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Originally Posted by DaveTheFishGuy View Post
Trading a Lv. 1 Male Emolga to EpicSquirtle for 1 Rare Candy. Enjoy!

--Trade Opened--

The Cable Club, a bustling place of trade. Pokemon, candies, and many rare items were all being given away for other valuables. Which was exactly why two of Jake's pokemon were here. Despite recent issues Jake had been facing, he still some how managed to add to his collection of pokemon.

As a trainer opened the door, the two pokemon went inside. One was a Shinx, the other, a Murkrow.

''I can't wait to meet our new teammate!'' Lenna exclaimed to Robin.
Robin nodded his head in response.
''Is he going to be outgoing, serious, adventurous I can't wait!'' Lenna shouted before running over to the trade machine.

''Come on Robin, hurry up, hurry up!''
Robin rolled his eyes before flying over and dropping a candy onto there side of the machine.

In a burst of energy, the rare candy disappeared and was replaced with a pokeball.

Robin grabbed the pokeball and gently placed the ball on the ground.
''Well, what are we waiting for, let's go!'' Lenna said before hitting the button of the pokeball with her paw.

The pokeball let out a flash of light, before revealing a small Emolga.
The flying squirrel glanced around the room before looking at the two pokemon in front of him.

''Hello, do you know where my new trainer is?'' The Emolga asked.
''He's not here right now, we are here to pick you up'' Lenna explained
Robin nodded in agreement.

''Oh, well that's ok I guess, well nice to meet your acquaintance, you may call me Voltaire''

''Nice to meet you Voltaire, I'm Lenna, and this is Robin, I think we are going to get along just fine''.

Voltaire nodded before turning to Robin.
''You don't talk much huh?'' Voltaire asked
Robin nodded at this.
''Robin's mute, he can't speak'' Lenna explained

''Oh, I didn't realize, sorry Robin!'' Voltaire apologized.
Robin shook his head at this, as if to say that there was no need to apologize.

''Well we better get going, our trainer will be getting soon'' Lenna stated.
''Hmm, well ok, let's go then Voltaire said.

And that's just what Lenna did. Confident as always the Shinx lead the way.
Lenna was confident that Voltaire would fit right at home.

''Voltaire, do you like adventures?'' Lenna asked as she started to push the door open.
''Of course!'' Voltaire replied with a smile across his face.

''Alright, you are definitely going to fit in here!'' Lenna exclaimed before running outside, Robin and Voltaire right behind.

It was then that a scream came from the cable club.
''Who took my wallet?!''

Trading 1 candy to DaveTheFishGuy in return for his level 1 Male Emolga

*Trade closed*
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