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Species: Aron
Gender: Female
Level: 13
Ball: Pokeball
Nature: Sassy
Item: Rocky Helmet
Ability: Rock Head
Biography: Dianiv was found inside the Pokeball left in the box Kael discovered. Believing that she could be a clue as to his father's location and needing a traveling companion, Kael took Dianiv with him on the start of his journey. As Kael is a bit uncaring at times, Dianiv is quickly becoming something of a conscience for him, keeping him on the straight and narrow.
EM Dragon Rush
EM Head Smash
TM Earthquake
TM Flame Charge
-- Tackle
-- Harden
04 Mud-Slap
07 Headbutt
10 Metal Claw
13 Rock Tomb
15 Iron Defense
16 Protect
18 Roar
22 Take Down
22 Iron Head
25 Rock Slide
29 Iron Tail
31 Metal Sound
39 Autotomize
40 Double-Edge
43 Heavy Slam
43 Autotomize
49 Metal Burst


Species: Poochyena
Gender: Male
Level: 13
Ball: Dusk Ball
Nature: Adamant
Item: Muscle Band
Ability: Quick Feet
Biography: Kael discovered Faolan while chasing down the thief Ashaya in the Ilex Forest. The pup was injured and after some initial befriending Kael healed his injury before defeating Ashaya, who was attempting to harm Faolan's pack. After the battle, Faolan happily joined Kael's team of his own accord.
EM Fire Fang
EM Poison Fang
TM Hidden Power (Electric)
TM Retaliate
TM Snarl
-- Tackle
04 Howl
07 Sand Attack
10 Bite
13 Odor Sleuth
16 Roar
19 Swagger
22 Assurance
25 Scary Face
28 Embargo
31 Taunt
33 Take Down
34 Crunch
37 Yawn
40 Sucker Punch
45 Thief
46 Play Rough


Species: Porygon-Z
Gender: Genderless
Level: 13
Ball: Pokeball
Nature: Careful
Ability: Download
Biography: Niamh was found rummaging through the trash in Ecruteak, and assisted Kael in retrieving some clothing from a high hung line. Following Kael to the Center to get some food, Kael bumped into someone claiming to own the Porygon before fighting them off successfully. Kael offered Niamh a spot on his team the next day, to which the Porygon agreed with the stipulation of a battle.
-- Tackle
-- Sharpen
-- Conversion
-- Conversion 2
-- Defense Curl
-- Trick Room
-- Magic Coat
-- Zap Cannon
-- Nasty Plot
07 Psybeam
09 Agility
18 Recover
23 Magnet Rise
29 Signal Beam
32 Lock-On
34 Embargo

34 Recycle
40 Discharge
50 Tri-Attack
67 Hyper Beam

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