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No Satisfying Anime Description? ASB it is :D

Leviathan and Ponoma still stand outside, face to face, with only a few meters between them. The Gyarados is still panting from his massive energy use when a Sweet Scent of blooming flowers enters his nostrils. The scent relaxes his, the rage that once had a hold of him and got him to evolve in the first place is not completely subdued. His muscles start to relax and even the pain and noticeable effects of the poison seem to have stopped for the moment, even though the poison is no less present in his bloodstream. The Ivysaur's plan is thought through and is about to be executed to perfect precision.

As the relaxing air of scented flowers still surrounds Leviathan Ponoma begins charging up another Venoshock. The Gyarados however is oblivious to this fact as the Sweet Scent is affecting him to it's maximum effect. And then, when Leviathan breaths out and closes his eyes for just a moment, Ponoma sees her chance to launch her devastating attack. A stream of poisonous liquid is rapidly approaching the Gyarados, but by the time he realizes the attack is coming for him it is already too late. The liquid hits Leviathan right in his chest with full power. He screeches out in pain as the poison from the Venoshock interacts with the poison already present within him, doubling the damage he takes. All in all the attack, combined with the massive energy usage of before, proofs to be too much for Leviathan too take and the remaining poison finishes the job. Leviathan unleashes a final roar as he desperately tries to stay up, but ultimately he falls to the ground too tired and too hurt from the poison to continue the battle.

Back in the base Lalu is getting increasingly impatient with the Torkoal and Blitzle. The Torkoal refusal to apologize isn't helping either only angers her more, but she does manage to keep her cool if only for a moment as she listens to the Blitzle's proposal. Lalu stomps on the floor after hearing it and she almost literally turns red hot in anger. Melittin manages to reply to the proposal in a civil way and keep his cool, but Lalu is loosing it.

"Feelings hurt? FEELINGS HURT YOU SAY!" Lalu is as angry as a bull, shouting as loud as she can at the Torkoal and Blitzle, "You know who will get their feelings hurt! YOU WILL! I have had it with you two! You come here barging into MY home demanding I give up this food I made myself and hand it over so this LIAR can get his way?! HOW DARE YOU! GET OUT OF HERE! GET OUT BEFORE I BLOW YOU OUT!"

Lalu stomps on the floor even harder now, jumping up and down in anger, waiting for the two culprits to get out as she demonstratively summons two voodoo dolls that vaguely resemble a Torkoal and a Blitzle, several pins already hanging over their head ready to penetrate the dolls for a painful Voodoo Bugaloo.

Elsewhere in the base Fae is approached by Severus. He congratulates her with her evolution and asks is she wants to fly around outside with him. Fae responds with a blush.

"I would really like the Severus and I can use the practise too," she smiles, "Thank you for the offer to escort me."

And with that she follows Rowan through the open door and gestures the Dustox to follow her outside.

"Where do you want to go Severus? I will follow you."

Meanwhile in the Spirit World, Rose and Chuck are still engaged in a battle with Gluttony. The Dusclops once again Charges a Beam of electrical energy between his hands and sends it flying while Chuck sends a Shadow Punch towards Gluttony. The two attacks collide in mid-air and explode, making the crowd go wild, and creating a smokescreen between the two sides. Because of this screen however, Rose and Chuck are unable to see Gluttony glow up strangely as the Charge Beam successfully delivers its secondary effect of raising the users Special Attack.

At the same time Rose her eyes begin to glow and produces a series of blue rings that move towards the Beckon Pokémon. Gluttony hasn't set a step in the whole match besides moving himself into the ground so thankfully the smokescreen is of no hindrance to Rose her Disable and she manages to pin the Dusclops in place even more now rendering him unable to move at all. But with the screen interfering with the visibility Rose is now unsure where to where to aim her Toxic, she examines the smoke nervously, hoping for a sign of Gluttony the help her aim. Then, just as she thinks she knows where to aim at, two blue colored bolts of thunder come crashing down upon Rose and Chuck. Gluttony's strange glow from earlier in the match turns out to be a Future Sight. Both Rose and Chuck feel the full force of the hit as it came out of nowhere, surprising them, causing them both to cry out in pain.

But there isn't much time to recover from the hit, the smoke is fading away and Gluttony is slowly gaining his ability to move back. They have to strike and they have to do so quickly. Chuck reacts the quickest. His eyes start to glow pink and a pale purple hue is surrounding his entire body, then he releases multiple crimson rings of ghostly energy. The rings hit Gluttony and now it is his turn to cry out in pain as his body glows in a pale purple color because of the Night Shade.

Rose is next to move, once again trying to summon the poisonous powers within her to spit another stream of Toxic liquid at their opponent. Unfortunately the whole ordeal with the smoke, Future Sight and the recent attacks have taken too much time and Gluttony has almost fully regained his ability to move and thus he just that. He lifts one of his feet only a bit and stomps on the floor below him. Only a swift moment later four walls of Rock pop out of the ground creating a Tomb around him causing the Toxic to splash harmlessly against it while the Dusclops resides safely inside.

Rose and Chuck look at each other. One thing is certain. Gluttony is certainly going to great lengths to prevent being poisoned by toxic. And it will very likely succeed at that as Rose isn't sure anymore if she can summon enough poison energy to use Toxic again. She looks worried now, they need another strategy and soon too as the Rock Tomb starts to crumble down. Gluttony effectively uses Rock Smash upon Rock Smash to destroy the tomb he build himself. But as the opening is there, the two lovers do not see the Ghost-type they are facing. Instead they are met with an ice cold Blizzard, and a powerful one at that due to the Special Attack boost. Rose is having it difficult, the cold is getting to her hard, she tries to set up another Safeguard but the winds from the Blizzard are too strong to keep it up and she collapses on the field, too cold to be able to go anything at this point. She realizes these battles will take a long time if they continue to go on this way. Doing enough damage to knock them out seems almost impossible with this monster. They need to find another way fast, a way to tire him out instead of knocking him out by force. Keeping them healty and fresh is something she can do perfectly well, but offensive Rose knows she is of no use. Now if only she knew a way to drain Gluttony's energy. Or could Chuck?
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