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Case of Leech Seed and Grass Pokémon

I debated whether to post this suggestion in the Attack Rewrites thread or this thread, but I ultimately opted to post here. Primarily, my reasoning is that this thread is a more official venue for submitting potential changes, and this change is one which could have a major effect, if the LOs deem it to be an appropriate fit for the League,

1) Provide links to a screen cap showing animé evidence and/or provide links to a video showing animé evidence (please provide us with a time stamp)

Leech Seed circa 2013/2014 (Outdoors)

Leech Seed (Indoors)

The Grass Pokémon (in this case, Pumpkaboo) fires a series of seeds at the target. These seeds quickly burst into thick, sturdy roots which bind and immobilise the target. In grassy terrain, the root seem to not only tie up the Pokémon but also root them to the ground itself. Indoors, roots still form and are immobilised, although not truly bound to the ground itself.

Most importantly, the user does not need to retract the roots to reap the benefits. They immediately start draining energy from the target, who squirms. The roots are removable, but the immobilisation and the sturdiness implies that an attack like Rapid Spin, analogous to the games, or a Psychic wave would be required.

Overall, Leech Seed seems to have been buffed in the Animé to turn the vines into roots and to start automatically giving the user health/energy, much like the games. As Leech Seed has limited distribution among only Grass-types, this transition may have some impact in improving the viability of Grass moves. On several occasions, the Animé primarily uses Leech Seed to bind Pokémon, while Team Rocket uses this time to execute another move.

Pokémon the Series: XY [Episode 14] Seeking Shelter from the Storm!

Time Stamp: 16:31 to 16:54

Pokémon the Series: XY [Episode 11] The Bamboozling Forest!

Time Stamp: 17:34 to 18:01

2) Provide links to the Bulbapedia article for the move, pokémon etc. in question

Bulbapedia Source: Leech Seed

Source: Jessie's Pumpkaboo (Note that the Animé updated its description of Leech Seed into what it is now. Before, it was a flimsy vine whose Seed needed to be retracted. Now, it's sturdier and reflects the annoying quality the move has in the actual games.)

3) Explain the in game effect of the move in question

Leech Seed plants a seed on the target. At the end of each turn that the target is under the effect of Leech Seed, 1/8 of the target's HP will be drained, and the same amount of HP will be restored to the target's opponent. It can only be removed by either switching, defeating the Seeder, or using a move like Rapid Spin. Overall, it's not indefatigable but it is quite an annoyance as supporting move, which synthesises beautifully with the supporting playstyle of Grass-types.

In the game-state, Leech Seed is one of the very few options that Grass Pokémon have in an increasingly Poison and Fire-dominated metagame.

Whether this change in the Animé, which is now a consistent change that has appeared in over three episodes from a regular roster from Team Rocket, is simply a Pumpkaboo-exclusive change that reflects in the SC, or Leech Seed is rewritten to become more of a disrupter move like Bulldoze (vines to sturdier roots, draining/recovery happening without Seed retraction), that is a decision that the LOs and their experience should make.

4) Briefly note the differences between what we do and what the animé does

Currently, ASB!Seed is what it was 5 years ago: flimsy vines are shot out, and energy/health retrieval only happens when the Seed is retracted. Overall, it is not the best move, compared to Grass Knot or String Shot. Moreover, it is not a disruptor along the line of Snarl or Bulldoze. However, the animé has buffed Leech Seed to reflect the annoyance that it is in the games. It has both indoor and outdoor utility, and the sturdiness of roots, as opposed to vines, makes this attack a greater disruptor. Unlike Jetpack Larvesta or levitating Stunfisk, this case is not as ludicrous.

We in the ASBL constantly make fun of Grass Pokémon. Indeed, we have never had a Grass GL, to my knowledge, and most Grass types lack the offensive presence that the ASBL requires. Indeed, ASBL seems to be more offence focused, and even the best of stalls requires offence to be your best defence. Hence, the support-focused Grass Pokémon fall behind in favour for more aggressive-focused Darks (with their corresponding Snarl) or Arena-crushing Grounds (with lovely disruptors like Bulldoze and Magnitude). The resurgence of Poison, thanks to the appearance of Fairies, does not help the case of the Grass.

Buffing Leech Seed to follow the new paradigm established by the animé would breathe new life in Grass-type. Leech Seed has Grass-exclusive distribution, and one of the few benefits that Grasses have in the games. Indeed, any good battler would tell you about the SubSeeding strategy, which even the lowly Meganium can use. By making Leech Seed a sturdy disruptor move like Bulldoze, the show has enabled Grass Pokémon to acclimate their support-focussed strategies in the new hyper-aggressive metagame. Indeed, the increased utility of Leech Seed replenishing health/energy immediately and Leech Seed's ability to bind even indoors make Pumpakoo a viability TR teammate.

Moreover, Grass Pokémon can a new lease on life. A rewrite will give a new life to a Pokemon who already must compete with other Types for a squad place. Furthermore, this change will also bring us closer to the games and the anime's intention when they made Leech Seed nuisance and gift exclusive to Grasses.

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