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Quest: The Accident with the Schoolgirl - COMPLETE

"Concede the fight and it will be all over. Who cares about what your Pokémon wants, right?"

"I care," you retort. "I care about what my Pokémon wants, and how dare you imply that I shouldn't."

When Katie doesn't reply, you continue your speech: "Fighting your Rhydon? It was a mistake. A huge mistake. Can we beat an opponent that strong when we're so weak? Almost certainly not, short of divine intervention."

Your eyes burnish with determination. "But if Piplup decides he wants to fight and show you what he's made of, then as his trainer, I will respect that, believe in him and fight to the bitter end."

"Is that so?" asks Katie in a flat tone.

You nod. "It's out of my hands now, Katie. Piplup wants to fight, and I will always stick by the people who need me."

Katie's voice sounds like a death knell. "Then live and die by your sword. Rhydon, you know what to do." She gives a bitter smile. "Horn Drill, my friend."

Instantly, the behemoth gives spinning his horn and rampages towards Piplup. The penguin, too injured to move, simply closes his eyes as though to accept the gruesome fate. Your heart drops into your chest, like an anvil. You cannot let this happen. Piplup is more than your partner... He's your friend, your buddy, your family. As Rhydon approaches Piplup, your feet start to move before your thoughts can register. It is an easy decision for you, almost effortless. Without thought, you leap in front of Rhydon, protecting Piplup with your body. The horn careens towards you...

...And then stops. Rhydon stops and steps back. Shocked, you look at Katie, who begins clapping her hands. Her face is bright with admiration and flushed with some sort of emotion. She sashays towards you with accentuated hips and a purpose with every step. Gently, Katie takes a pink cannister out of her satchel. When she passes it into your hands, you realise that it's a Hyper Potion, rare and expensive.

"To show such devotion to your Pokemon, that's a true mark of a Trainer," says Katie softly. "Always trusting your Pokemon, and willing to sacrifice yourself for them? That's true loyalty."

You spray the Hyper Potion onto Piplup, who gasps as the minor wounds and bruises stitch up with a miracle verve. Relief pools in your stomach, relaxing your arms and legs. Without hesitation, you hug your Piplup.

"You also didn't break your word. You could've backed down, but you didn't. That's a sign of a man," says Katie.

After a smile, she leans towards you and kisses you on the cheek. You are shocked and surprised, especially at your own enjoyment at this sensation. When Katie pulls away, she winks at him.

"Of course, I was bluffing about Rhydon. I wasn't actually going to steamroll you," Katie says, casually. "Who do you think I am? A sadist?"

Before you could answer her, Katie waves her hand and reaches into her satchel again. She pulls out three glistening Shards and places them in your hand, along with a phone number written on a napkin.

"Call me if you're free, okay?" Katie sounds whimsical.

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