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Both Melittin and Lalu protested about what Vermillion had said, Lalu stating that she had created the chocolate sculpture for Melittin to eat.
Melittin backed the Mantle pokemon by showing the Blitzle and Torkoal, stating that it was him standing triumphantly over a defeated Steelix.

Lalu went on to scold the Torkoal, saying that it was rude to try and eat others food just because they weren't eating it, and demanded Vermillion to apologize to Melittin.

''I don't apologize to thieves, now give my food back!'' Vermillion yelled.
''No need to get upset Vermillion, I've got this'' Hayai reassured the Coal pokemon.
''As an excellent problem solver, I will fix this so everyone's happy!''

''Since you both seem to want this sculpture, and I can't tell who's it really is, I guess I have no choice but to get rid of it!'' The Blitzle exclaimed before turning to Melittin.

''I know you want the chocolate, but we don't want anyone's feelings hurt, so can you please give the sculpture to me?''

Meanwhile Strychnine, told Botch that she had no idea that he was afraid of Muk, almost sounding apologetic.

''It's ok y-you didn't know'' Botch stammered.
Strychnine then asked the Grimer why he was afraid of Muk, while at the same type using minimize to make Botch feel a bit more comfortable.

However despite her efforts, minimize didn't help Botch at all.
''I d-don't know why to b-be honest, I j-just do'' Botch stammered.

Suddenly, Botch began to feel dizzy.
''I don't feel s-so good'' The Grimer stammered before collapsing on the floor.

Cyanide used psychic to pull the lever, opening up the door, and letting the nice, cool air inside. The Umbreon then stated for the group to move out, before turning to the snow hat pokemon, telling him to lead the way.
''Alright, this way everyone!'' Willbert declared before marching outside making sure everyone followed.

Kieth reassured Jake that Willbert was going to be fine, stating that Gemini and Nagini were his most powerful pokemon, and that when Cyanide set her heart to something, she couldn't be stopped.

''I guess you're, right, Willbert will probably be fine, but I can't help but worry anyway.''
Jake said before looking at Willbert, who just started to march out the door.

''Hurry back as soon as possible, I don't know what you'll be up against, but try your best!'' Jake thought to himself.
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