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Wilfred Henderson's Pilgrimage.

A young man exited the Olivine Pokémon center, followed by a small brown creature with a large pink nose shuffling along near his ankle. The young man, Wilfred, had a white and black sphere with red streaks in one hand, and a cane in the other. He placed the sphere, a timer ball, into his backpack, and, after a brief period of rummaging, pulled out a TM case from the backpack, and a disc from his pocket. He placed the disc, a hidden power TM, into the case, and looked down at his partner. After pausing for a moment to consider his options, Wilfred stored the case back into his backpack, TM now safely stored inside.

“Well Truffle,” Wilfred said, crouching down, grasping his staff and patting his Swinub's fur gently, “Looks like we ought to see if there's anything that needs doing.- what say we head over to the gym to see if they've got anything”. The tiny creature snorted slightly, in a way which Wilfred took to mean some degree of agreement. “Alright, that settles it- off to the Olivine gym.” Wilfred began to trod forth, cane clacking as he went- once a young adult with a cane might have been an extreme oddity, but the disasters effected many people in many ways, and Wilfred's leg was just one of the products of the region's darkest time.
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