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4x Star Shards

4x Pokeballs
2x Luxury Balls
1x Dusk Ball
1x Fast Ball
1x Heavy Ball
1x Friend Ball

Healing Items
2x Potions
1x Revive
1x Heal Powder
3x Hyper Potions

1x Cheri Berry
1x Chesto Berry
2x Pecha Berries
2x Aspear Berries
2x Wiki Berries
2x Figy Berries
2x Sitrus Berries
2x Lum Berries
2x Occa Berries
2x Passho Berries
2x Rindo Berries

1x Protein

Misc. Items
1x Escape Rope


1x TM Dream Eater
1x TM Earthquake
1x TM Flame Charge
1x TM Hidden Power
1x TM Hypnosis
1x TM Retaliate
1x TM Snarl

Key Items
1x Fishing Pole
1x Berry Bag
1x TM Case
1x Pokegear (w/ Phone, Radio, Map Cards)
1x Pokedex
1x Boat Ticket
1x Unown Pass

Quest Items
1x Jeweled Pokeball (contains Froslass)
1x Thief's Knife
1x Map of Ilex Forest
1x Outdated Goldenrod City Map

Pokemon Center
2x Rare Candies
1x Candy Egg
1x Deluxe Candy
1x Complex Candy

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