TDS -> 9.5 SP
28/05/14: 18 SP from Sneezey -> 27.5 SP
04/06/14: 2 SP from CoC vs Haymez -> 29.5 SP
12/06/14: 1 SP from cancelled NvN -> 30.5 SP
14/06/14: 2 SP from Kamen vs ZZ -> 32.5 SP
20/06/14: 10 SP -> Harvestor Token -> 22.5 SP
20/06/14: 8.5 SP -> Kamen -> 14.5 SP
23/06/14: 4 SP -> Kairne vs Cherche -> 18.5 SP
26/06/14: 6 SP -> Kots vs Sparkbeat -> 24.5 SP
04/07/14: 8.5 SP from Kamen -> 33SP
04/07/14: 33 -> Second squad slot -> 10.5 SP
04/07/14: 10 SP -> Firebreather's Token -> 0.5 SP
07/07/14: 0.25 SP from ROFL vs some guy -> 0.75 SP
07/07/14: 0.75 SP -> 1.25 TP -> 0 SP
11/08/14: 6 SP from Connor vs Sparkbeat -> 6 SP
15/08/14: 2.5 SP from Kyro vs Kairne -> 8.5 SP
15/08/14: 1.5 SP from Haymez vs Zekrom -> 10 SP
Unknown Date: 2 SP from Kin vs Kyro (contributions) -> 12 SP
03/09/14: 4 SP from Connor vs Bleu -> 16 SP
20/10/14: 4 SP from Mew The Gato vs DarkLucarioADV -> 20 SP
22/10/14: 7 SP from Machamp vs Kamen -> 27 SP
22/10/14: 25 SP spent - third pack of squad slot -> 2 SP
29/10/14: 2.5 SP from Apollo vs Kairne -> 4.5 SP
12/11/14: 5 SP for Schaden vs Sparkbeat -> 9.5 SP
13/11/14: 1 SP for Celebi vs Bard (cancelled) -> 10.5 SP
21/11/14: 3 SP for Kamen vs Chiko (DQ) -> 13.5 SP
30/11/14: 4 SP for Jerichi vs Machamp -> 17.5 SP
03/12/14: 1 SP to restore bonus -> 16.5 SP
14/12/14: 1 SP to restore bonus -> 15.5 SP
15/12/14: 1 SP to restore bonus -> 14.5 SP
01/01/15: 10 SP to buy Candymaker's Token -> 4.5 SP
01/01/15: 1 SP to restore bonus -> 3.5 SP
01/01/15: 1 SP to restore bonus -> 2.5 SP
06/01/15: 8 SP from Kots vs Slash -> 10.5 SP
05/04/15: 3.5 SP from Spark vs Lost -> 14 SP
05/04/15: 1 SP from cancelled match (Kush) -> 15 SP
05/04/15: 0.5 SP from cancelled match (Kamen) -> 15.5 SP
05/04/15: 2 SP to Concept -> 13.5 SP
10/04/15: TL4 schitz (Bugcatcher's Token) -> 0 SP
30/05/15: 10 SP from Kots vs Deebs, SS vs ROFL and Concept return -> 10 SP
15/12/15: 4.5 SP from happy fun times Rugby!
20/12/15: 10 SP to buy Bugcatcher's token -> 4.6 SP
02/01/16: 1 SP to restore bonus -> 3.6SP
02/01/16: 4 SP from Ironthunder vs Kayla -> 7.6 SP
15/01/16: 1 SP to restore bonus -> 6.6SP
15/01/16: 4 SP from talksick vs cele -> 9.6 SP
[ASB Squad][Wild Future][Mountain Stones]

[Current WF Adventure]
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