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Ambipom's Hands

1) Provide links to a screen cap showing animé evidence and/or provide links to a video showing animé evidence (please provide us with a time stamp)

Meditite attacks Ambipom with a Drain Punch. Ambipom blocks the Punch, and doesn't show any signs of being significantly hurt by the attack.

Bulbapedia Page of Episode

2) Provide links to the Bulbapedia article for the move, pokémon etc. in question

Dawn's Ambipom / Ambipom

There is no move in game that acts like this.

3) Explain the in game effect of the move in question

There is no move in game that acts like this.

4) Briefly note the differences between what we do and what the animé does

We currently have nothing in Ambipom's SC regarding this use of the tail/hands.

This is the only case in the anime that shows the use of Ambipom's hands like this, but it wouldn't be that difficult to include in Ambipom's SC that for a move it can block some physical attacks, receiving less damage from the attack. This is by no means broken, and simply makes Ambipom a better close up fighter. And Ambipom isn't all that great anyways.
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