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Pomona's strategy worked to perfection- Sweet Scent distracted Leviathan from dodging, and Venoshock reacted with the poison in the Gyarados's system for twice the damage. When it was all said and done, the Gyarados fell to the ground, unable to continue the battle.

Pleased though Pomona was with her victory, she raced over to some nearby trees, and picked berries from them with her Vine Whip. Mostly Sitrus Berries, though she had taken a couple of Pecha and Leppa Berries as well. Once she was satisfied with what she picked, she walked over to the defeated Gyarados and set the pile of fruit down before him. "Here, these'll help you feel better," she said. "That was an awesome battle, by the way," she added, grinning out of happiness for her friend. "You really got a lot stronger, Leviathan!"

In the kitchen, surprisingly, Melittin was the one who was able to keep his cool, even if only barely. Indeed, the knowledge that the Blitzle couldn't have known the whole story and was merely trying to help based on what little he could possible know of the situation was literally the only reason Melittin was able to hold himself back from... well, from reacting like Lalu was doing right now. Melittin glanced at Lalu, and looked visibly impressed by just how infuriated she was at that moment. Of course, Melittin had known from day one that Lalu was anything but a pushover, but that didn't mean he couldn't still be impressed whenever he saw a visual reminder of this fact. The Beedrill then turned back to Vermillion and Hayai, bit off another piece of chocolate, eating it right before their eyes, and then spoke up.

"I would do as she says," Melittin advised them. "The first thing I learned about Lalu is that you do not want to get on her bad side." He still managed to keep his cool, but his patience was reaching its end. If they didn't get the hint and leave, the Beedrill would be more than glad to help Lalu drive them away.

Elsewhere, Fae gladly accepted Severus's offer to fly around with him, in order to help her get used to her wings and to see the scenery. The Beautifly led the way over to the door (which was currently open as Rowan was taking his leave for the time being), and asked Severus where he wanted to go, stating that she would follow him. The Dustox had to think about this for a bit once they were outside- this was not an area he was especially familiar with, after all.

"Hmm... Well, I hear the lake nearby is supposed to be beautiful," he replied with a smile. "What say we head over that way to start with?" he suggested.

Meanwhile, over in the Spirit World, the battle raged on. Chuck's Shadow Punch and Gluttony's Charge Beam collided in midair, throwing up a cloud of dust which obscured the Dusclops from Chuck and Rose's view. Unfortunately, this meant that they were unable to notice that Charge Beam's secondary effect had kicked in, raising the Dusclops's Special Attack. That said, Chuck knew that Charge Beam had an extremely favorable chance of said side effect kicking in (or unfavorable, depending on which end of the move you happened to be on), and so, erring on the side of caution, decided on the spot to assume that it succeeded in raising their adversary's Special Attack.

Rose's eyes then started to glow as she unleashed her Disable attack, freezing the Dusclops in place. However, the cloud of dust was still persisting, and was beginning to interfere with visibility, which made Rose uncertain as to where to aim Toxic. Chuck smiled as she seemed to figure out the general direction in which to attack- just as two blasts of energy came out of nowhere, striking both the Haunter and the Ralts for massive damage.

"That's what that was!" gasped Chuck, the realization coming to him in an instant. "Future Sight! That's what that weird glow was! Peeves doesn't even know that move yet, no wonder I didn't think of that..."

But there was no time to dwell on that! The smokescreen that collision of attacks had caused was finally clearing up, and they could see that Gluttony was starting to regain mobility. The time to act was now, and Rose didn't need to be reminded of that! Swiftly, she unleashed Toxic, but alas, too late- between the smokescreen and the Future Sight attack, Gluttony had managed to, by sheer luck, wait out the entire duration of the Disable, and he was able to move again. He didn't move much, but he didn't need to- he lifted up one of his legs, then slammed it back down on the ground, causing a Rock Tomb to form around him, acting as a protective barrier against which the Toxic splashed harmlessly.

Chuck and Rose exchanged looks. Gluttony was no fool, Chuck could tell. He was going to great lengths to avoid the Toxic attacks, and was wise to do so, too- his battle style was clearly to draw things out as long as possible, to stall his opponents into submission by wearing down their energy by way of Pressure, and him being badly poisoned would screw over that strategy royally. What was worse, as Chuck looked at Rose, he could see that she was looking a little tired from repeated use of Toxic. Did she have enough Poison energy left to muster another one? Chuck couldn't be sure, but he was leaning towards "no".

And then, the sound of crumbling rock snapped Chuck back to reality- the Rock Tomb was falling, Gluttony was breaking his way out with Rock Smash! However, neither of them could see Gluttony once there was a sufficient opening in the rock. In fact, all they could see was a howling snowstorm coming right their way! It was Gluttony's Blizzard, and as the impromptu instance of inclement weather pelted Chuck, he had a feeling that he was quite right to assume that Charge Beam's side effect had kicked in. Despite the cold, he was able to turn to look at Rose, and it was clear that the snow was affecting her badly- she tried to get up a Safeguard, but failed miserably. She collapsed on the field, too cold to do much else, and upon seeing this, Chuck slowly turned to look at Gluttony, renewed anger gleaming in his eyes. Now he was pissed, now he would make that Dusclops pay for hurting Rose like this!

Chuck was all set to use both hands to unleash a dual Shadow Punch, but stopped himself- attack after attack he had fired off, and just where had it gotten them? Rose was ready to collapse, Chuck wasn't faring too much better, and Gluttony still looked ready for action. He was built for taking hits, Chuck knew, so continuing to attack head on would only be playing right into his strategy... no, he needed to do something else... something Gluttony probably wouldn't expect from them... he needed to beat this Dusclops at his own game, and as he felt the anger welling up within him, Chuck realized he knew just what move to use now. Focusing hard, he channeled the anger within him, allowed it to fuel the move he was all set to unleash, a unique move designed to do just what Gluttony's Ability was designed to do, the technique that just might help them overcome this dastardly Dusclops- the Spite attack. And as he did this, he drifted ever so slightly in the air until he was floating directly between Rose and Gluttony. Just in case the Dusclops felt like hitting her with another attack while she was down, because he would have none of that.

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